U.S. Politics: Friends fighting Friends

Let’s never forget: we are all in this together.

One topic I keep having to revisit is the massive in-fighting I see among those who have woken up to the fact that our country (and therefore the quality of our lives) is a total mess, and who want to change this. The disunity that has been spread among us from above is often so bad that, even when I try to bring people together on the issues by debunking the myths and false narratives which divide us, I end up getting accused of divisiveness.

An example of what can get me such ridiculous accusations would be any thoughtful response I make to the weird claim that supporting causes of true value in 2016 was a big mistake because we all should instead have lined up behind Hillary Clinton (a representative of the establishment) as she would allegedly have been less bad than Trump (another representative of the establishment, albeit one who claimed not to be). Something else that can get me smeared is when I support an inside-outside strategy for political change, as some people fight on the inside path and regard the outside path as competition and vice versa. Another statement that can get me smeared is when I point out that any Russian meddling in our 2016 election, when seen in proportion to our domestic election rigging, could never have been a truly big deal — no bigger than a Russian passerby tossing a lit cigarette into a burning house. (I’ll get into a little detail on this below.)  

So, all of us who don’t live near the top of our dungheap society suffer from life-long financial stress and insecurity; insufficient or totally missing healthcare; workplace abuse; precarious employment; shamefully low wages; denied or crushed careers; broken dreams; government agency abuse; government spying and a police state; police brutality and rackets; unfair taxes; government overreach; inescapable debt; merchandise ripp-offs, exorbitant rents or mortgages; crime and terrorism; poverty when young or for sure in old age; poor health from toxic air, food, and water plus unbearable stress; unhealthy and unhappy lives spent in the endless treadmills of a rapidly growing market of worthless bullsh*t jobs that do nobody any good; and so on.

In other words, we suffer through lives ruined from the cradle to the grave. And the government which should be beholden to us and set things right is obviously bought and role-reversed by the same robber billionaires and their millionaire minions who ruin our lives abusing their power in the private sector. The Republicratic twin-party tyranny has melded corporations and government into a single injustice machine that enslaves us and denies us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — and has turned American democracy into a farce. While many of my parent’s generation lived good lives, I see nothing but hell and devastation around me at my own and younger ages, with a steeply accelerating downward trend. Meanwhile the corporate media which serve the same machine want us to believe that we should be worried about Putin? Let’s let Russians worry about their oligarchs. We have our own oligarchs to worry about.

The fact that should be obvious to all of us who suffer from the described rigging is that we shouldn’t be fighting among ourselves. We should be fighting together for the realization of our founders’ ideals, for a much better world to live in, for a great nation and planet we have all the resources to build, a world that we don’t already have only because of the obstruction and rigging from the top, our own top, not Russia’s top — nor because of any meddling by the governments of Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, or North Korea which our costly military machine was sent to devastate, which it dutifully did, making big profits for our war industry magnates and Big Oil, of course.

People who want to have a real democracy instead of a money-bought fake democracy should join forces. People who want an economy that works for everyone and doesn’t fuel money in politics by lopsidedly distributing our mutually generated wealth into the hands of a privileged few who are then motivated and empowered to uphold and worsen this awful system of inequality — such people should not smear each other, accusing each other of things they never said or of disingenuous motives they don’t have.

Instead, we should realize that we are all at different stops along a journey of discovery, different stops around which different camps form.

So, yes, those of us who are talking about change or are actively working towards it are in different camps for all kinds of reasons: family history, personal history, identity, habit, partisanship, celebrity loyalty, party loyalty, or political strategy (such as main-party-takeover vs third- or new-party-build-up), or because of different perceptions and concepts, including misconceptions and errors which mark different stops in our journey and can be fixed. Camps or no camps, we should all pull together. The fight should not be among us. The fight is coming from the top, and we need to fight back from the bottom where we have been marooned. And with the looming perfection of surveillance, criminalization of dissent, cultivated divisiveness, and brainwashing through our media and educational systems – and with our planet being pushed over the cliff while all this is going on – we better do it soon, before we pass the point of no return.

Some of us woke up only fairly recently, and like everybody who wakes up in an environment he or she doesn’t recognize, they need to spend time looking around and gathering information. It is wrong to assume that, just because you have woken up to the fact that you live in a mess, you already know everything about that mess or how to fix it. Sadly, there are some, whose eyes are still only half open and who let themselves be brainwashed into thinking such nonsense as that our mess is caused by undocumented immigrants, or by Russians, or maybe even by little green men from Mars.

Rubbing their eyes, taking another look, and thinking a little, those fellows of ours should realize that it isn’t melon-picking, undocumented Mexicans who get to make the decision to move our good jobs to places like China or stiff us with toxic trade treaties like NAFTA (which hurt working people in Mexico at least as much as it hurt us in the U.S.). And it isn’t Russian hackers who sit closest to our major parties’ email servers or our very hackable voting machines where they can plug in a thumb drive to download malicious emails or flip the election results — things that are much, much, much harder to try, or even impossible to do, from abroad across the global Internet.

Can our elections be hacked? You bet. And they are! But the most accomplished election hackers and other types of regime changers come from America. They have been toppling foreign governments for generations and keep doing it, always toppling democracies and liberation governments in favor of dictatorial puppet regimes that hand their countries over to U.S.-based multinational corporations that keep our billionaires swimming in gold even as they export our good jobs to such places. (These jackals are very busy in Venezuela and Syria, right now, but our duplicitous Mass Media naturally tell us only the false narratives which support the work of these paid goons, not the truth that would expose both them and the devious goals served by their acts.)

