European Thoughts Fitting our Fourth of July


Independence Day is a special holiday held high and celebrated in different corners of society. For some it is just a brief relief from a never-ending money-earning drudgery. For others it is the holiday of their nationalist notions easily linked to fascist white supremacist ideas stuck into their heads from the top by the rich ruling class and their demagogic minions in politics and the mass media to divert (with xenophobia and hate speeches) their justified anger away from the true culprits and causes of their mutilated lives, thus turning them into a duped army of violent right-wingers and idiot voters. For others, like myself, it is an annual reminder of the great ideals of some of our heroic founding fathers whose liberating ideas spread around the world causing awe and love and hope, and even change — change from monarchies and dictatorships to democracies or even attempts at socialist economies (a natural consequence of the life, liberty, and happiness for all concept).  

So, it may be fitting to hear an echo back from one of the parts of the world where these ideas caught on (and had been previously incubated). Not only did the French Revolution shortly follow the first American Revolution with our ancestral thought leader Thomas Paine actually involved in both revolutions (and John Adams commenting that “Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.”), but in the twentieth century Europeans created the European Union to try and unite, much like our American colonies had done centuries before.

Yet, behind the scenes of these revolutions and progressive movements here and in the “old world”, evil oligarchs have deviously spoiled these endeavors, causing bribed fake democracies and huge and growing economic inequality in both places, something millions of “woke” Americans today are finally beginning to realize, waking from the Golden Age slumber that was brought to pass by FDR’s placating New Deal and World War II’s ecstatic victory over cruel dictatorships.

I frankly felt good when I recently heard the below echo from Europe in the first video I share here today while celebrating our original American Revolution and wishing for a successive and more successful political revolution to make the high ideals of our visionary founders finally come true, rather than continue to be merely used as a varnish for a rigged system. A varnish making many of us still run in the moneycrats’ treadmills with blinders on, thinking that we are free when we are ruled by a cruel oligarchy that denies us liberty, worthwhile lives, and even basic healthcare, let alone high moral standards. Why shall we continue to serve an oligarchy that profits from pitting us against each other to argue over non-issues and fight over scraps while we toil for them all our lives to make them richer and richer and ever more power-wielding? Where is our American spirit of standing up and speaking out? Here, then, in this video, are our European cousins speaking out:

I. Common People Speaking for a Worthwhile World:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for DiEM25.official and the title: “What is your message for Europe? | DiEM25”)

For a long time, we Americans have seen ourselves as the shining city on the hill, not looking much beyond our borders, instead pleasing ourselves eyeballing purely domestic news, 4th of July fireworks, money-making spectator sports, and Hollywood plays — our mass media newscasts hardly paying any attention to anything happening abroad, except when the corporate puppet media go full bore to manipulate us into wars for oil and democracy-killing xenophobic fascism.

Well, if we once were the shining city on the hill or are hoping to become it in the future (by finally standing up against the wealthy oligarchy), we may have reason to glance outside our borders — at Medicare for All countries, for example, like our northern neighbor, or at places where some degree of political awakening may also be brewing. (I’d like to mention France’s encouraging Yellow Vests in this regard, but where are they going? What is their deliverable vision? Who is their modern Thomas Paine? Are they actually moving forward now, or are they stuck rallying while lacking leading ideas? I’d sure love for them to surprise us positively again.)

Anyway, if the above video was more painful than gladdening for you because of its moving presentation of good wishes accompanied by a lack of strategies and stepping stones, here is a very interesting interview with the founder of DiEM 25, the organization that created the above video. He is the socialist-leaning economist and former Greek financial minister, Yanis Varoufakis, a man full of stirring ideas, some of which we might discuss on this holiday with one anotherideas like a Citizens Dividend rather than hand-out-UBI (3:56), the traditional major left-wing mistake we need to fix (6:35), what the left wing could learn from the right wing (7:59), the FDR-styled social-democracies’ sell-out to the banksters (21:52 – by the D-Party in the U.S., the “SPD” in Germany, others elsewhere), and so on:

II. Varoufakis Q&A:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for Tilo Jung and the title: “Your questions for Yanis Varoufakis – Jung & Naiv: Episode 381”)

It’s always good to journey beyond the horizon to then return with fresh ideas. 😉 One of them is to surmount the corrupt establishment “main stream” parties (really money stream, if you ask me) with a true people’s party that brings us together rather than dividing us eternally across an R&D fence, a force with which to establish Medicare for All, Social Security for All, and an end to the rule of money. Just some thoughts. And, on a holiday like today, we can liberate ourselves from the trap of the twin-party tyranny and the demagogic mass media and growing social media censorship, and talk with one another about real solutions to our real problems later to enact together as once-again and justifiably proud Americans.

To finish, you may enjoy this 4th of July video below from a fellow American living in Vietnam which, by the way, also celebrates an Independence Day: from the U.S.! Hawhaw!

III. Happy Fourth of July from Vietnam:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for NonCompete and the title: “Happy 4th of July”)

Happy Fourth of July!



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2 thoughts on “European Thoughts Fitting our Fourth of July

  1. Thanks. I know that much evil was done in the creation of our nation and the following 2+ centuries, especially upon Native and African Americans (but also Asian Americans and various groups of European Americans such as Irish and German ones, probably any non-English group, in fact).

    And, yet, the famous words of some of or founding fathers, and the less well-known struggles of some of them to overcome the inequality and injustice inherited from European feudal systems (nowadays reflected in unfettered private capitalism, corporate and financial predatory capitalism being the worst forms and logical outcomes whenever private capitalism is allowed to run free for any significant period of time), always give me a warm feeling and hope that we – the people – may eventually realize these amazing principles put forth in an essentially still medieval period of aristocratic oppression and enthrallment.

    That’s how I manage to maintain a positive attitude towards our independence holiday, unlike some folks I met on Effbook yesterday, when in younger years I dismissed it mostly as an independence war run by the colonial oligarchy to remove their British masters.

    I realize nowadays that all fights for change include many different elements from all parts of society with different goals and attempts, including also opponents and devious derailers who may even win. Dealing with them is part of the struggle fr a good world to live in.


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