The Insane War on Immigrants

In a recent video, Kim Iversen takes up the simple fact I have been writing about for years that immigrants and migrants without official papers permitting their entry and/or stay in this country can be easily prevented from coming and staying by enforcing the law that forbids employers to employ them. Going beyond my peaceful prevention recommendation, she actually takes it to the next level of making the enforcement more drastic and quick and thorough to solve the undocumented immigrant “problem” (that we DON’T HAVE, it’s a red herring people, a drop in the bucket compared to the problems caused by the plutocracy!). She then gets into some of the ripples of the ripple effect this would have. Interesting to mull over and think beyond to get a better idea of the bigger picture:

How to SOLVE Illegal Immigration
Kim Iversen


A Quick Thought Beyond

Rapidly kicking out all the “illegal aliens” wouldn’t improve life for practically any of us. A tiny number of people might benefit by getting a poor job they actually want and that was previously occupied by a desperate worker from abroad. All the rest of us would benefit in no way (and actually experience a rise in prices previously made so cheaply by the migrants) except maybe a very few jobs getting slightly higher wages and conditions. Before long, many of these jobs would simply be moved across the border when the cheap workers can no longer be pulled across the border.

The real problem we have therefore is the accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of a few seated at the top of a system engineered to create massive inequality. Part of this problem is the sad fact that these controllers at the top typically don’t give a rat’s ass about the suffering of those who don’t sit at or near the top, and the few who maybe do care fear that the rigged system we live in won’t let them be nicer to their workers and customers (so they become alcoholics rather than help anybody… I once knew one of those). THAT is our problem. People, please wake up and stand up to solve this REAL problem rather than letting yourselves be befuddled by corrupt self-serving politicians!

Once we do create a wonderful egalitarian society with no rich and no poor, universal affluence instead, a nation of a Good Life for All, then – and only THEN – will we face a threatening mass immigration issue. But it will still be easily prevented by simply enforcing our law that forbids employers to employ undocumented foreigners (and possibly making the law a bit stricter like Kim’s suggestion of prison sentences rather than easily weathered fines). (and we better stop our plutocrats’ military wars across the world and our climate change catastrophes to reduce the strenuous waves of refugees THOSE causes will produce)


Another important point: The war on All immigrants

All the hate speeches against unauthorized immigrants has never been only about them. Imagine working all your working life and paying your taxes and then be kicked out of the country that has become your home country by the government you paid your taxes to because you hit a point of bad luck in your life like having an accident or health crisis after you just got laid off… because you were born on non-U.S. ground back way when but later LEGALLY came to the U.S., say to study, but then grew roots where you now lived, worked, and formed friendships and family relations and community connections (in other words had your home change geographically):

Immigrants Welcome to the US as Long as They Are White and Wealthy
The Real News Network


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