Our Anti-Social Abusive Cult of Self (video & short commentary)

A modern paint on what I have described as the ancient pharaonic creed which is destroying our country is the cult of self. The cult of self is part of our consumer culture created by sales-mad capitalism, but it is also the sociopathic result of marrying individualism and its side-effect of disconnectedness to the old pharaonic creed which assigns value, benefits, power, and rights to people based on their perceived status:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The cult of self explored in new film Generation Wealth”)

A skewed perception like this leads to self-deception which leads to abuse and destruction, the victims and the victimizers both playing their predefined roles without questioning the system. Welcome to the modern United States of Aberration and Anguish.


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