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Mike Figueredo’s Humanist Report is one of my regular video sources, but being still stuck in continued education courses for resurrecting a former career, I ran out of time putting together yesterday’s Video Weekend compilation. (Another reason was a lot of wasted time searching for reports explaining the British piracy committed on an Iranian super tanker, especially one revealing the truth on the alleged sanction violations (apparently the sanctions used as a justification don’t actually exist).)

Well, Mike put out a whole bunch of videos worth sharing last week (and some the week before). So, here, today comes a catch-up:


1. Switching from Private Insurance to Medicare for All is a Huge Win

You will keep your doctor (if you are currently lucky enough to have coverage of any kind). It’s PRIVATE insurances that take them away from you. Medicare lets you keeo them even if you lose or switch your job or start your own business. (and as an employer you won’t have to wrestle with private insurances to offer employees an acceptable healthcare plan, btw!):

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Humanist Report and the title: “Bernie Sanders Gloats After Poll Disproves KEY Health Industry Talking Point”)  


2. Hahaha: Bernie Sanders’s ‘Anti-Endorsements’ Page

A page listing the horrible rich monsters who oppose him. And, yes, I agree with Mike Figueredo that Bernie (despite some issues like endorsing HRC and the Russiagate BS, and holding back on exposing the 2016 primaries rigging and foreign policy issues or the oligarchy’s war on freedom of speech) is a window of opportunity. Sure, in the oval office he would be pitted against the still-oligarchy-serving Congress, but having an ally in the White House would strengthen the people’s political revolution we need to pull off to save our current lives and descendants:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Humanist Report and the title: “Bernie Sanders Unveils “Anti-Endorsements” He’s Received From CEOs & Billionaires”)


3. Nancy Pelosi supports the Abuse of Asylum Seekers and Migrants

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Humanist Report and the title: “Nancy Pelosi Hands Mitch McConnell a Huge Legislative Victory For NO Reason”)


4. The Ruthlessness of Capitalism:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Humanist Report and the title: ‘Fox News Guest Spins Poll About Retirement Insecurity: It’s a “Blessing!”’)

Note: Dear friend Mike, I like this video like so many of your videos. Here is just a little note for you about generations. It isn’t only millennials and “Gen-Z-ers” who suspect they will never be able to retire. This crumbling of the New Deal society goes back far more. All the way back to late baby boomers there are many folks nowadays who see no chance of retirement coming. We are just not very visible in the public. Ignored, shafted, and often times hiding in shame and fear. Job security, good pay, and retirement benefits ended for many older folks long ago. The precariat has been around and growing for decades, even when you were still a kid or not even born. And here is something else younger people often don’t realize. As we get old, many of us become crippled long before the day we “drop”. So, we won’t have the means to retire but also no longer the means to work for our starvation wages. Just thought I might pass this on to your younger generation while I can still hit keys on a keyboard…


5. Progressives Joining Together

I have been worrying about the umpteen candidates diluting votes so that the superdelegates will get to pick the establishment’s presidential nominee again, but I have also been hoping that some of the +- people-representing candidates will join forces in this race. And here is finally a case:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Humanist Report and the title: “Marianne Williamson Harnesses LOVE to Help Mike Gravel Qualify for the July Debate”)

My secret hope, to be frank, has been all along that Tulsi and Bernie will join and run as presidential and vice presidential candidates, if necessary BEFORE the primaries are decided. Something even far more bright that I have been promoting since 2016 is that we, the people, should start having political campaigns where not a single candidate runs for the presidential office, for example, but a whole task force of our representatives runs as a whole cabinet to be elected by us. I still have to see this come to be. It’s too bad that I have such a small reach, so that my ideas and great ideas of others I also present on this site take forever to sprout in the wider public. Hence always my plea to subscribe and to share widely and frequently.


6. The People Joining Together

I forget what it was I didn’t agree with coming from this candidate (I think there was something, him not going fr enough, but I don’t recall it)… but in particular his promotion of reaching out to all who have been shafted and are worried about various hurtful aspects of our rulership’s growing corruption and greed for wealth and power and absolute control is correct. I myself have been pleading along those lines for years. It’s important to shift our conversations from differently understood isms to real factual problems and proper solutions:

(Note: If the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for The Humanist Report and the title: “Nancy Pelosi’s Dem Socialist Challenger Shahid Buttar: “We’re Gonna Win” | Full Interview”)


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2 thoughts on “The Humanist Report

  1. Hi Dirk – Kim Iversen did a really good video regarding the Iranian oil tanker that the British seized:

    Thanks for all the work you do.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much, Kevin, for your helpful comment. I hope for more to be coming. 🙂

    Kim Iversen is indeed one of the sources I checked when I was searching for good reports on the British piracy committed on an Iranian super tanker, and her report was indeed the best I found (at least in English), but I decided against adding it to the Video Weekend compilation because I found it still had too many gaps and contradictions.

    It covers a lot of issues, but some of them not deeply enough. I was positively impressed with Kim’s explanation of why on Earth Iran would send a tanker all the way around Africa rather than through the Suez Canal, but Kim’s report fell short on one of the major issues I hoped to share a report on: namely the sanctions that keep getting mentioned as a justification for the act of piracy.

    There are two important points concerning the sanctions: (A) that sanctions are in themselves acts of war and hardly a justification (just like the slavery-allowing laws of the South back in the past; law yes; justice no); and (B) that the alleged sanctions don’t seem to actually exist. Other (non-video or non-English) sources claim that Europe has no sanctions against Iran, that the pre-Trump U.S. sanctions were voided long ago, and that the European Sanction on Syria merely disallows Europe from buying oil from Syria. Since lots of people accept sanctions as justifications for acts of violence and war, I feel this issue really needs to be addressed.

    The other reason that made me choose not to share this video is that Kim spends a lot of time in it arguing that Iran needs to build nuclear power plants. This conflicts dramatically with what we know or believe to know about Iran’s natural resources and trade economy. Why would a desperate need for nuclear power be the case for one of the world’s major oil countries? Iran has enough petroleum to sell it as a major export article. So, Iran should not be in any desperate need for other energy sources, other than maybe not wishing to contribute to the Climate Calamity. Furthermore, nuclear power is tremendously expensive and dangerous and burdened with endlessly lasting nuclear waste. That Kim left that shiny elephant standing in the room, made me rate this video as below her usual quality standard, and sharing below-standard reports helps neither the audience (too much) nor the reporter. (one of her best relatively recent videos IMHO, btw, was on Julian Assange’s arrest and persecution, the best one on this issue a week before others, like Chris Hedges, finally came out with equally excellent videos on this issue as well)

    Still, Kim’s video shared here now thanks to you, Kevin, does indeed carry interesting information (I was highly tempted to share it on Sunday); and may be worthwhile for some visitors reading these comments to watch especially with this added commentary having been read (I think I have to limit my amount of commentary in my Video Weekend posts, but it’s OK to add more down below in the comments section where interested readers might look for more or even contribute themselves, the latter typically giving me joy). 😉

    Thanks again for your comment, Kevin. I hope for more (including helpful links that you may know about). 🙂 I really wish we had more discussions here and on similar distributed sites rather than on a few corporate-controlled social media platforms that so many of us seem to be irreparably glued to and where increasing censorship and a lot of trolling and bot-posting harms the public discussion. 😉


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