The Real Kavanaugh Lesson

The take-home lesson from Kavanaugh’s confirmation is nothing slight: We, the people of the United States, must resolve to force fundamental change of the system governing our lives. No more aiming low for some little tweak here, some tiny twiddling there, the symbolic victory of a black or female (but still corrupt) president, a my-tribal-major-party-loyalty-attached supreme court justice, or the “lesser evil” on the ballot.

When we finally make up our minds and guts, one of the items on our to-do list should be to repopulate with trustworthy people not only traditionally reseatable government organs like Congress and the White House – but also the Supreme Court (!), kicking out the cesspool that has been installed there over the last decades of supreme systemic corruption. When we start fresh, all the corruption that has so deeply seeped into every aspect of our political, gubernatorial, legal, and economic systems must be cleansed away.

We will need profound reform across the board. For election integrity and true democratic representation, for example, we will need publicly counted and opponent-verified paper ballots like other countries have and simple approval voting to eliminate gerrymandering, the “spoiler effect”, and the twin-party tyranny. We furthermore need better checks and balances than our founders implemented, in order to be much harder to overcome (for example better impeachment options for all levels of government plus the creation of a People’s Senate, comprised of regular Americans chosen at random, being there for a single term (no career politicians, in other words), and representing the public diversity and the concerns of real people (not the ‘elite’) and wielding the power to approve or veto bills passed by Congress, so if parliamentarians become corrupted, their heinous moves will be stopped by a true people’s representation). And we absolutely must greatly flatten our private wealth pyramid by taxing excessive wealth (taxing only the rich, that’s right!) not only for prosperity and financial security shared across the entire citizenry (with Medicare, education, homes, and Social Security for ALL), but also to thereby eliminate the owners-of-everything class which invariably will always corrupt everything.

The old measures which failed must be replaced with more powerful new measures to prevent known problems from repeating and to move forward into a great future rather than perpetually circling in the old mire of greed-based oligarchy with all its sad and dreadful aspects. Let’s resolve to end Hell on Earth and create Heaven on Earth. It’s mostly just a matter of making up our minds and have the guts for real change because we have all the means to do this. We just must wake up to the fact that we do and decide to make this move. It’s time to aim high.


Ending Note: To get the word out despite of Social Media blocking, please widely share links to these posts. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support if you can afford it). And don’t forget to sign up for notifications (you may never again hear of a post here on Social Media as the blocking ratchets up)! Together can we change this messed-up world.


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