Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and Geek Squad Spying Update (short video)

… and a reasonable voice in the current din:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “BREAKING: Facebook Admits To Tracking Android User’s Calls & Text. Be Aware!”)

Jamarl Thomas at his best. I couldn’t add anything to make it better.



One thought on “Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and Geek Squad Spying Update (short video)

  1. Jamarl is terrific.(I found out about his podcast originally from your blog.) We need more sane progressive voices like him. He makes a good point about how Facebook was okay with Obama’s campaign using their data but not with Trump’s campaign doing the same four years later. Why the hypocrisy? It didn’t help Zuckerberg’s preferred candidate, HRC, did it? Amazing how dismally Clinton did even with Zuckerberg being on her side!

    Facebook, Google are the same as he CIA/NSA/FBI in terms of private data retrieval and using it against us. It’s time to get off the spying social platforms or it’s time to clean house and for revolution in this country. I know which side I’m leaning to…


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