Making the American Revolution Finally Come True


When the world looks at the engraved words of our nation’s founders and early fighters they are deeply moved. No prior statements held such power as the bold proclamations that we are all created equal; with equal rights to life, liberty, and happiness; rights to be ensured by a government allowed to govern only by our consent; a government bound to serve rather than rule us, and obligated to provide for our “general welfare” (meaning a good life for all, not heaven for a few privileged and hell for everyone else by dint of being robbed by the privileged with the government standing idly by or even assisting the privileged).  

These words, and the genuine belief in them that American soldiers exhibited as they risked their lives and came to free many oppressed people in Europe and Asia during the Second World War, made us the most admired and beloved nation on Earth. But then the Military-Industrial Complex, about which the former WW II general and then U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us in his farewell speech, moved us into permanent war to keep its profits and privileges flowing. It was coupled with a domestic war (the Red Scare) against the fighters for the people.

This heist from the top added weight to the older inside job by the robber barons which had already liberated corporations from public oversight and turned American democracy into a farce — run like a dog-and-pony show by two establishment parties providing the oligarchy with a wrecking crew party and a controlled opposition party to make sure the oligarchy wins every single election no matter which of their owned and controlled major parties the votes go to.

Eventually, the by now global oligarchy, floating on unimaginable wealth now largely made from offshored jobs in places like China and from the continuing for-profit wars by the U.S., moved in for the kill, giving citizen rights to corporations (without citizen duties and responsibilities) — such as “free speech” in the form of legalized bribes of public officials and the running of political TV ads (or Facebook and Twitter bots and censorship…).

They further repealed the New Deal which had given a break to a generation or two of us, bailed out the banksters who crashed our economy and are about to do it again, and consolidated our media in the hands of a mere five corporations through which they control our airwaves and the “free” press to shower us with psyops-style propaganda and misinformation while blocking truth and our awareness of people’s candidates and people’s movements from us.

They cast us ever deeper into debt-, wage-, and prison-slavery while making an ever greater mockery out of American democracy, which is so heavily rigged by now that merely voting for one or the other of the two major parties is no longer a path for any meaningful solutions to our mounting daily problems. Rather, this has become a political trap keeping us stuck in our misery and our rapid swirling down the drain.

Therefore it must now be clear to all of us that we must resume the revolution started by our nation’s founders, kick both corrupt establishment parties to the curb, and finally make the awesome vision of our founders and our own great ideas for fixing a rigged and rapidly changing world come true. This is how our nation and world will change not into a hell even worse than it already is (possibly even a grave for humanity) but into the Heaven on Earth we nowadays have the technical means to bring into existence.

Attempts to reform the two corrupt mainstream parties from within have failed, proving the near-impossibility of this approach. The GOP was moved further into the serving-the-rich-and-betraying-everybody-else corner at the local chapters level by a co-opted and astroturphed Tea-Party “movement” financed by the evil Koch brothers, two of the richest billionaires in our country; and the “Democratic” Party is putting all its energy into maintaining its own place at the teats of the robber billionaires with their own astroturphed Resist-Trump “movement” while quietly stopping people’s candidates in every primary race that counts, leaving only a few to succeed as token victories in precincts where their win of the primaries doesn’t matter.

Thus the flooding of the “Democratic” Party with people pushing for people’s rights and people’s power, as I myself still promoted back in 2016, has turned out a complete failure — a popular wave breaking on the many rocks, cliffs, dykes, and floodbanks prepped long ago by the party establishment against such a move by the American People. Their oligarchs are safe behind these party defenses, smoking their cigars, staffing the seats of Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, and other parts of the government, federal, state, and local, and gleefully receiving their bribes from the robber billionaires or their criminal corporations, think tanks, and over 42,000 lobbyists.

It is clear that our political system is so deeply rigged that we must resume our founders’ revolution. Having become more sophisticated, and also still having many of the mechanisms of democracy in place, we can do it politically rather than with cannons and muskets. It’s simple: Form a People’s Party and flood it instead of a top-controlled establishment party — to fill it to the brim, make it bigger than any other party, and squash the corrupt establishment parties with sheer numbers. Simultaneously expose and prosecute election fraud. And spread ideas for real, profound, fundamental change for a great America to be admired again and copied by the rest of the world and lift humanity into a new and bright era never seen before.

Need to know where to start? It’s already been started. Watch below and join:

(Note: I shared this clip in yesterday’s Video Weekend, but in case you missed it, here it is again, as it fits well into this article)

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Nick Brana and the title: “MPP About Us Complete Film Finale – Something’s Happening Here“)



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Photo by Simon Fairhurst on Unsplash

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