Treating People Like Dogs

You probably heard last week of these news. When I myself heard of the case where asylum applicants (refugees) at our southern border are being told to drink water out of the toilet, I couldn’t help but think that human beings put in detention with your and my tax dollars are being treated like dogs. Not like beloved family dogs. Like detested street dogs.

And why are they treated that way? I think I know why. It’s because many of us working people in the U.S. are also being treated like dogs. Low wages, no job security, no benefits, no healthcare, no life worth living, no future, no dignity, and no liberty other than to go income-less or switch between employers all of whom treat us like dogs. And when we get angry, one of our evil masters comes around and tells us it’s not him and his buddies who are responsible for how they treat us. No, its a group of brown dogs who have an even lower status than us. They are responsible for everything that’s wrong; so let’s go and attack them.  

Note: If you are one of those fellow Americans who believe that immigrants are the cause for all your trouble, give some thought to the question of who brings and keeps them here. The answer: employers who break the law that proscribes employing people who have no working permit. And who let’s these employers do this? Presidents who stop this law from being enforced, that’s who! We have had this law since the 19th century and it worked well. But Ronald Reagan put a stop to its enforcement — its enforcement on employers, that is. And all subsequent presidents have maintained that practice, punishing and demonizing our desperate brown fellow “dogs” instead of these employers who are their puppet masters. All presidents up to and including Donald Trump! Ask yourself: Would people who are desperate to make a living come and stay here if they could get no work here? Would you give up your roots to move to a far away place for work when you couldn’t get any work there? Think, and discover who is really responsible for our low pay and missing jobs, and for us being treated like dogs. And ask yourself this: Don’t we reinforce the terrible way we are treated when we think at the level of dogs, letting ourselves be thrown into a dog-fight pit?

These employers, enabled by presidents who sic ISIS on our brown fellows instead of these law-breaking employers, will continue to lower wages, eliminate benefits and jobs themselves, regardless of whether they get to do this by employing undocumented immigrants, by sending our jobs overseas, or by replacing us with machines, robots, and software. The ultimate tool will always be automation, and it is well underway. And our brown fellow dogs have absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s the employers who maximize their profits by cutting our incomes. It’s the capitalist system which puts these employers in the role of doing this and our presidents and legislators (bribed from the top) into the role of making it all legal or simply skipping over existing laws.

So, if you have fallen for the xenophobic variety of status-quo defending demagogues, do some rethinking of your over-hastily adopted, false-flag waving, wrongfully scapegoating thoughts.

Now, I write these bits to help people achieve a change in consciousness. So, rather than adding to this article a video about America’s concentration camps, which you have probably already seen, I choose to add to it the look of a fellow white dog (who looks a little brownish, though, doesn’t he?) who has gone through much suffering himself and a breakthrough in consciousness such as so many of us need. Russell Brand – who you may have seen before in a Hollywood movie – is a Brit, not a refugee from U.S.-ravaged Honduras. And he doesn’t talk about refugees, but his own painful life’s journey of discovery — something that might speak to a bewildered white dog immersed in our current opioid crisis:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Mental Breakdown VS Mental Breakthrough | Russell Brand”)

A cool quote from Russell Brand answering the question of what a revolution would look like: “A socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth, [with] heavy taxation of corporations…I think the very concept of profit should be hugely reduced…I say profit is a filthy word, because wherever there is a profit there is also a deficit.”

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2 thoughts on “Treating People Like Dogs

  1. Thanks for the shout out for The Revolution Continues! I believe some Americans would think treating our neighbors from south of the border like dogs is too good for them… and this is why we’re seeing more and more death and abuse of children and women. It’s time to shut down the #TrumpCamps !!


  2. Yep. The bad thing is that every cruel ruling class has an army of corrupted, selfishly evil, or simply dumb and duped supporters. Thus the duty for good-minded and woke rational people is to band together, decry the crimes, wake up more fellow people, and build a momentum for change.


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