Utopian Goal Setting Makes Human Progress Possible (vid)

The below audio-only video of an interesting interview not only reveals the little known societal healing power contained in a citizen dividend (a.k.a. shared national inheritance or universal basic income) but also points out that all the good achievements of humanity used to be considered Utopian pipe dreams before they were realized and thereupon became the new normal, things like democracy, equal rights for women, and so forth. So, aiming high is always better than aiming low, because it brings bigger and faster progress; and what seems too high tends to turn out not being too high, at all.

At 50 minutes long, the following clip might be perfect to listen to during a commute or when resting one’s eyes after a day spent staring at digital displays.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Basic Income – Utopia, now? A radical rethinking of work, wealth and freedom”)

Note: One of the revelations about a universal basic income that this interview presents is that – based on past experiments – a u.b.i. can literally pay for itself by reducing the costs on society caused by poverty and widespread financial insecurity. Many of these costs derive from worse health and bad decisions elicited by bad nutrition, constant stress, and the lack of money for medications and timely doctor visits. More costs derive from drug abuse, alcoholism, crime, school drop-outs, pay-day loan-sharking, and so forth. Poverty is remarkably expensive, and the reduction in those costs achieved in universal basic income experiments exceeded the costs of the u.b.i. itself. It’s a repeat of the old discovery that prevention is cheaper than the cure.


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One thought on “Utopian Goal Setting Makes Human Progress Possible (vid)

  1. UBI and decriminalization of recreational drugs could almost eliminate crime. Plus you could smile at each other on the streets again because it is no longer a competition for survival. And happy people need less drugs!


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