Discovery and Unity

Probably all the folks who read my writings have had many, most, or all of their lives’ dreams crushed to the point that being born a human in this world is a curse.

My own dreams and goals were crushed again and again, forcing me countless times to restart my “life” from scratch and lower my goals to where I am now reduced to a struggle for mere short-term survival, the fight for long-term survival having been lost forever, making me wish – if I am to be honest – that I had never been born. (On the side of my struggle for survival, I try to fight this corrupt system through my writing while I still can.)

This depressing hardship is the life not just endured by me but, I suspect, the majority of human beings born in our times… at least once they reach a certain age. How can we be proud of such a failed civilization or not wish to improve it?

I think that most people don’t have it in their nature to rock the boat. They just want to pursue their goals, no matter how sensible or senseless they are; and they want to be left in peace. Therefore it is easy for confidence tricksters to scam them and set up a system that works as a continuous and self-perpetuating scam known as our economic and political system. 

Every time my life’s efforts were blasted to pieces by business moguls, Wall Street predators, and so forth, another chip flaked off from the delusional wall that surrounded me, until I could look over the rubble and see that all my fellow humans are enclosed in these walls, fences, and tunnels which block their vision of the world at large and direct them onto paths that maintain a socio-economic system of gross inequality, both in matters of wealth and prosperity, and in the matter of having a proper say in our affairs.

I also noticed that most people were shackled in addition, their shackles being of a mental sort, preventing them from opening their eyes enough to properly see their walls or from thinking clearly about what they see.

I myself had luckily not been mentally shackled a lot in my youth since I came from a free-thinking family. So, at least I didn’t have this hurdle to overcome to put the pieces of the world together. And traveling through our world’s many parts (geographically, culturally, and through the layers of our socio-economic pyramid) I could discover the bigger picture. The only difficulty is in showing it to others when their walls are too high or their mental shackles too strong.

The walls are painted nicely to make everything look good: a world of consumerism and (mostly fake!) opportunity (definitely not equal opportunity for all; many get none!). The mental shackles are formed from ridiculous beliefs, such as that capitalism is a friend of democracy, that unfettered capitalism (mislabeled as a “free market” which is anything but free since, without a government acting as a referee, bullies and monopolies emerge) is the cure for everything, or that isms like communism, socialism, and fascism are all the same, all evil, and therefore not worth examining to learn from the successes and failures of the past.

The latter idea has been fabricated using the following false logic: Fascist regimes were all highly oppressive and violent dictatorships, which is no surprise considering that the idea of the state (allegedly representing the people but in reality meaning the rulers) standing miles high above the individual (meaning the entire people when every individual has to submit) is built right into the fascist ideology. Fascist ideology is inherently cruel and authoritarian, and fascist rulers have always played ball with the capitalist plutocrats who financed them into power.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Soviet revolution was co-opted by Lenin ad his Bolsheviks who erected an undemocratic political system that quickly turned into dictatorships and oligarchies, thereby undoing and preventing much of the socialist or “communist” ideals and goals of that revolution, essentially causing a failed revolution; just as we Americans have reason to call the current corporatist oligarchy a failure of our American revolution. Basically, equating fascism and communism via that above argument (and maybe throwing the countless forms of socialism into the mix, as well) is like equating Emperor Caracalla and Martin Luther King because they were both assassinated.

The point I wish to make is, we have a rigged system that benefits the few at the expense of the many and that we cannot tear down as long as our mental shackles prevent us from understanding our reality and the strategies that we can and must use to dramatically change the system. In fact, merely changing this system for the better is not enough. We must apply a fundamental cure that prevents an improved system from reverting back (like what happened to the New Deal). But that we cannot do while flying mentally blind.

Millions of Americans have awoken to the reality of our system’s rigging, and millions have become eager to do something about it. Millions have left the corrupt major parties and joined the independent voters bloc. Many have been trying an inside strategy of taking over one of the duopoly parties from the inside, with some but not a whole lot of success. The party bosses remain firmly in power and seem unimpressed. Millions of others are contemplating a new party and outside strategy that will put enough pressure on the currently shrinking “Democratic” Party to adopt a people’s platform lest its remaining members join the massive Dem exit into whatever new (or third) party promises an honest fight for the people.

Sadly, the outside pressure strategy has been suffering from disunity possibly more than the inside strategy, the most advanced fighters for a bright future being splintered across third party lines and various activist organizations. This plays right into the hands of the divide-and-conquer strategy of the oligarchy, but it can be overcome by forming a people’s coalition that transcends third party lines and separate organizations. By forming such a unity, we can become a formidable force that will either pummel the “Democratic” (and Republican???) party into compliance with the people or replace the twin party tyranny with a powerful coalition of cooperating and coordinating third parties (or possibly even a rising-star new party like the one that once formed around Abraham Lincoln). And if we don’t have a 21st century Abraham Lincoln, we can reinvent the process and form the coalition not around a single presidential candidate but around a whole army of people’s candidates who endorse each other and run in every state and as a whole White House cabinet.

Thankfully, the idea of an people’s coalition is growing. See: The People’s Movement is Born

The one thing we must not forget throughout the process is that we need to break our mental chains — those mindset shackles that keep us from knowing what is fundamentally wrong with our system and what to do about it, and that keep fighters for change locked into competing splinter groups. It doesn’t matter which group or party takes the lead. What matters is that a strong people’s coalition adopts our “ordinary” American goals and is strong enough to reach them.

For this, we must grow the number and reach of people’s voices. We must not only arrange for campaign financing and activism but also into financing people’s voices and independent media outlets, maybe discussion sites, as well, and electronic voting systems or polls that can refine the platform of issues we unite around. This is why I have begun appealing to the public to include these elements into our strategy, lest we march blindly and ignorantly into who knows what direction. We need to break our mental shackles and discover reality and a vision for a bright future in order to unite and know what to unite for.

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One thought on “Discovery and Unity

  1. “The one thing we must not forget throughout the process is that we need to break our mental chains — those mindset shackles that keep us from knowing what is fundamentally wrong with our system and what to do about it, and that keep fighters for change locked into competing splinter groups.”

    Yeah, that is the rub. How do we keep the “competitiveness factor” down so we can unite our separate progressive-thinking groups into one super-coalition for good? It’s a challenge, but I think we’ll get there in the end. What have we got to lose but our mental chains?

    Power to the people–not the oligarchs!


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