Interview on the State of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange (May 2018)

Here is a video of a length I usually dare to share only on weekends. It is soooo long (over an hour) that only weekends offer the time for most of us to watch it. Some such long videos I chose not to share at all, but I would feel remiss if I didn’t share this one, so this Sunday will have to harbor it. It’s from May 16th, by the way.

Why is this topic so important? Because what is quietly happening is a direct attack on democracy by the U.S. and other governments.

Here is the video in which astute and clear-minded Jamarl Thomas interviews one of the world’s few experts on the Assange case:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Elizabeth Lea Vos Discusses New Developments W/Julian Assange & Wikileaks Developments, Live!”)


If you want to read up on the details of issues mentioned in this interview (and way more), here are two major links:

  1. BEING JULIAN ASSANGE by Suzie Dawson on ContraSpin
  2. Opinion: Is The Zeitgeist Finally Shifting In Favor Of Julian Assange? by Elizabeth Vos on Disobedient Media


The 23,000 word article “BEING JULIAN ASSANGE” (more like a short book put on a web page) is only partly about J.A. It also spends much time explaining how the nefarious coalition of despotic governments and their mass media shills are systematically dismantling WikiLeaks and slowly killing Assange until we, the people of the world, will be once again left in the dark about what our cruel establishment tools are secretly doing.  

Commented quotes from “BEING JULIAN ASSANGE”:

In 2016 an accused serial sexual predator ran for the US presidency against the notoriously corrupt wife of a previously impeached President – who is also an accused serial sexual predator.

That these facts alone were insufficient to invalidate the entire race is testament to the audacity with which corrupt power operates in the West, and how conditioned the public is to consuming the warped byproducts of its naked machinations.

During the race, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange aptly described the two candidates as “cholera vs gonorrhoea.”

Comment: I suppose, that comment ruined his chances of a Trump pardon.

The contenders for leadership are the reality TV stars (now, quite literally) of an intergenerational revolving political theatre: A four-yearly exercise in mass re-enfranchisement of the public, where two-dimensional aspiring figureheads promise to fulfil the dreams of their populace. You are told that with your vote, your candidate of choice will begin ending wars and bringing transparency to government, investing in infrastructure or asserting human rights and equality for all – yet once elected, the victor turns to the camera, sotto voce, like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, and says “You didn’t really think I’d do that, did you?”

Meanwhile, the media and the money-power that pull their strings ignore the blatantly obvious and work feverishly to emboss the proceedings with a veneer of credibility. In tandem, government-aligned big data and social media companies are employing ever more loathsome technologies to remodel human history in real time.

This industrialised historical revisionism requires the excoriating of the public reputation of the virtuous, the sanitising of the compromised, and the constant manipulation of the living memory of both.

These are the core tenets of manufacturing consent. They aren’t just lying to us; they are already preparing the lies they will tell our unborn great-grandchildren.

It is some of those layers of contrived, mainstream bullshit that this article intends to peel back.


Interested? Then read the original article. 😉 One more morsel to get you going:

At the crux of the issue is a battle of authenticity versus falsehood, on a spectrum. With most of us sandwiched somewhere in between and WikiLeaks front and centre. Because WikiLeaks is the last available vestige of verifiable, unadulterated public truth.

If you can’t make the time to read through this long article, here is another clip I find worthy of featuring in a select list of quotes:

Rather than recognise that [Martin Luther King] stood against absolutely everything that the status quo is, they are able to pretend he just took issue with one facet of society and argue that the US has progressed as a direct result. In reality, the overwhelming majority of the problems King dedicated his life to addressing have not been bettered, but in fact worsened in the passage of time since the State who now celebrates his memory, killed him. Such as systemic economic inequality, mass incarceration, the rise of the military-industrial complex, and Washington’s bull-in-a-china-shop foreign policy. If we do not recognise these tactics, this is what we can expect to see play out again, and again, with the memories of our present day heroes.

A powerful section near the end:

Sometimes we hear things, we are told things, we believe things, we know things – but they still don’t sink in, until we feel them. Then the penny drops. Then we can begin to see things more clearly.

Then we can change them.

Feel the walls that you have been looking at for six years, closing in around you. Feel the days without closure bleed into months and into years.

Imagine watching your children grow up on a screen. Listen down a wire as the birthdays, weddings and funerals you can never attend pass by. Imagine being in constant fear for the safety of everyone you care about.

Now imagine knowing that despite all the degradation and hardship, the difference that you make in the world can save millions of people.

Feel the determination well within you, to fight on no matter what.

Imagine being Julian Assange.

A comment someone left on the article: “What’s been done to Julian Assange physically is bad enough, but the Masters of Discourse attempts to impugn his legacy and rewrite history, to, as you say, create a false narrative that would leave our future generations ignorant of the battles for truth and freedom fought by brave men and women? They need to be protested, they need to be refuted, they need to be spread widely.”

It’s a mini-book-length article but well worth reading. For those who can’t make the time, I extracted passages that struck me as highlights (and I admit there are passages I quickly skimmed over myself since my time is scarce, too).


Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours of spare time each month to research and write news updates and analyses and work on my book. Please widely share links to these articles, so this work is not for naught. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support). Only together can we change this messed-up world. Let’s do it! 🙂


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