Deep Insights Into Our Society From A Healthcare Worker And Long-Time Political Activist

Overlook the disheveled hair, skip over the setup shenanigans of the first 2:34 minutes, and be ready peer into corners you may have never looked at before.

I mean it! Skip the first 2:34 minutes that are probably the result of faulty technology called live streaming. If you don’t know Debbie Lusignan (who no longer cares to call herself the Sane Progressive because labels like ‘progressive’ have been abused, turned upside down, and co-opted by the establishment) you might get a wrong impression and stop watching. Take my word for it, when you have looked into the abyss as long and far as she, it is hard to appear sane at times. But listen to what she has to say, to the facts and their processing, and you will be guaranteed to learn something and advance your own points of view, or even your perception, and maybe enable your own inner growth on which the growing up of humanity co-depends.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Sane Progressive Sunday Musings on Societal Despondency, Collective Delusions”)

Three (from among MANY) good points:  

1.) A mere 3 billionaires own half the wealth of the U.S., 8 billionaires own half the wealth of the globe, and we have people literally blaming poor people for the problems created by this mess.

2.) We need social connection, a sense of purpose, a valuing of human community and our fellow human beings to overcome our own shame and isolation and accomplish goals that leave this world a better place than we entered.

3.) We can’t expect perfection from anybody, but we must insist on a minimum standard of integrity. My extension on this: For instance, instead of adopting the establishment’s Russiagate narrative because Bernie Sanders has chosen to repeat it, it is far better for us to reject it, knowing that Russian interference in an already 100% corrupted system makes no difference. Thereby we avoid an establishment trap (of, say, supporting the “Democratic” Party when it stubbornly continues to betray our interests), and it could even help someone like Bernie to let go of such ill-fated PR tactics and remain true to a path towards a radically better world.


Suggested reading: Missing Workers: 4.9 Million Out Of Work And Forgotten

Quote: In January, the percentage of Americans who were either employed or actively looking for work fell to 64.2 percent, what economist Heidi Shierholz calls “a stunning new low for the recession.” Shierholz estimates that 4.9 million Americans are left out of the Department of Labor’s official unemployment count because they are too discouraged to continue seeking work.”


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