So, what’s to keep these accomplished American election riggers and government changers from doing the very same thing right here in their home country where they could benefit from it the most? They have the expertise and the best seat in the house with the closest access. Russians would have a very hard time to compete. Did a Russian shoot President Kennedy or Martin Luther King? During the 2016 primaries, when Bernie won over Hillary in precinct after precinct, was it Russians who tromped into voting locations late at night carrying boxes allegedly filled with absentee ballots and – then – behind closed doors, the results suddenly flipped?

What are Russians supposed to have done exactly? Are they supposed to have flipped the numbers in our electronic vote counts, the way it was observed in the “Democratic” primaries when the “Democratic” establishment didn’t want the most popular people’s candidate, Bernie Sanders, to get the nomination, and observers saw the count of Sanders votes not just suddenly freeze but magically go down? I haven’t heard a word of that. Have you? There are studies done at prestigious universities and by experts in the field providing scientific proof that Hillary Clinton “won” the primaries through rigging! They don’t ever mention Russian involvement. And quite frankly, how much of a choice had we left in November once Bernie was off the ballot? (Well, of course there was Jill Stein with a very people-friendly anti-corporate agenda, but most voters weren’t yet awake enough to realize that here there was indeed a far better choice than between pest and cholera.)

But the rigged “Democratic” primaries to which even the former interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile confessed wasn’t all the rigging in 2016. Oh, no.

Did the mysterious Russians run the “Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck” program which didn’t allow millions of voters to participate in November during the general election? Uh, no… that was Trump and the GOP, denying millions of likely “Democrat”-voting Americans their vote based on such dishonestly construed justifications as that someone else, who lives and votes somewhere else in the country but has the same or a similar name, must therefore be the same voter voting twice, no matter that their social security numbers and middle initials (and actual personhood!) don’t match and they live on different coasts. You can find a lot of Hispanics and Blacks with same and similar names, you know. And it isn’t Russians who are doing this and have been doing this for a long time. It’s our own crooks here at home, typically white of color, well-fed, well-paid, wearing suit and tie, and owning an American birth certificate. Billions are spent each time on our elections domestically, the Clinton machine received millions from Saudi-Arabia, but we are supposed to worry about a few thousand dollars spent by a Russian Internet marketing firm on clickbait advertisement which pretty equally propped up all the different major candidates of 2016 and was seen by almost no-one? Have we lost all sense of proportion?

YES, our elections have been rigged for a long time, not by other countries, but by our own enemies of democracy. With friends like these in our own country, who needs Russian enemies?

We act like only recently awoken people who are still dazed, flailing blindly and grasping at straws. We must get over this daze, dig a little deeper every day (thankfully, sites like Beanstock’s World can do most of the work for you), have thoughtful conversations instead of prejudiced word fights with everybody around us, and thus arrive at the direction we must all take together in order to shake off the yoke of the establishment. The establishment may have all the big money (stolen from us) and plenty of machinery in place, but we are the people. A house divided cannot stand, but united for a good and fair country we can clean house.

As Americans struggling through life in the United States, and humanity struggling through life on Earth — dealing with disease, aging, innumerable obstacles in life, and finally death, all made much worse from the top, especially through immoral and self-serving corrupt systems of laws, politics, and economic rules that the top created to benefit themselves and legalize their crimes — let’s never forget: we are all in this together.

The below video provides an interesting analysis of our division into camps:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Is America More Divided Than Ever?”)


Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours a month to research and write for this site and work on my book. If you like what I do, please consider supporting this site with an automatic monthly donation of even as little as $1 or more. If you can’t afford this, then don’t, but please share my posts with as many friends as possible or help in other ways. Thanks. Only together can we change this world. 🙂

6 thoughts on “U.S. Politics: Friends fighting Friends

  1. I was an avid Facebook user, debating politics and social issues…. until last night. Here we go PPL. This is what sHillary wanted in 2016…the end of social media. Well Facebook cut me off and said I needed to send them a selfie to “prove” who I am, and they might let me continue on Facebook. Its for security reasons don’t ya know. I refuse to send a selfie…so I guess I’m done with Facebook.


  2. You won’t have a Facebook size community here, but you will always be welcome to participate here, Robin. (anybody acting decently and sensibly is)

    I also have had a lot of trouble on Facebook for the last several months. I have started trying out alternative social media platforms like Minds.com and MeWe. I plan to try more. It’s just so time consuming a hunt for uncensored platforms with mature communities — and that when I am not really a fan of social media to begin with, at least not the current kinds, being mostly about selfies, trivial dribble, juvenile hedonism, and being plagued by establishment propaganda bots and trolls once one delves into serious matters.

    What I would like to see would be a mature, politically oriented, connect-the-people platform with voting capabilities and maybe a wiki-like way of building solutions together. None of this befriend-only-your-offline-friends, is-this-your-real-name, or please-spam-trivia-advertisements-and-propaganda-but-don’t-dare-to-share-valid-opinions-or-anti-establishment-news but be-sure-to-let-us-spy-on-you-and-pass-all-your-personal-data-to-corporations-and-surveillance-states stuff. Ugh. Just saying.

    Anyway, you are most welcome to comment here or offer up posts of your own that match the mission of public enlightenment. 🙂


  3. “Let’s let Russians worry about their oligarchs. We have our own oligarchs to worry about.”

    Exactly! To quote the famous Pogo cartoon caption: “We have met the enemy, and they is us.”

    Americans don’t need foreigners to mess things up. We’re experts at it! But we can also fix things, too. It’s time we do so.


    1. Exactly. We have a world to fix (or at least a nation, for hose who think that aiming for the world is too much). Let’s stop the in-fighting and get to work. 🙂


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