Obituary for a Journalist

Caitlin Johnstone is one of those passionate citizen journalists we need more of. I have been too busy writing my own articles to follow her closely; but every once in a while I come across one of her articles and am usually very positively impressed, either with her revelations or her way with words. Yesterday I chanced on a recently written piece in which she laments the death of a professional journalist whom she considers to have been one of the rare beasts in that zoo who was driven by the need to make our world better rather than his own career path. Wrapped up in her obituary there are, as one can expect, big picture notions of profundity worth reading. Here is a quote: 

We’re going to have to start feeling the fact that bombs are being dropped on people on the other side of the planet every single day because a few oligarchs want to keep potential geopolitical rivals destabilized. We’re going to have to start feeling the fact that the corporate media is being used to manipulate the west into consenting to systems which exploit ordinary people to bring ever more power to the already powerful. We’re going to have to start feeling the fact that an unelected plutocracy controls the most powerful government in the world which is naturally incentivized to maintain economic injustice in a system where money equals political power.

We’ll have to feel it all, and let it move us, like it moved Robert Parry. We’ve got to care.


This is why more of us need to wake up to the need for enabling citizen journalism and independent media. We need them to tear down the propagandist facade spread over our rigged society by the corporate mass media and to promote a bold vision of the Heaven on Earth we can build once we are no longer befuddled by propaganda and can at last see the path to a healthy world before us.

Here is the link to Caitlin’s article: This Deeply Held Commitment: A Meditation On The Death Of Robert Parry


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