A Ludicrous Narrative to Justify Atrocities

Here is the recording of an incredible speech held by one of our political rulers:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Israel Lobby Doesn’t Want Al Jazeera to Spill its Secrets”)

So… according to Chuck Schumer, I could appoint myself dictator of the United States by inventing a religion whose holy book declares me the owner of America. My almighty God gave me the lands of our – uhm, no, my – nation as a gift, and therefore all of you must unquestioningly serve me from now on, accept any kind of horrible treatment I subject you to, allow me to drive you from your homes into exile, and you must not dare to complain because it’s all fair and square and justified by my holy scripture. Done deal. I win. You lost. And all nations of Earth must support me in this.

Makes sense, right?  

Or, in a similar manner and in order to avoid the accusation that I fabricated this religion for my own benefit, I could point at the meaning of the ancient name from which my modern first name derives: ruler of the people in ancient Gothic. Because of this, I am your ruler, can abuse you, disown you, displace you, and all that — and you have no right to resist or complain.

Chuck Schumer will surely agree with me. Except that this wouldn’t suit his own interests — unlike the amazing justification he spouted in his video-taped speech.

Good grief! Have our crooked rulers lost all sense of propriety? Committing acts of terrorism and military conquest and turning an entire people into refugees is all right and proper – according to the likes of Chuck Schumer – if some ancient text propounds a myth that a god gave certain lands to a certain ancient people, and therefore a bunch of people who consider themselves the descendants and/or successors of this ancient people (despite plenty of interbreeding with others, by the way, and a thorough cultural change) have card blanche for conquest, atrocities, or even genocide — even as our modern morals of global human kinship and human rights have long replaced the ancient attitude that all other tribes are no more than animals to be slaughtered at will (which, by the way, the ancient texts suggest is precisely how the ancient Hebrews conquered the “Holy” Land to make it their own, their genocidal atrocities allegedly justified by their tribal god).

Somehow that doesn’t jive with me. Nor does pointing to atrocities suffered by my parents and grandparents justify, in my eyes, that I commit atrocities of my own. If that is the moral principle of the Israeli people, then I am sorry to say it doesn’t correspond with my view of morality — and I am glad that morally upstanding Israeli exist who oppose this low-down attitude. To me, one evil does not justify another evil. In my book, evil is evil and beyond any kind of justification.

I consider this a modern form of morality and expect many of my contemporaries to share the same view.

Ancient excuses for violence and cruelty just don’t cut it anymore since we have evolved to a higher state of ethics that ancient tribes ruled by street-gang thinking did not yet have.

My fellow humans, let’s stop making lame excuses for cruelty and corruption.


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