Law to Commit Injustice

Imagine getting a 30-year prison sentence for having suffered a miscarriage. That’s what we get when authoritarians (esp. right-wingers, particularly the “religious” right) with a totally warped sense of justice rig the law and government to invade people’s lives and privacy, and to rip away their sovereignty in order to force their warped moral code on them. Cases like these are not just about women’s rights but what government and our laws should stand for in an enlightened civilization:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Thom Hartmann and the title: “Kavanaugh Screams at the Left & Democrats to Prove He is Qualified Bipartisan and Impartial”)

Clearly getting another villain like that on the Supreme Court which already abounds with them is not desirable at all. Back when the usurper of the White House (G.W. Bush) put the new chief judge on the SCOTUS, I hoped that after an impeachment maybe we, the people, would take him back off again based on the fact he was installed by a president who was never elected. But, sadly, we are still stuck in the process of waking up to the utter corruption of our system and the realization that we must make systemic change to guarantee a good life for all, realizing the words of our founders: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

More thoughts:

In fact, after a fundamental political revolution, we should totally repopulated the Supreme Court because all seats were filled by a corrupted political system.

And to imagine, a 5 year prison sentence in the U.S. for voting? Isn’t it bad enough our rulers prevent millions of Americans from voting when other countries do all they can to include everybody? No, now we have Americans in prison for long years for having voted? Not double-voted or some such, but voted because they didn’t know they had been forbidden to vote (which is disgraceful to begin with)? And as for ex-convicts, better do remember that the majority of our convicts never had a trial and are locked up for “crimes” like carrying an ounce of an herb, and now voting(!), while true criminals such as those who rig the voting and destroy evidence of the rigging get away scot-free.


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