Mississippi, ICE, ISIS, “Illegal Aliens” – And Some Rational Thoughts

In the aftermath of the recent ICE raids and the outrage on both sides (one legit, the other absurd) some reasonable thoughts finally emerged. Thoughts everyone should mull over. The following video presents some of them and my commentary below goes further:


11 Year Old Girl Tearfully Pleas For Father’s Release From ICE Custody
The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

That terrible government official in the shared video above (someone I admit to call an oligarchy pig in the back of my mind) speaks of “criminal search warrants”. I must ask: How the heck do we, the people, let these power peddling corrupticians get away with criminalizing misdemeanors and labeling people as illegal? How can any honest and morally upstanding person put entering a country without a visa on the same level with committing murder, rape, or child kidnapping (the latter done by the same “police” forces who go after this supposed “crime”)? 

Apparently all it takes to label immigrants as criminals is to create an immigrant-demonizing law that didn’t exist when the previous generations of immigrants came into our immigrant nation. Some descendants of the previous immigrants are then easily convinced by demagogues that today’s immigrants are “criminals” while their own ancestors weren’t because evil lawmakers say so. And these latest immigrants are dehumanized by calling them “illegal aliens” as if they were green-skinned with antennas on their heads. And once the inner image is that of a space alien, the people who are so easily deluded stop having any human compassion for those painted as “aliens”. Meanwhile all this racist propaganda, dehumanization, and state terror are paid for with our taxes — and the taxes of these arrested workers, too! Yes, these are tax payers who were arrested for working north of the border rather than south of the border where the same types of business owners have moved so many jobs in order to increase their profits at the expense of working people everywhere.

And if this were not abtruse enough, the very guy who is running this show to intimidate these bottom workers into slavish submission (as Sam Seder mentions in the video) and distract the rest of us working people from the evil ruling class that is behind all our economic problems is actually himself one of those illegal employers who – by employing migrant workers without work permits – are the very reason that undocumented migrants can come here to work and stay around working underpaid jobs without benefits year after year trying to save their families from starvation and getting criminalized for it. (It’s hard to criminalize them south of the border where they also get employed and exploited by our corporations, but north of the border they can be, yippee!)

These employers, of which Donald Trump is one, are the ones whose law breaking (north of the border) is the one and only reason why we have more than a tiny handful of undocumented immigrants in our country. People looking for jobs wouldn’t come and stay if they couldn’t get jobs here. All immigrants and migrants who work more decent jobs are required to present their employers with work permits. Only those at the very bottom of the economy, destined to be terribly abused and exploited, are hired without work permits and with some employers even providing them with forged social security numbers (because they must pay their taxes, of course, and do pay them – and these business owners want to pretend that their employing them is all lawful). This allows those business owners to maximize their profits by eliminating benefits and cutting pay and workplace safety, same way they maximize their profits when they move jobs beyond the border or eliminate them entirely through replacing human workers with machines and then laying off the workers who earned them the profits and market positioning with which they can finance this replacement.

So why would these business owners who maximize their profits by lowering wages and eliminating benefits call for ICE to arrest these workers they so happily exploit? It seems counter-intuitive until one spends a moment or two to think it through. Migrants who are forced to look for work even more desperately than you and me, desperately enough to migrate, are easily replaced by others of their kind (or even themselves coming back). So, arresting and deporting them (and tearing children from their parents) whenever these immigrant workers fight for workers’ rights does powerfully intimidate them against fighting this fight for themselves and us all, but it won’t make a noticeable difference in the migrant industry because they get quickly replaced. Meanwhile arresting and prosecuting the law-breaking employers who are the real culprits and in control of the whole game would make all the difference. Prosecuting them is a practice which for generations worked perfectly but was then stopped by Ronald Reagan and all of his successor presidents who are much more interested in getting Big Money donations from these migrant-exploiting business owners than to govern our country in a way that works for everybody. Or, in the case of Trump, he benefits directly as an employer of undocumented migrants!

