Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 4: Selfish vs Responsible Spending

How humanity spends its resources is directly linked to how good or bad we live, how much we maintain or destroy our planet, and whether we make wonderful progress or regress into the dark ages. Ever wonder what happens to the wealth and income that is taken away from you and given to the rich, in other words the resources we need for progress? This series has informed you a bit on this. Today’s video report, shared below, shows even more excesses of billionaires directing our resources into one-upping each other on their luxury toys. Once again, you get to see these billionaires swimming in so much money (unearned, stolen from the rest of us who work!), and at the same time being so selfishly self-indulgent, that they have to come up with most outlandish ways to spend lavishly on themselves and outspend each other for status gain over each other to satisfy their vacuous, immature personalities:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Fabulous Life Of Filthy Rich Billionaires- 2015”)

Now, imagine how many homeless people a narcissistic creep like that could house for the price of his flying Jumbo Jet palace.

Imagine what could happen if – besides buying one opulent luxury toy after another – billionaires wouldn’t at the most stoop to giving merely a tiny fraction of their unearned wealth to charities as a way of pretending to be good and at the same time justifying even more tax evasion. Imagine the amazing impact it could have if just one of them chose to seriously invest in a better world. 

Imagine what one of them could do for the world with a private island other than to just avoid ever meeting a neighbor. When I was a kid, I fantasized about somehow obtaining a private island to start a new nation, one with a good life for everybody and sustainable clean technologies, a shining beacon for the rest of the world to emulate.

Imagine how humanity could leap forward if one of these selfish deplorables we have seen in the video documentaries of this mini-series matured into a human being with compassion and a conscience, a person who would then no longer invent ways of pointlessly squandering the GDP of entire nations, but spend most of his or her wealth on a world improvement project (like World Progress Inc.), in order to – for example – fund books and news outlets such as I try to produce with no money whatsoever, then to move on and produce movies and documentaries building a grand public vision of a benevolent society allowing good lives for all and medical progress to end most of our miseries, such as those that come to almost all of us at old age.

The project I keep mentioning for recreating functioning journalism and promoting world-changing ideas is not to be underestimated. Through the halls of history ring the words of the pen being mightier than the sword, because it were the words of the likes of Thomas Paine who gave people the ideas with which they changed the world. Nothing could be more powerful today, at a time when journalism and the press are in decline, getting marginalized by online marketing, and having been already corrupted some time back into worthlessness by the financing through advertisement model that has turned them into corporate and deep-state propaganda outlets fewer and fewer people take seriously anymore.

Just imagine one of these billionaires starting a foundation that would fund true journalism and the authorship of truly revealing and visionary books and documentaries, movies, TV series, etc.

And there is so much else they could do instead of having flying, gold-plated palaces and sea-worthy luxury cities built for their private indulgence.

Imagine one of these billionaires funding research and measures to create just economies and fabulous scientific and cultural progress, maybe funding another of my younger days’ ideas: an organization allowing inventors, idea generators, scholars, and researchers to work without worry about money and similar material distractions (similar to how medieval monasteries once worked), the organization dealing with the financial end of things.

Imagine one of them turning his business empire into a model for how our workplaces should really be with flex-time, parental leave, a healthy work environment, fair pay, procedural and other idea-related input opportunities, residual incomes from earned assets (stocks being distributed among the workers not hoarded by upper management and external investors), and democratic instead of despotic management. Imagine one of them realizing my youthful fantasy of a model nation, mentioned above. And, once again, imagine a publication foundation that would create a truly free press and publisher, funded with no strings attached, an idea to which I keep circling back as the seed for all the other forms of progress, because first we must change our minds before we can change the world.

Imagine how splendidly we could progress if most of the world’s money were not in the wrong hands…


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6 thoughts on “Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 4: Selfish vs Responsible Spending

  1. Great series on these worthless creatures who hoard all the world’s wealth to continue their selfish spending. You should put these blogs all together in a PDF and/or print pamphlet and share it (maybe through Patreon?). I don’t think most people realize how much these hoarders have and how they’re killing our planet with their habits.


    1. Well, since the series shares a lot of videos, a PDF file might not be a good medium, even as people can click on links in an electronically viewed PDF; and my Patreon page gets view visitors, me thinks.

      In the end, the biggest obstacle in my public effort is always that most people never come across it.

      For what it’s worth, maybe I could group theses posts into one featured page on here, similar to my APC page or Election Theft 2016 page. I doubt most visitors to this site ever notice them, unless I link to them from an article. OTOH, being able to link to them from articles is useful, and I often do so. Maybe this series might come in handy like that, too; although for this series a simple search link can accomplish much of the same:

      So, I am not sure what to make of this idea. But, then, as the author, I am surely less able than others to estimate the potential value of the series.

      – – –

      (sorry about the late response / I have been ill and very busy and I had to think about this for a bit)


  2. Forget the rich. As L. Frank Baum alluded in his book, The Wizard of Oz, we have always had the power, but we needed to find out for ourselves. In the Information Age, there is no excuse for remaining economically illiterate. Luckily, we have at our disposal an elegant, clear description of how the economy can and should work, without political manipulation. MMT (modern monetary theory) explains the operational reality of economics. It does not need to be implemented, it already IS. Once we’ve debunked all of the myths that’ve been perpetuated for decades to hold us down, we understand immediately what needs to be done.

    The root of society’s ills lies in the deliberate shut down of government spending for public purpose, these past 40 years in particular. Neoliberalism is the capture of government’s primary role, which was to ensure the protection of society from predatory capitalism. Government money-creation authority functions perfectly when needed for defense spending, corporate subsidies, PPP’s and bank bailouts. But the bankers who have appointed themselves into every presidential cabinet over the past four decades have forced the nation to rely on the other source of money creation in the form of credit and interest, their own private banks.

    The $1.3 trillion albatross of student debt is now being considered for cancellation, due to the dishonorable nature in which it was created. Top heterodox economist Steve Keen believes that the global private debt should be cancelled because it should never have happened in the first place:

    We can no longer allow fear of the “national debt” or “balancing the budget” to be used as an excuse for not having a healthy, robust public sector. It’s time to stop the condescending lies and demand that our government work for us, as was intended. If we do not value the nation-state, then it will be dismantled completely by the neoliberal globalists who inhabit both sides of the aisle and privatization and unaccountability will continue its creep. The free market governance experiment (neoliberalism) means the demolition of society, of rights and protections, of common humanity.



    1. Thanks for the comment and the many good points made within, more than I can find to address in detail in my response. (I have addressed at least some in past articles and will be sure to address more in future posts)

      Also thanks for the good link introducing MMT in a nutshell. 🙂

      The (to me) most important message I managed to extract from it was that government, as the creator and supplier of our currency, has the responsibility to invest government dollars where they are needed and take them (through fees and taxes) from where they are not needed, which to me means: invest in the public good and tax from the idle rich, the exact opposite of the trend our corrupted government has been stuck in for decades, leading us into the mess we are currently in, and which is only getting worse with the raiding and looting by the robber billionaires reaching a fever pitch.


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