Is the People’s Takeover of the “Democratic” Party Working?

Below, I have written some powerful words, or so I hope. But lets first start with an analysis of recent “Democratic” upheavals by Jimmy Dore’s team to give us some perspective and a starting point for putting our heads together:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Jimmy Dore and the title: “Ocasio-Cortez & Progressives Win – Is it Enough?”)

(Link: Report on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her spectacular win in the primaries presented here on Beanstock’s World a dew days ago.)

So, is the people’s take-over of the “Democratic” Party working? Sadly, the answer is clearly no. Too many attempts of voting in people’s candidates have failed, succeeding only with a handful who don’t carry enough weight to change the party from within. And once they are in, they face obstacles like superdelegates, party bosses, undemocratic structures and top-down rule, gerrymandering and internal riggings, huge Big Money influence, mobbing and a gang mentality, and so forth. They get turned ineffective by layer upon layer of barriers that have been erected to neutralize the will of the people and even the party base.  

The facts on the ground of our politics are: people who have woken out of their traditional passivity and blind party trust have split up into those who try to fight for what’s right from inside the major parties and those who fight from the outside. That cannot be changed, and in fact it shouldn’t be attempted to be changed not only because it is futile, but also because inside-outside strategies that apply pressure from both or multiple sides are like nutcrackers squeezing in from more than one side, which is the only way to crack a nut.

So, creating a truly democratic People’s Party is a highly valuable tactic. Since this isn’t easy, thanks to treasonous road blocks put up by our corrupt mainstream parties (such as insane ballot access hurdles), we need strength to do so. To obtain full strength, we need to form a party-line crossing people’s coalition which pursues all the important goals of the entire American people. This coalition must set aside party competitions, lift up true people’s candidates regardless of what party – if any – they are currently, in and allow the many small third parties to pool their resources and thereby boost the people’s movement, giving all small parties and all people a voice and a club to wield.

My message to stolid conservatives who may worry about the potential upheavals of revolutionary movements is that we owe the good things we have seen in our country to the American revolution (although you might say that Great Britain has caught up by now, but in as much as it did that was due to its own revolutionary changes, not armed but step-wise political revolutions such as an elected parliament to supersede the crown and a national healthcare system that leaves no-one out).

When we look at how bad things have become for so many of the American people by now, we must acknowledge that the American revolution isn’t finished and has taken a number of setbacks. The way to set matters right is to reclaim our proud tradition and bring the American revolution to its conclusion which can’t be done if we linger in those two tribal camps of the Big-Money-controlled major parties. We must not let ourselves be divided into two political gangs who war on each other. As the immortal first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, famously said: A house divided cannot stand. We the people must once again unite and fight off the green-blooded money aristocracy as did our forefathers with the blue-blooded feudal aristocracy.

We Americans may be diverse, blended together in Melting Pot America, but we are one people. It is time we remember that. Reach out across the tribal lines of those Big-Money-bought political gangs we call our major parties and unite around our common principles, needs, and desires. Stand up as a powerful and enlightened people against the globalist oligarchs who regard the world as their oyster and raid every country, including ours, with utter corruption, avarice, and shamelessness. As our founders showed us, it is not impossible to raise a joint banner. Let’s maybe write on it the demand for a good and just life for all.


We can not rely on candidates anymore. Our political system has been so corrupted by Big Money that our true candidates will be edged out or co-opted if we don’t build a strong movement. Take a look at Movement for a People’s Party, and maybe read up on it: MPP_Logo_Final_Wht_85px


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9 thoughts on “Is the People’s Takeover of the “Democratic” Party Working?

  1. I agree. I don’t think a few handful of “victories” by more progressive Dems will ever change the DNC. They don’t want to change. They like the big money that the lobbyists give them, thank you very much! The third party/parties tactic to “squeeze” them into change is by far the most effective method to bring about needed change in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, if the DNC fades away, we have new parties to support and be proud of as being created and sustained by We the People instead of the elites who started the DNC and RNC.


  2. Yep. That’s how it is.

    BTW, Ben Jealous who just won the “Democratic” governor’s primaries in Maryland gets toted as a true progressive a lot. But I have this image from 2016 sticking in my mind, when an African American who looked just like him (but was at the time unknown to me) represented an entire state’s delegation at the “Democratic” National Convention and shifted his state’s endorsement from Bernie to $Hillary. Intermittently, Jane Sanders was shown shaking her head in painful disbelief. Do you recall that video, Cindy, and know if this was Ben Jealous or not? I have searched for the video in vain.

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    1. Hmm… I’m not sure I was watching the action at all by that point. The whole Dem convention was just that painful for me and we sort of tuned out and went on a mini-vacation to lick our wounds. I do know that Keith Ellison from Minnesota seemed to take the “shillery switch” in stride and spoke at the convention when they wouldn’t let Nina Turner speak (since she wouldn’t say she backed shillery). It could very well have been Ben Jealous in charge of the Maryland delegation. I’m sure someone out there in the webosphere could answer that with 100% certainty.


    1. I think so, too. The two mainstream parties are designed to prevent democracy in service to the oligarchs. Independents are the largest voting bloc now, so creating a new party for them (for us, that is) or growing a coalition of third parties united under a true people’s agenda seems more doable at this point.

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