UBI to End our Economic Blood Sport

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for BEME News and the title: “Universal basic income: money for nothing”)

Above, Lou Foglia from BEME News gives an overview of the many stances and arguments on a universal basic income (not all of them but a lot), and he ultimately concludes (as do I) that the main reason to have it is to rescue us all from the blood sport that our current economy and job market is, one we never signed up for before we were born into it.

The main idea, which none of us should dismiss, is that in the prosperous world of today, we shouldn’t live the most stressful lives in history which have been shown to ruin our quality of life, make us chronically sick, and dramatically shorten our lives. Why not introduce the survival money when you pass GO into our current lives’ version of the board game Monopoly? Even that capitalist-free-market-competition board game has a universal basic income built in so that players don’t lose instantly. It keeps the game going. That’s also why even some of our billionaire class oligarchs have begun toying with this idea.

Of course, the point I like to make (which hardly anyone participating in this discussion ever makes) is that the funding aspect of important societal improvements like Social Security for All (a.k.a. the UBI) and Medicare for All should be handled in such a way as to eliminate the oligarchic money aristocracy and their astronomic wealth with which bullies at the top otherwise always rig the system against everybody else through Big Money in politics.

Ultimately, to end our total lack of democracy (remember that we typically only get to vote for the puppets of the oligarchy) and the inexcusable cruelty of our economy, we need a number of both active and passive measures of which the UBI is only one (but one with immediate benefits). In my experience, once one sets the ultimate goal of a good life for all, many of these measures become quite clear.

You have a nice clip to watch today. Enjoy. 😉


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