Why RPGs are Framed as Satanism


You may have heard of fantasy game players, such as Dungeons & Dragons role-players or computer RPG-players, being declared Satanists. When players play good-spirited adventurers fighting monsters and demons (which most of them do — playing evil characters tends to be a rare humorous exception), there is no direct logic in declaring these players Satanists. Instead, the logic stands behind the curtain.  

It works like this: Members of right-wing fake-Christian cults are conceptually controlled by their preachers who spread this tale that fantasy gamers are Satanists, acting – as always – in their own self interest. By the way, I call these cults fake-Christian because – according to countless instances in the Bile – Jesus was a left-winger arguing for the poor and against inequality and the evil rich, something these cultists always skip over.

Anyway, back to analyzing the logic behind the absurd claim: The self-serving preachers, televangelists or even locally working ones, do themselves play a fantasy game of angels and demons, leaders, followers, infidels, sinners, their personal version of Gawd, and Satan (allegedly ruling our world with the permission of our benevolent Gawd… another odd logic). Only, they play it not for fun but status and profit. They play it with their followers whose minds they seek to control as firmly as possible. And they naturally don’t want there to be any competition.

These preachers want as many people as possible spending their entire spare time lighting candles, praying, endlessly repeating the mandates and claims of their preachers, reeling in more victims into the cult (a real world quest as opposed to virtual reality game quests). They want them to regularly donate their hard-earned money to them and vote for evil right-wing politicians with whom these preachers are in cahoots. They definitely don’t want people to have fun playing fantasy games instead that make no money for these preachers, don’t make players accept these preachers as their leaders, don’t direct new recruits into their folds, and provide competition to their own fantasy game.

That’s the logic behind declaring fantasy role-playing games Satanism. So, if some lunatic who committed a violent crime happened to ever play an RPG, they instantly jump on the opportunity to declare that game the cause of the crime. So, according to them, RPGs are Satanism: “Stop playing them and instead listen to my angel-and-demon-gawd-and-satan-phantasies instead! Give me your fealty, your money, and your votes! Then you are doing the right thing (the right-wing thing… muahahahhh).” Cha-ching!

The above featured nifty photo is by Elijah Chan on Unsplash, by the way.


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2 thoughts on “Why RPGs are Framed as Satanism

    1. Actually, it continues to be. Congratulations to you that you are apparently not surrounded by family members lost in the “Christian” right. If you were and ever played a computer game in their presence you would know that this issue is alive and well.

      BTW, a request: please don’t use obscene words. They tend to block conversations.

      🙂 Peace.


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