It’s really ironic that the guy for whom people voted because they believed his red herring story that anti-immigrant policies like his easily passed-through wall would “Make America Great Again” is himself one of those business owners who lures undocumented workers across the border and employs them in his inherited business empire at the same time that he stages all these “illegal immigrant” speeches, tweets, and ICE raids to keep his befuddled voters voting for him. How hard is it for some people to call the bluff on a liar? Please don’t think this is an anti-Trump article. It is not. Only short-sighted articles are. Keep reading to learn vital stuff.

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Once again, if our real problem were the small percentage of America’s population that happens to be undocumented immigrants working at the bottom of our society — rather than Big Money in politics that causes massive outsourcing of our jobs overseas and so many other horrors like denial of healthcare — then all we would have to do is to prosecute their illegal employers. Bam! Problem solved. No need to arrest these workers and put them into expensive detention paid for by our taxes. Once their illegal employers were stopped from their law-breaking, these workers would leave by themselves and never come back. The only other mass migrations across borders that we must face come in the form of refugees running from state terror, death squads, drug trafficking gangs, and climate catastrophes; all of which are also caused by the oligarchy that is ruling and harming us here and our fellow working people beyond our borders. (Yes, climate change is real and linked to our business lords making huge profits from pumping all that carbon back into the atmosphere in a century that nature drew out of it and fossilized over millions of years. This doesn’t strike you as a big imbalance bound to have consequences? Then go back into biology class and study the carbon cycle, please.)

So, what’s this all about? The whole purpose of terrorizing migrant workers is to (A) scare them from fighting for being treated like human beings by their abusive employers and (B) to divide us working people so we can all continue to be easily dominated, robbed, and abused by the robber billionaires flying above the clouds in their private jumbo jets — a group of true criminals we should unite to remove. Think about this alternative action while recalling the spirit of our nation’s egalitarian founders which was to “promote the general welfare” (a goal chiseled into the famous Preamble of our Constitution where the word welfare didn’t stand for bureaucratically granted or denied alms but a Good Life for All). When thought about in connection to what has just been discussed, it makes sense, doesn’t it, to aim for No Rich and No Poor: no rich to rule us and no poverty for us to be pushed into. A good life for all. All of us having a voice in our affairs, rather than being ruled by selfish dishonest kings and robber billionaires directly at our places of work and indirectly through their government puppets everywhere else.

So, the whole purpose of these ICE raids is (A) to intimidate workers at the very bottom against standing up and (B) to divide the American public so we cannot unite to shrug off the despotic oligarchy and create a true democracy.

How does this division work? Very easily. By selecting a particular ethnic group, a small and economically weak one, like Jews in Nazi Germany or Blacks or Immigrants in the U.S., to target them with accusations and hate. We are thereby split into the following groups: the targeted and terrorized group, those of us who are appalled by this, and those misled folks among us who approve of this terror — gullibly believing that this will somehow make their own abused lives better. Of course, it won’t make their lives better. How can they profit from this? It only makes them feel better thinking that it will. I wonder how many Trump supporters would actually want to relocate to Morton, Miss., and get hired by the Koch company — to work way underpaid, under unsafe working conditions, and possibly even getting sexually abused. Would any of them really want that? Are those the good jobs taken away from them that they want to get back? Do they want to become abused migrants themselves (moving from states like Michigan to Mississippi)? Is this what they wish to compete for? Is this what we mean with “Make America Great Again”? Excuse me, but I think we really can do a lot better than this. Keep reading to find out.

