Illegal Aliens! Heeeeeeeelp!


Certain low wage workers nowadays are labeled illegal and non-human. They are referred to as “illegal aliens”. A label based on them working north of our southern border as opposed to south of it, even though the same business owners either employ them south of it or north of it with the exact same result: that they get the work that makes them richer done by people desperate enough to work for starvation wages under terrible working conditions.

This creates a justified worry among American-born working people that the jobs they need are taken away or hurtfully reduced in wages and benefits, destroying their American Dream. However, the flip in responsibility is brainwashed into their minds by claiming these even more desperate fellow workers from the south TAKE their jobs away, rather than that the business owners (and/or their CEOs) GIVE them away.

Have you ever been able to TAKE a job that wasn’t offered to you? 

As long as the American Dream, or what little is left of it, depends on us getting well-paid jobs, the control over it lies in the hands of the employers, not Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorians, or space aliens.

Justifiably, we would then call America’s business owners to account for the loss of the American Dream.

However, they know a trick to prevent this.

Question: How can those in power misdirect the fury of those from whom they whisked away the American Dream?

Answer: With a certain portion of the population who don’t spend much energy on thinking for themselves this is quite easy.

Let’s see:

1.) You write a law which demands that entry and staying in this country be done with a piece of paper. (a demand not made of previous immigrant generations, those from whom the now brainwashed Americans descend in a nation that for ages was praised as an immigrant nation with every American proudly citing his often diverse ancestry)

2.) Not holding that paper is only a misdemeanor, but step 2 is to make corporate media and corrupticians call it a “crime”.

3.) Now these exploited cheap workers at the bottom of the pyramid are therefore labeled as “illegal” and “criminals”.

But some of those who swallow this BS might still have enough compassion for desperate people to forgive them such a minor “crime”. So an additional measure is needed to dehumanize them:

4.) To dehumanize them, simply replace the fitting word migrant or immigrant (the former coming temporarily to work, the latter staying after growing new roots) with the word “alien”.

Bam! Now these people have been redefined as criminal space aliens coming for our jobs (so willingly given away by ruthless capitalists without whose job lure these desperate workers would never cross the border).

And of course, non-thinking people will easily pounce on “criminal space aliens” (a.k.a. “illegal aliens”) — and any other kinds of immigrants, too, of course, once the party has started — rather than pounce on the rich business owners who run the whole show, who break the law that forbids them to employ workers who have no citizenship or work permit, and who don’t get prosecuted for breaking this law because being rich in America they naturally stand above the law.

So effective, so sweet, (so cruel!), and so easy…

Now, if those fellow Americans who let themselves be befuddled this way would stop and re-examine this concept and realize they have been fooled… when they would realize it is the business owners and high level executives who decide who gets to work for them and who doesn’t, and when and where (north or south, or in China)… then they might become realistic Americans again and join with the rest of us to fight the robber billionaires’ inequality machine that has for so many decades been sucking away our American Dream. Might they even support a People’s Party then?

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