There is No People’s Takeover of the “Democratic” Party

(which is why we need to take another route)

The party has proven itself immune against takeover from within. Since in 2016 the neoliberal (A.K.A. corporatist, oligarchy-serving, corrupt, getting-rich-through-bribes) party bosses cheated both Sanders and thereby the American People in the primaries, the attempt at a takeover tidal wave from the bottom has transformed into a mere fake “blue wave” used by the establishment to bring disappointed people back into the folds of the corrupt “Democratic Party” and furthermore pacify upset voters with false hopes until, in the end, when it becomes clear how this attempt failed, they will turn away from politics in disgust, giving up their only chance to save their lives, their country, and their world. This is a tried and true tactic which has for many decades proven itself undefeatable. In fact, despite all the energy and passion poured into the takeover attempt, there has only been a single real defeat of a corporatist party baron. Only ONE! (and sadly this single winner has already bent her knee to the party establishment finding herself on such a forlorn post, just like Bernie Sanders has had to make – or believed that he had to make – horrible concessions on HIS forlorn post).  

Some stats: The “wave” amounts to only 40% of real or quasi-real people’s candidates winning the primaries. That’s hardly a tidal wave. 40% of points on a school test would get you an F. It’s hardly a takeover, totally insufficient for real policy changes. Furthermore, nearly all of these “victories” are totally irrelevant, about to make no change whatsoever in the upcoming midterm elections this November.

Watch this clip to learn the details of how drastically the takeover has failed:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Democratic Party 2018 Midterms Detailed Analysis of the “Blue Wave””)

The conclusion is clear: Of the three strategies for bringing the people into power, the first one (flooding the existing parties to kick out the corrupticians) – despite the admirable efforts of groups like Brave New Congress, Our Revolution, and Justice Democrats plus individuals like Bernie Sanders and many less known folks – has failed. In the upcoming mid-term elections, when the seats of Congress will be held by the corrupticians, this should become crystal clear to those who haven’t noticed this yet.

The attempt was noble, though, and not without benefits as it has added to the pressure on the establishment from the bottom and advanced the public discourse to some degree. Still it is now clear that trying to do good inside a hostile party will not work. Rather than despair and give up, we – the cheated and abused American People – should learn from this and improve our approach. The failure of establishment party takeover leaves us with the other two strategies: direct action (like anti-corruption law ballot initiatives to get money out of politics, legal fights for election integrity, pushing for electoral reform and see-changing deals like Medicare for All, etc.) and a people’s party (or a people’s coalition building public awareness and joining new and old third parties into a mighty force like has proven a successful tactic in other countries).


If you are interested in an American People’s party and missed yesterday’s article, visit it (and its linked video): Making the American Revolution Finally Come True



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6 thoughts on “There is No People’s Takeover of the “Democratic” Party

  1. Someone on social media commented: “Sadly the R. party has not only not been immune, they have been successfully taken over in many states by the KKK.”


    Takeover by the KKK and Koch-Brothers-co-opted-mind-warped-and-astroturphed Tea-Partiers isn’t a takeover by the people. It’s the worst among the oligarchy switching out ordinary corporate stooges with even more useful (to them) harsher ones. Likewise, shepherding in the religious right is no people’s takeover either. Against that the GOP has been quite immune, too. Really sad considering that it started out as an antislavery party. It demonstrates that our idiotic winner-take-all electoral system lends itself to easy party takeover from the sociopathic top. Hence we need to form a truly democratic (from the bottom!) party and simultaneously push for electoral reform (such as a simple approval-voting system that eliminates the lesser-evil-picking). We have all the necessary solutions. We only need to organize.

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  2. Someone on social media asked (dang, why don’t they do that here???): “So what do you suggest?”


    Never vote R or D again (except in rare exceptional cases of believable non-corporatists running on those tickets) to drive home the point that we are done with the two corrupt establishment parties. Except for those rare exceptions always, from now on, vote for non-R&D candidates (independents and other parties). As our numbers grow doing so, a people’s party actually representing US rather than the oligarchy will emerge since we are finally giving it a chance. Democracy works by voting for what (or who) one wants, not for what one doesn’t want (the infamous “lesser evil”).

    I think that’s a simple tactic which is bound to work. (naturally there are other fights to be fought like for election integrity, electoral reform, and the organizing of a strong new people’s party (already happening)… but for those who have no time in their struggling treadmill lives to be active in those, the simple No-R&D tactic is easy and promising, isn’t it?) Meanwhile continuing to vote R or D will only continue propping up the evil establishment and corrupt system.


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