The Putrescent Core of Capitalism


After 16 years of no such thing, I finally managed to go on a vacation intended to heal my deteriorated body and relax my strained mood. A cheap last-minute deal of a flight and low-cost room in a hostel had to do. On our trip, my accompanying family member and I got into a talk with another vacationer. He turned out to have been robbed on his vacation. We invited him to a warm meal which brightened his day having had to live on cheap loaves of bread for a week.  

This event is symbolic of my world view. People should support each other, not prey on each other. Capitalism makes people placed at the top leech and prey on those placed below, and it makes the downtrodden below fight over scraps. It also makes everybody distrust each other. Capitalism brings out the worst in people, thereby boosting and justifying itself and the corrupt forms of government that it erects like a wall around itself. Greed, selfishness, narcissism, callousness, injustice, gross inequality, incredible wealth and incredible poverty, predatory glee, and limitless despair are used to fuel the system; and they are established so firmly that lots of people end up believing that this rotten type of society is the normal human way of life which cannot be changed. What we get is a self-supporting system of corruption, the law of the jungle in an elbow society shaped like a stinking dungheap designed through and through for transfer of wealth and power to the top — a principle which prevents the much, much greater prosperity we could have (enough for EVERYONE to live a great life, except in cases of untreatable disease!) because so much energy and focus is put on the transfer and walling in of wealth and power that little focus and energy are left for creating prosperity.

Unfortunately, capitalism – which has been sold to a gullible public as prosperity-creating magic – has corruption at its core. It’s like a fruit with one delicious side enjoyed by its lucky winners and a rotten side suffered by the majority. But even the delicious side has the putrescent core underneath which eats at everyone from the inside.

People who lucked out see only the delicious side and believe it to represent capitalism. Hence they fall for the fantasy that capitalism has the capacity to create prosperity for the world when in reality it creates it only for them and by design denies it to the majority of people, creating at least as much poverty as wealth. They confuse the growth of prosperity brought about by science and technology and its accompanying industrial revolution with achievements of capitalism. But that is a myth spread by the stooges of capitalism who prop it up with propaganda. Capitalism is merely a system of business financing and ownership, one that places the control of the economy in the hands of a privileged few whose extracted wealth and power corrupts not just them but also the economy they rule and which they rig against everyone else. It goes on to corrupt the politicians, parties, and governments which the wealth pharaohs at the top buy out. This is the true nature of capitalism: greed-or-despair-based corruption spreading from its very core into every corner of society.

If you look around you at the world we live in today, the world which the corruption at the core of capitalism created, and which is headed further down the drain, don’t you think we need a better system?

Photo by Thammie Cascales on Unsplash


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4 thoughts on “The Putrescent Core of Capitalism

  1. Late stage capitalism = late stage cancer. Both are deadly and tough to treat, but we’ve got to cut out the cancerous system we live in if we are to survive. Our planet is giving us enough warning signs that this is true.

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