The True Russiagate

The true Russiagate is not what you have been told. It’s not about a serious threat from without but about a much more dire threat from within.

Even as our country is crumbling before our eyes from boundless inside corruption, we hear almost nothing else on the corporate mass media than Russia hacked our election and Russia gave us Trump.

Overlooked are the facts that our nation has been going down the drain since long before Trump and will continue to do so after Trump unless we, the people, come to our senses and make profound systemic change happen. With our entire establishment burning down our nation for the insurance money, we are long past having to make foreign influence or individual members of the destructive gang our prime concern. The entire house is burning! Take your eyes off that Russian who stands outside holding a match, and call the fire fighters instead!  

This excellent CounterPunch article from almost a year ago says it all about the Russiagate narrative (except maybe how much it is by now being used to smear anybody who denounces our corrupt establishment as a “Russian agent”): How Russia Became “Our Adversary” Again

If you either don’t need the long read because you already know pre-millennial history, or if you are horribly strapped for time, here is the gist of the article:

The Russiagate narrative has proved irresistible to the powermongers in our country for these three reasons:

First, they have naturally wanted to delegitimize the early Trump administration for standard partisan reasons. He belongs to the plutocracy but not the political arm of the oligarchy. The political elite’s attitude: Baron Trump, let the gardeners do the gardening! Get back to the golf course!

Second, our New Cold Warriors, those who want the entire planet to be their oyster, wanted to keep the heat on Moscow. The world has been their oyster, unopposed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and they are now pissed that Russia – having been ravaged by them to the breaking point so that its people finally lined up behind a former KGB official (Putin) – closed their door on Russia. And Putin then went even further and closed their door on the Ukraine and Syria, as well. Ouch! It makes Putin and Russia as much a thorn in their side as political candidates here at home who stand up for our own exploited working poor.

Third, the Russian interference allegation allows the neoliberal Democratic Party establishment to avoid responsibility for blowing the 2016 election running a wooden, Wall Street-beholden, and corruption-tainted presidential candidate who lost the primaries but was throned the primaries’ winner using blatant election theft. Their vapid and elitist campaign (of “the country is fine, everything is fine, but Trump is bad, hate Trump, fear Trump, vote against Trump”) couldn’t mobilize enough struggling and elite-abused low-income voters to defeat the epically unpopular Trump in key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and Ohio. The Russiagate narrative is, in essence, the neoliberals telling us that the dog ate their homework. (or the Russian bear, in this case)

The well-written article ends with this fine line: “This perverse political logic works to sustain the strange new neo-McCarthyite anti-Russian madness, which is rooted in the U.S. imperial agenda, not any relevant Russian influence on U.S. life and politics.” The author Paul Street’s latest book (“They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy”) may also be a good read.


Taken over by corporate money suckling neoliberals, the Democratic Party abandoned the working class and the causes of peace, economic justice, and environmental sustainability long ago (just as the Republican Party had done earlier). Likewise our corporate media act as megaphones for both neoliberals and neocons, as well as any other dark corporate forces controlling our lives. These things are what is bound to happen in societies whose economies place the maximizing of unearned profits for the privileged few above everything else without any regard for the consequences. But, to be good, obedient citizens who stay blind to this, and in order to not fight back against the establishment that keeps screwing us, we now must blame Russia for anything and everything. So, get out of your seats and learn to chant: “Russia did it! Russia did it!” Good job, mass media! (← sarcasm)

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Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours a month to research and write for this site and work on my book. Please share links to these articles or help in other ways. Thanks. Only together can we change this messed-up world. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The True Russiagate

  1. Every time I come across some poor confused person online getting into a big huff about “Russia! Russia! Russia!” I give them this link of helpful article and video links and let the independent journalists do the talking for me:

    Sometimes the overwhelming numbers of links does the talking for me. Other times, I get called a “Russian!” or some other such nonsense such as a Trump-supporter. (As if!) I’m sure in time most of these poor souls will wake up and realize how much they’ve been led astray by the mainstream media, but I fear some will go to their graves thinking the Russians did poor ol’ Hillary in, instead of her own hubris and the DNC’s corrupt practices.


    1. The thing is, when one keeps searching and searching, one tends to find what one is looking for. With all the meddling attempts governments have engaged in throughout history (and none nearly as much — and even violently — as the U.S. government!), some evidence of some minor meddling attempts by some Russian agency or actor may eventually be uncovered. It shouldn’t worry any reasonable person who has come to understand how huge the domestic doctoring and rigging of our elections is, but with people still being willing to let themselves be driven into a hysteric frenzy by our corporate mass media over BS like Iraqui weapons of mass destruction, the problem of blowing any kind of Russian meddling, no matter how small, completely out of proportion — as is currently being done — may very well persist.

      So, Russian meddling isn’t the problem. The messed-up sense of proportion is. When people let go of good reason and sense, they become easy to manipulate by our masters and their heralds roaring BS through their bullhorns.


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