Disconnected America – A Mentally Unhealthy Place

Americans, today, live in a money-obsessed, profit-driven society which distorts and stifles our shared humanity, resulting in despair, rage, and loneliness that generate, among other things, mass shootings.

The article I wish to point you at contains something to mull over: Capitalism Breeds the Lonely, Alienated Men Who Become Mass Killers?

In short, the article proposes that mental health can be likened to four pillars: (1) an intimate relationship, (2) a circle of friends or family, (3) shared activity groups (like workplace, clubs, political organization, sports teams, and such), (4) connection to one’s nation and the world through political, economic, or similar participation. When people’s lives lack these pillars, they become mentally unstable.  

Some quotes:

Americans have become frighteningly disconnected and alone. There are fewer Americans active in any group than there were in bowling leagues alone in 1970.”

[Stephen] Paddock had been told throughout his life that the U.S. was a special place, an exceptional place. Each generation, if its members studied and worked hard, would live better than the one before. Progress and prosperity awaited him. He would raise a family and provide his wife and children with more than had been provided to him and to his family of origin.”

We know all too well that this promise would not fulfill… For how many of us has it materialized? Not for me, I assure you. Perhaps not even for the entire bottom half of our entire society, or the entire bottom 80%… or even more?

He had no place in the socially approved work and life images he had grown up to value, expect and seek as markers of his success as a human being.”

Considering how life for Americans is becoming ever more stringent, it is probably not a surprise that mass shootings are on the rise.

Quote from a worthy article (Missing Workers 4.9 Million Out Of Work And Forgotten (Huffpost)):

»In January, the percentage of Americans who were either employed or actively looking for work fell to 64.2 percent, what economist Heidi Shierholz calls “a stunning new low for the recession.” Shierholz estimates that 4.9 million Americans are left out of the Department of Labor’s official unemployment count because they are too discouraged to continue seeking work.«


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One thought on “Disconnected America – A Mentally Unhealthy Place

  1. One of the 4.9 million who don’t exist according to the Labor statistics. It’s probably much higher in reality. No wonder people fill disconnected–we’re not even counting in official stats!


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