Ending Mass Migration

An immigration hysteria has invaded our immigrant nation. It has divided American voters, boosted dangerous politics, resulted in horrible crimes, and obfuscated the true causes of our problems. Both corrupt major parties are pouring gasoline on this fire for their party bosses and secret donors to benefit.

While I don’t share the xenophobic fears of certain people, I have a piece of advice for them: If you worry about too many immigrants, don’t go criminal or inhumane. Don’t waste time on building walls, either. Eliminate the cause of mass migrations, instead.  

And when you take a look at that cause, you will find that it is basically identical with the cause of all our horrendous homemade troubles here at home. It’s not immigrants who cause our truly life-rocking problems. The infamous 1% do. It’s the global jet-setting robber billionaires, many of whom are rooted in the U.S., who raid our country, our jobs, and our lives. It’s their rigged system of economic exploitation and plutocracy (money in politics), which result in way too low incomes, way too high living expenses, and no real future prospects for most of us.

Quite honestly, would your life really get significantly better if your Mexican neighbor with whom you may be competing over a terribly shabby job were arrested and sent to Mexico, if your fiancée or class mate were deported because her parents long ago immigrated without the proper papers, or if today yet another unarmed and harmless petite 20-year old Guatemalan girl were shot dead by a border guard in purported “self defense”?

Would you not benefit a lot more from a package of real country improvement: healthcare for all without ifs or buts, good job opportunities, good free education, fairer taxes, proper care and dignity in your old age, a share in our country’s economic assets paying you a monthly citizen dividend as Social Security for All providing you and all your fellow citizens with a financial safety cushion instead of all that unearned income going exclusively to the ridiculously rich to fund their excesses, just to mention a few things?

Imagine we restored or even eclipsed the old American Dream, and all of us would get to live good lives? It’s possible, I tell you. We just need to commit ourselves to it.

And once we achieved these goals, we might then have to worry about mass immigration pressure (the current one is mostly a hype). With America becoming a true paradise, lots of people from other nations with lower living standards would then be tempted to immigrate, just like for many decades lots of them have been driven out of their homelands by our country’s destructive foreign policy of supporting military coups and cruel dictatorships, raiding and bombing with our own military forces, price gouging and squeezing them economically, and preventing them from having their own New Deal such as boosted our lives back in the last century. Then we might indeed have to worry about mass immigrations. As for our current immigration pressure, in recent years more people have been leaving the U.S. for Mexico than coming from there because life is getting worse in the U.S. every year.

But why should we stop at making only our own country great (again or for the first time)? Would it not make a lot more sense to come up with all the right solutions here and then export them to the world? This would end mass migrations, save for cataclysmic natural disasters like erupting super volcanoes or huge meteorites, or continued climate change, laying waste to entire regions and lands.

Think about it. Rather than us victims of disastrous economic and political systems fighting among ourselves over scraps and crumbs using nationality, ethnicity, gender-issues, or blind party affiliation as an excuse, we could unite politically in a people’s coalition (sooner or later with a People’s Party) making use of the tools our founding fathers left us with, send the oligarchy packing, and reform our entire world into a human paradise, all in the true American way. Is that not a much more desirable goal and a much smarter thing to do?


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Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours of spare time each month to research and write news updates and analyses and work on my book. Please widely share links to these articles, so this work is not for naught. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support). Only together can we change this messed-up world. Let’s do it! 🙂

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