UBI – Where Will The Money Come From?

From the rich, of course, where it currently is going. Such an excessive portion of the money in our economy is currently flowing to the rich that they will be less and less able to extract money from us as we slide so deeply into poverty that we can’t afford their sales of goods and services any more, nor their fines, rents, and interest payments. That situation will then collapse the economy on which these green-blooded money aristocrats ride all their lives. That’s why some of them have woken up to the realization that, in order to protect their privileges, their class of the ultra rich must be forced by governments to let some of this siphoned money flow back to the broad population on whose back they stand and dance. Otherwise, they will sink as well when the floor on which they stand (namely us, we are that floor) sinks into the abyss.  

This is why some people criticize the idea of the universal basic income (UBI) as a trick by the privileged ultra-rich by which they will stabilize the status quo from which they profit so greatly. And it is true that, if things are done their way, we will merely be appeased and herded into a modern version of a ghetto, a financial ghetto.

On the other hand, this shows us that (A) the money is definitely there to pay for a UBI (or those capitalism-defending billionaires wouldn’t argue for it); that (B) it will stabilize society (basically a good thing); and that (C) we – the people – must get active to shape the way this will be done, not let the money aristocracy set it up their way, which is throwing us some bones while they continue to dominate the world and continue living their fantasy of being superior beings.

Rather, we must arrange the way the UBI is implemented ourselves and make sure the process taxes away the excessive wealth of the ruling class so the Big Money in politics disappears and we finally get to live in a true democracy with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all — and with a shift of our focus away from struggling against each other, focusing instead on building a better world together and rescuing us all from the growing climate crisis and other environmental destructions that are coming back to haunt us.

Announcement: This weekend’s video compilation will sport a healthy bunch of clips on the UBI topic.


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