Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 3: The Stalled Minds of the Billionaires Forestall Human Progress

When one watches filmed documentaries about the lives of billionaires, it’s like watching a crowd of naughty children. They squander enormous wealth on luxurious shopping, jet-setting, and partying, instead of spending it in socially responsible ways. By co-opting governments, or by simply squandering the large chunk of humanity’s wealth that they control, they block human process in order to live their childish god-fantasies. When they (physically, but not mentally!) leave behind their childhood, they have to be on constant guard against gold diggers, and – when they do marry – they typically maintain their marriages so badly that frequent divorces are the norm. And finally they raise their own children to become utterly immoral narcissists to repeat the disastrous cycle.

Waking up out of their empty and destructive way of life is difficult since everybody always says yes to them because of how they wield their wealth as a club. And so they never grow as human beings to arrive at sound insights, sensible opinions, and good goal-setting. Everybody around them only loves the opulence that sticks to them like a bad smell. Nobody cares about them as a person. All the human consideration they get they must buy since, as persons, they are underdeveloped, blithe, abominable, and vacuous. What an empty life to live! 

Something that one of the gold diggers (or gold digger enablers) said in the video documentary below was actually quite funny. She justified gold diggers by proposing that their going after billionaires’ wallets gives the billionaires an opportunity to share their money! Good grief! Share with only one person, one single person who probably cares only about the money? That is supposed to be a life upgrade?!? Billionaires should share their wealth with all of humanity (from which it was taken in the first place, after all); and they should do it wisely in a way that would lead to fixing the warped system that has us all nailed down on various layers of a reeking dung heap.

These billionaires live such empty lives. And in order to live those empty but titillating lives, they block all human progress by making sure that our societies are thoroughly dominated by schemes to steal from the many to give to the few, to control the many from above, and to even mind-control the plutocratic overlords themselves into being (and remaining!) these demon lords who live empty, meaningless, material lives of pomp and distraction at everybody’s expense.

To be clear, the progress humanity needs isn’t a few rich folks owning Lamborghinis or their serfs losing themselves in little hand-held electronic devices. True progress is to properly address our abysmally short lifespans and the ravages of aging that tend to result in many years or decades spent in agony and helplessness at the tail end of our brief lives. True progress is to have our morality and purpose catch up with our technology. True progress is to repair our ravaged planet. True progress is to make possible grand dreams like branching out from the little dot in the cosmos on which we live and explore the universe while having ended human large scale suffering along the way. True progress is to give us all our lifetimes back that we currently waste in mostly useless jobs or useful jobs better done by machines. True progress is all people becoming well educated, none left behind in primitivity. True progress is not to remain stuck in medieval feudalism justified by giving it a new paint and name (like capitalism, market economy, or whatever).

As long as the billionaire class prevents true progress, they are public enemy number one, deserving any consequences they may face when the rest of us have to forcibly overcome them. And, yet, at the same time that they dig in their heels and entrench their selfish vapid lifestyle and the rigged system on which it rests, they also condemn themselves to living empty and immoral lives, enjoying lavish creature comforts for a while, and then withering away as we all do, but after a pointless life and loathed by those they harmed. All because they obstruct true progress.

Wouldn’t it be a lot smarter, at least for a few of them capable of self-reflection and rational thinking (if any of them are), to change course and make true progress happen and – in the course of this – grow into decent human beings, able to be proud not of their unearned wealth but their commendable actions (as a tiny number of upper-classers actually did in human history, sadly a far too tiny number and not high enough on the social pyramid)? For me, if I were a billionaire, that would be the only sane path of life. And having lived the life I have, being familiar with all strata of society, I could help human progress a lot with the resources a billionaire wields. (for example by repairing our currently defunct journalism as one of various potent measures)

But will even one of them ever mature enough to want to make that move? I doubt it. Their potential, and mine, and that of most of us, will continue to be wasted, except in the unnecessarily slow advancement we can manage to make in a system-changing revolution brought about with firm resolution and persistence from the bottom against the billionaire blockade from the top.

As the below documentary concludes, when it says that true love is possible for the super rich if they base their relationships not on their wealth, a true human life is possible only when you become a decent human being who lives up to one’s responsibility to humanity.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Billionaire Wives – Documentary of Love, Wealth, Women and Billionaires (Volume Fix) “)

To finish, immaturity is, of course, not only a thing found among the rich. Quite a lot of folks of lower socio-economic origin, especially when they are lifted up into a higher prosperity layer, can also stall in their development, so that – for example – they won’t realize their role as a high-class prostitute nor question the source of wealth that derives from arms sales maiming and killing thousands or millions of fellow human beings, destroying countless families, forcing mass migrations of empty-handed, dislocated refugees landing in strange, and often unwelcoming, places far from their destroyed homes. Not questioning a system that creates such humongous suffering to make a single amoral man rich beyond belief, is a clear sign of immaturity:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Being The Wife Of a Billionaire – “The Price Of Love” (2017)” — length: 1:00:39)


Quotes from Fueled by Broken Social Contract, Study Finds Inequality and Despair Driving US Life Expectancy Down (Common Dreams):

A new report finds that a lack of social services including universal healthcare, public health crises, and declining social mobility have all contributed to growing despair and failing health in the United States, resulting in a decrease in life expectancy…

In 1960, the U.S. had the highest life expectancy on Earth, 2.4 times higher than the rest of the OECD.

While the U.S. is still as rich or richer than other wealthy countries, the study notes, “its wealth is not inclusive. Its social contract is weaker than in other countries — those in need have less access to social services, healthcare, or the prevention and treatment of mental illness and addiction. The ‘American dream’ is increasingly out of reach, as social mobility declines and fewer children face a better future than their parents.”

Tuesday’s weekly publication of The Revolution Continues also has a bunch of petitions, links, great cartoons/memes, and quotable writings. Quotes:

To put it simply, being poor kills. Being stressed out about being poor, becoming poor, dealing with poverty and fearing poverty kills. In the US, poverty affects all racial/ethnic groups, but it does affect persons of color, women, children, the disabled and elderly at a larger percentage of their total number. Yet we pretend to be a wealthy and prosperous nation, and we export movies and television programming full of successful and fabulously wealthy individuals as if this is the norm. (It’s probably one reason why so many refugees are eager to come here, only to be disappointed when they arrive.)

…the corporations don’t want you to pay any attention to that because, if you do, it might cut into their profits. So, instead they are going to add fuel to the fire of hate till everyone is fighting with their neighbor over bullsh*t so they can win. They don’t care what it does to humanity or the planet.


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2 thoughts on “Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 3: The Stalled Minds of the Billionaires Forestall Human Progress

  1. Thanks for the quotes from The Revolution Continues. You’re spot on with the emotional developmental delays of the super-wealthy. They show similar personal traits as addicts–grandiosity, poor coping skills, compulsive behaviors. If we were really a compassionate society, we’d relieve these billionaires of their ‘burden” and distribute it equally among all their fellow citizens. That way, everyone can live healthier and happier lives.


  2. Good point. We may consider them wealth addicts.

    As to just and fair distribution of humanity’s resources, not only would it make us all immediately happier, but it would free so many of us of our pointless treadmills, BS jobs, and hurting-one-another -on-behalf-of-the-rich task forces that our species could progress in leaps and bounds.

    This is the part that so many people overlook. Our predatory pyramid system of a dungheap society —
    by being organized around the task of robbing and defrauding the majority on behalf of the privileged few with all of us given roles that participate in this self-devouring of our society — not just causes so much direct damage to most of us by ruining our lives, but it zaps humanity of most of its potential, just like an army of soldiers all fighting among themselves would cripple itself.


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