The Hurtful Use of Wrong Words in Journalism and Public Talk

Words are meant to help humans understand each other and their world. Wrong words can lead to the opposite. Using think-tank-made vocabulary designed to warp reality therefore plays into the hands of the establishment. For example, calling neoliberals a.k.a. corporatists a.k.a. fake-left-rightwingers “centrists” gives them a fake endorsement by being presented as a people’s majority and allegedly being more reasonable than anyone else by being supposedly distant form extremists.

Yet, nothing could be further from the truth when we are talking about a greedy, self-serving minority in cahoots with the robber billionaires who steal the world’s entire wealth from the rest of us and push us into submission. It’s a group of fraudsters hardly different from the neocons that warped the “R” party some time before the neoliberals then warped the “D” party. This party takeover has created the “good cop/bad cop” routine with which American voters have been befuddled in every election ever since. None of these crooks should be painted as “centrists” or allowed by us to present themselves that way.

The same problem can come from one’s own vocabulary mistakes, like when one compares Trump to Obama and describes Obama as nice and Trump as not nice

When Obama didn’t fight for the universal healthcare he had promised in his campaign, when he didn’t investigate the Bush-Cheney regime’s war crimes and 9/11 inside job but rather extended their two foreign wars to seven, when he didn’t repeal their override over the Bill of Rights but expanded it and started his own raging war on whistleblowers, when he never closed Gitmo having promised to do so on day one of his presidency, and when he bailed out the Wall Street banksters instead of their victims, he wasn’t being nice at all. He just continued and expanded the same horrible things his predecessors had done with a charming smile on his face instead of a Bush-Cheney-Trump-style contemptuous smirk — much like the also charmingly smiling but equally treacherous Bill Clinton had done before him. The correct word to use therefore is not “nice” but “charming”.

Here is an example of such wrong wording eroding a well-intentioned report:

Some Dem Candidates Are More Dangerous Than Trump
Kim Iversen

Don’t get me wrong. I find a lot of Kim Iversen’s work really good and worth sharing. But like so many others, not just the dummies out there but also the majority of the leading edge who are worth watching and sharing, she regularly makes these self-defeating vocabulary mistakes. Not just she. Many do! Even Jimmy Dore, one of my very top choices for years by now, makes them time and again, for example referring to the oligarchic makers of evil decisions such as regime change wars as “we” (we the U.S., we the Americans…) when we, the American people, don’t get to make these decisions at all in our fake democracy that we must still fight to turn into a real democracy. We must wake up, learn, and unite to fight the monsters at the top and the horrid system that puts them there. (Tip: never vote R or D again unless the candidate is a useful rebel applying pressure on the corrupt party from within. Alternative: a people’s party or growing coalition of third parties)

Side-Note: Other things not addressed by Kim in the report shared above that should not be overlooked were Trump’s abominable tax heist; war on healthcare; notching up of Obama’s already record-high mistreatment of undocumented immigrants (plus abandoning DACA) as well as Obama’s worldwide bombing of civilians and persecution of whistleblowers; and last but not least: the going after a foreign journalist or publisher in a foreign country (demanding the extradition of the Australian citizen and journalist/publisher Julian Assange from the UK under drummed up ridiculous charges of computer hacking and the American espionage act, an underhanded tactic that in the future could be aimed at any journalist in the world to silence them and end free speech on which democracy stands).


Other examples of bad word choices in common use:

  • Climate change is better called climate calamity or climate catastrophe most of the time to expose its seriousness.
  • Neoliberalism isn’t too bad, but often better called corporatism, explaining better what it is all about.
  • They” and “them” being used overly much when talking about bad players in our system – without clearly defining them – opens up the option for brainwashers to redefine who “they” are. This lets these brainwashers in politics and the mass media flip the exposure upside down, messing up the conversation. And then they can even redirect the fury of awakening but still largely ignorant people from the true culprits at the top of our inequality society (who had been referred to as “them”) to innocent scapegoats at the bottom also called “them”. (examples: Jews, Blacks, or Immigrants)
  • Countries: The perception of reality is quickly warped by referring to bad foreign governments as the countries they rule or the countries’ people they hold under their yoke. It wasn’t Germany or the Germans who committed the holocaust. It was the Nazis (who killed many dissident fellow Germans in the death camps, too). It isn’t Israel that commits Nazi-style crimes upon the modern Jew’s cousins (the Palestinians who themselves are descendants of the ancient Hebrews). Rather it is Israel’s fascist government run by the Zionist billionaire class. It isn’t China or the Chinese People that did so much to ruin our economy, but the collusion between the Chinese government (forced by the sanctioning U.S. government), Chinese plutocrats, and American plutocrats who arranged for the offshoring of millions of good jobs to China (and the Walmart family forcing a lot of this). I could keep going on forever… We, the people, in every country, must identify our real enemies here and there and unite among each other to cancel their power over us rather than keep swallowing their false narratives.
  • A famous think tank word: death tax”, a re-branding of the estate tax (better called inheritance tax) that is intended to create a more level playing field by somewhat reducing the enormous wealth the oligarchs at the top typically inherit, getting them virtually born onto a throne from which they rule us. Re-branding it as a “death tax” generates a subconscious upset along the line of: “Oh no, now the government will even tax me when I am dead!” Total BS. Death comes for all. The estate tax only comes for the ultra rich. Such blatant mind manipulation should not be tolerated quietly but called out at every opportunity.
  • Migrants who cross a border without visas – or who arrived with visas but stayed around after their visas expired because giving up one’s new home, household, livelihood, and friends or family connections isn’t an easy thing to do – are often referred to as “illegal aliens”. The term “illegal”, justified on the basis of a misdemeanor breaking a questionable law, quickly leads to them being painted as “criminals” which then plays with people’s minds to ‘justify’ terrible acts like imprisonment and tearing families apart. And the term “alien” dehumanizes by evoking the image of a space alien.
  • Calling the “Democratic” party “left”, “left-wing”, or “leftist” – which is not liberal but socialist, something it has never been – is utterly wrong. Even calling it “Democratic” or “Democrats” is a red herring. This top-ruled authoritarian corporation’s blatantly obvious rigging of its 2016 primaries, its less obvious but also strong rigging of the 2018 midterms, and its currently ongoing rigging of the 2020 primaries, and its refusal to expose and fight the GOP’s blatant 2000 and 2004 general election rigging (and also its significant 2016 rigging) – out of fear that this could get its own riggings exposed, too – are all good reasons to call it something else. I always put the “Democratic” part of its name in quotes therefore and often simply call it “D” Party instead, easily linked with the “R” Party which is its fellow gang, Both political street gangs work for the same billionaire donors rather than the American people as an R&D collusion for the oligarchy.


Nuff said for now. I wanted to keep this post short. Please spread infos and ideas like this to help our world get better.


Funny Note:

I always attempt to simplify my writing (shorter sentences, less wonky words) to widen the readership that can easily understand it — with mixed success. When I try to come up with eye catching article titles, I feel that I do fail remarkably often. So, I asked a friend how he might title this article you are looking at right now. Unfortunately, the direction went in the opposite direction. In the end he came up with this:

Ordinary Badinage of Normal Discourse Degenerates to Hideous Persiflage due to Deliberate Word Misappropriations


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