QuickyPiece: Kings Don’t Like to be Taxed

Kings don’t like to be taxed. So, the newly formed kings (robber barons, billionaires) decided to declare all those with a leg up on the economic ladder to also be kings of sorts. Lesser kings, but still kings. Kings to hate taxes. Well-off winners of the market society’s lottery who hated the idea of paying for welfare given to the needy blamed as lazy. Those royally deluded dupes in the GOP, and later also the “Democratic” Party, promptly worked to lower and abolish taxes for the new kings, hoping to lower them for themselves as well, while getting secretly screwed with increased housing costs, insurance fees, road tolls, FICA taxes, college fees, and so forth.  

Back when, in my first job, I started paying taxes, I did so with pride, contributing to the country I loved. So, as a young working person, I had a very different attitude from those self-appointed kings who feel that they should float above the law and taxes, the country being their oyster to be gutted and exploited, not a human covenant and collection of natural treasures they owe anything to and should maintain in a healthy state.

Later, I started disliking taxes when our country, run by those new kings of greenback-colored wealth bloodlines (instead of blue-colored feudal bloodlines), were waging brutal war on countries that hadn’t attacked us. I began waking up to the realization that my government had been co-opted by a brutal oligarchy. But that’s another story.

This little piece is part of a chain of Independence Day related posts I published this week. I should mention, I also came across a similar piece from Caitlin Johnstone, called America Celebrates Lateral Move From Monarchy To Corporate Rule. You might want to read it. Here are some salient quotes:

Now having secured all three branches in a system of checks and balances theoretically designed to prevent totalitarian rule, the billionaire class has successfully secured totalitarian rule. … The oligarchs have been fighting to keep their power, and, in the money-equals-power system that they have built for themselves, this necessarily means keeping you from having money. … Progressives were able to mount an intimidating insurgency using tiny 27-dollar donations on 2016; imagine what they could do if ordinary working Americans were being paid their fair share of the U.S. economy?”

Comment: Hmm… the 2nd Amendment was intended to prevent another armed monarchy from rising by having its armed forces face a people’s counterweight. Perhaps we should expand the 2nd Amendment from muskets to money.


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Ending Note: To get the word out, please widely share links to these articles. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support). Only together can we change this messed-up world

2 thoughts on “QuickyPiece: Kings Don’t Like to be Taxed

  1. Did you seen Bernie Sander’s newest video on “It’s Patriotic to Pay Taxes”? It’s a compilation of sound bites from various millionaires who say “Tax me more!” Obviously, there’s not enough of this portion of the 1%.

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