QuickyPinion: Restoring the Rule of Law

Some people clamor for that. (unclear whether they are referring to actual law breaking like election theft, to human rights and constitution violations by institutions or lawmakers, or simply to Trumpmania)

Many people think that a rule of law is the answer to every problem.

One warning:

Law is not automatically good. The rule of law is only good when the law is fair and benign.  

And the law can only be expected to be fair and benign when it is created democratically with all whom it applies to having equal say and with minority protections built into the lawmaking system by drawing on principles written in a constitution based on human rights ideals and accepted by everybody but a few deranged or antisocial freaks.

We can hardly accomplish that with our current sham democracy, and the rigged economy that causes hardship for so many of us is also based on a web of rigged laws.

It occurs to me that we have a long way to go.  (possible to speed up substantially if we agree to totally revamp our rigged mindset, but only then!)


Ending Note: To get the word out, please widely share links to these posts. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support). And don’t forget to sign up for notifications! Together can we change this messed-up world.


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