Politics affects our lives and is a tool we can use if we, the abused and dispossessed people, unite. However, the division of the abused, oppressed, and exploited working people (also divided via sexual and religious identity and by pitting the upper middle class, lower middle class, and working poor against each other with tax schemes and public spending myths like “welfare queens”), easily expands into the political sphere. We get one major party which promotes this state terror (I frankly have difficulty telling the federal KKK called ICE apart from ISIS, to be frank). And we get the other major party that pretends to oppose it. (Pretends? Really? Yes: Obama committed much of the same terror on migrant workers as Trump, but it was kept quiet.) And the two major parties who work as the right and fake-left arm of the oligarchy then play the “good cop/bad cop” routine on their voter bases, people mentally lost in party loyalty and partisanship. Independent voters are left in the dust because they have no trustworthy party to vote for. Bam! The billionaires win. We lose. And to shine a fully revealing light on the current war on immigrants and where it may be headed, imagine what could come next: revoking the citizenship of foreign born veterans (oops, that’s already being done!), then expanding to citizenship cancellation of naturalized citizens, and afterwards taking the last step and exiling natively born Americans who dare to disagree with our cruel rulers. The total end of democracy. Is that the country any of us want?

To return to the current state of things, we are currently being ruled from the top and exploited in our working lives by the business owners and their executive henchmen, some of whom can be nice, but many are not, and the market system often doesn’t let them be nice. And in the public sphere we are ruled by bribed politician puppets who are beholden to the same big business owners because they bribe them with the wealth stolen from us. And to give it all a structure that is safe from voting against, the corrupticians split up into two political gangs (the R and D party) that play the “good cop/bad cop” routine on us and preach to us the utterly insane but widely believed myth that voting for anybody who does not have an R or D by their name is throwing away their vote. News flash: democracy works by voting for who and what you want, not by voting for an allegedly lesser evil — even more so when both evils are secretly working together or for the same billionaire donors who couldn’t care less if R or D wins since they both work for them and not for us.

So, what can we do to liberate us from this twin-party tyranny? We must break up one of these political gangs and form a new one (a people’s party) like Abraham Lincoln and lots of other Whig Party members and voters did in 1854. Sadly, the new party they formed was quickly corrupted by Big Money because it didn’t fight Big Money and lacked internal democratic structures that a strong people’s party needs to prevent bribed party bosses from taking over. This is the kind of party we need to form. Inside pressure like from AOC also helps, but with the major parties being run from the top, attempts to reform them from the bottom are extremely unlikely to succeed. It’s been tried historically many times and always failed. Therefore we need to build a grassroots party that has a true internal democracy. We can start building it locally with local egalitarian efforts and at the state and national level by working with movements like the Movement for a People’s Party.

Let’s get started. Voting every two or three years for candidates almost all of whom have been placed on our ballots by the oligarchy (especially when they have an R or D by their name) is not enough. And with the accelerating downfall of our nation (and the whole planet as well), the clock is ticking. No more time to lose and a lot to win: things like healthcare for everybody, financial security for everybody, and a true democracy with no rich and no poor.

And if you don’t have the time or desire to become active in this fight for a good nation and world to live in, then take a very simple step: never vote R or D again. Vote only for non-R and non-D candidates; and if your voting district doesn’t have one encourage them and vote neither R or D while you wait, so that the oligarchy will have a hard time pretending its puppets were voted into office by us.

It’s a simple tactic easily expanded into much more, even by small steps like simply having discussions with our fellow citizens to expand our awareness, build a vision for our future, and design ways to make it come true. You can share articles on this site and other good sites and video channels. Or you can go full bore and join the Movement for a People’s Party. Let’s get started. The clock is ticking.

Pick a fitting meme from the follow-up article! 😉


Psst… BTW, a good piece on Politics of Distraction at The Revolution Continues… and some good videos, too! … And a call for a Moral Fusion Movement. 😉 … Link: http://bernie2016.blogspot.com/2019/08/ooo-shiny-politics-of-distraction.html

An impressive quote: “To those who have embraced the lies of white nationalism and racism, we humbly recognize the power of fear. We live in a time when many people do not know if they will have work today or health care tomorrow. Many families do not know what agency is coming for them or their children. We do not know who to trust and have been left to fend for ourselves and whoever we believe to be on our side. Let us find strength in our pain, mourn our losses, and remember that we are all part of a common human family. Let us reject every attempt by politicians and corporate interests to pit us against one another. Let us confess that white nationalism is a myth that has not served most people, even those it claims to protect. Let us fight for each other and for a world where everyone can thrive.”


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