Electoral & Economic Integrity – Not Just Votes & Jobs for All

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Jimmy Dore and the title: “Fighting Debbie Wasserman Schultz & Election Fraud w/Tim Canova”)

This brief piece joins two major topics together around a neat video shared above.


I. Not Just Jobs for All

…but income for all. Income should be at least partially divorced from employment in order to free Americans up. Free them up not just to achieve the founders’ goal of liberty for all, but – practically speaking – so they can take care of their kids, take care of their elderly and sick, try new professions, try self-employment or start small businesses, and nevertheless have stability in their lives: not losing their homes or healthcare because of lay-offs, and not having to pull out their roots and move to far away places to start a new job every few years. And what’s more, such increased stability is good for business and therefore our economy all around. With a guaranteed basic income securing their workers, small business won’t have to overextend themselves with higher salaries than they can afford, just like those choosing to work for them won’t have to fear not being able to make their ends meet. Add to this guaranteed healthcare for all, and we instantly have a much more stable and healthy economy and much better lives for everybody — everybody but the rich who already have all this. But why should only they have this in the richest country in human history?

This little post was inspired by Tim Canova’s interview with Jimmy Dore (the video shared above). If you haven’s watched it yet, you way want to do so now before reading on.

It leads to the second topic:


II. Not Just Votes for All

Democracy isn’t just people voting. As the ancient Greeks discovered and I recently reported, voting can actually prevent and abolish democracy. Democracy is about the people, instead of a dictator or oligarchy, being in charge of their country and living environments. Sooner or later some votes will have to be cast by either everybody or a randomly selected group of representatives. But votes must also be counted correctly. One of the ways by which American democracy has been turned into a farce, a total sham, is by tampered vote counts, an evil scheme that has been on a rapid rise this century making it urgently necessary that we, the people, come for our domestic election fraud with pitchforks (rather than babbling about comparatively insignificant Russian interference attempts). Kudos to Tim Canova and a bunch of American heroes in the field of election integrity for starting to do just that in Florida, the very place whose election fraud gave us G.W. Bush, an American “president” who was never elected into the Oval Office he occupied for two terms. Rigged vote counts (especially the abuse of easily rigged voting and tally machines) played a major role in his illicit installment that gave us the Bush-Cheney regime that shamelessly butchered and disregarded our constitutional Bill of Rights — which until now exists in name only, turning us into a banana republic of which the much talked about Donald Trump is only the most visible symptom and a distraction of the many terrible things that are happening behind the scenes.


Conducting politics like business as usual is in no way recommendable. We have been drifting towards the abyss for decades, and now we are standing at the edge being pushed over it by the dark elements at the top of our societal dungheap pyramid. Now is the time for us, the people, to rebel and shrug off the yoke of neoliberal corporatism latched upon us by the the secret alliance of the Republican and “Democratic” Party bosses. It’s time that we erect a People’s Party from within an all-inclusive people’s coalition integrating both old and new third parties and activist groups around a bottom-up people’s agenda. It’s time that we realize what our priorities really must be.


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