Bernie Sanders and Mike Figueredo expose our System’s Moral Bankruptcy

Heap limitless money on the already rich with one hand (including by financing genocide and mass murder abroad) and claw away spending on the people (including those in desperate need) with the other. That’s our current governing system, and too many regular Americans are still way too OK with it, voting for and supporting the kinds of thugs (from both major parties!) who do this (one of the two major parties usually acting as the enabler for the other):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bernie Sanders Spars With Mick Mulvaney Over Trump’s Immoral Budget “)

Can you see now why it is so important to support independent media like this site any way you can so that sanity may spread among the people which must wake up of its stupor and blind trust to corrupt politicians and oust them from their thrones? Please help this site (and others like it) anyway you can. One way that won’t cost you anything is to share links to our articles and videos in your social media. Thanks for helping us all get out of our dark and rotten hole.


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