Barnum & Bailey’s Trump: The Only Sensible Evaluation of The Donald PLUS a Bomb-Shell Economic Insight

Noam Chomsky has a long history of close observation and deep insights in our national affairs. In the below interview he gave a spot-on analysis of Trump’s role in the current fire sale of our country to the robber billionaires, followed by an often overlooked insight into our nation’s corporate takeover that could make people smack their foreheads asking themselves how they never noticed this tell-tale connection. Much of our bought-and-paid-for government’s role in a global heist is laid bare here:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Special Interview: Noam Chomsky”)

Good points to mention:  

  1. While Trump performs his daily presidential reality TV show act that hypnotizes the American public with the aid of the corporate mass media and political resistance stagings, the GOP wrecking crew behind the scenes is raiding the state, unnoticed by most, and destroying every government protection on behalf of the robber billionaires.
  2. At the end of World War II, the U.S. economy was half of the planet’s economy. Now it is down to 20%. However, when you look at what corporations control the economy, you find that U.S.-based corporations still control half the world economy. The conclusion is obvious: the U.S.-based multi-national corporations, working for their shareholders (mostly the super-rich), cut labor costs by moving production to places like China (to the tune of the lost 30% of the world economy, 60% of the former U.S. economy!), stiffing the American workers and the U.S. economy, while keeping the “owners” of these corporations flush in their lavish money flow and making them even richer at the expense of workers. I use quotation marks around the word owners because nobody who simply inherits stocks or buys them on the back of exploited workers rightfully owns them. It is a case of the legalized theft and slavery built into our wrongful system and its promoted national mentality that has so many of the victims not blink twice, leave alone challenge, this profound injustice. We need to realize the fraud and theft built into our system and fight for radical system change.
  3. The previous paragraph also reminds me of an important point I have started making: The American and French revolution tried to create a human society out of the inhumane feudal systems that people back then only knew. Therefore they went after the throat of government and fought to take it over, thinking this would remove the source of all evil: the monarchy and its attached aristocracy. What they didn’t see on the horizon was the bogey coming out of left field, still hidden in the mists of industrial beginnings: the huge power base of the burgeoning business sector that led to the infamous robber barons who soon moved to spoil and sacrifice countless workers’ lives in their mines and factories, who marched armies of children into the same abysmal workplaces to replace their parents with them and pay even lower starvation wages, who paid assassination gangs to rub out rebelling workers and slay movement leaders. And when the robber barons began to encounter public outrage, they refined their corporations into all-powerful amorphous tools great for anonymizing their evil deeds and which eventually were even given personhood status in the U.S. to legalize brazen and unlimited bribing of government officials and candidates by the super-rich in broad daylight. Next time we the people rise up and force change, we better untie this knot, as well. The business sector has no more moral right than government to thwart the people.


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