QuickyPinion: To Step out of our Brainwash Programming we Must Raise our Inner Awareness!

We suffer in our lives because our system is rigged against us. It remains rigged because we are too accepting of the rigging, having been programmed by our “elite’s” propaganda.

To shake off the shackles of our system we must step out of our programming. And, to do that, we must raise our self awareness and turn on our not-preprogrammed thinking, our free thinking.

We must grow inside to better understand the outside and to look past the current dreadfulness, over the horizon, where awaits the bright future we can build, needing only our resolve to build it, since all the necessary resources already exist. The needed natural resources, wealth, productivity, and know-how are all there. It is only ourselves, our mental programming, that is holding us back.

(This quickypinion serves as a follow-up to the latest post, Tuesday’s speech video, summarizing its central idea.)


Ending Note: Being an independent media outlet is a lot of work. Please help any way you can. (tip: sharing links to this site is a great, no-cost way to help) :-)


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