A Fantastic Interview of Richard Wolff by Abby Martin

From back in 2016 and nearly one and a half million views by now. A must-see if you missed it or forgot much of it by now with all that is going on all the time. (and there is a follow-up to be shared this coming Video Weekend)

Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff
Empire Files

If you allow a very small number of people to control the very goods and services we all need to survive (and/or live well), they are going to use that control to make that system work for them (regardless of if these controllers are members of a government or private market bosses or both of them in cahoots with one another). And they are not going to worry about the rest of us. It’s a recipe for a society that produces wealth for the top 5 to 10 percent but not for everybody else, that gives power … to those at the top and not to everybody else.

The premature deaths from bad diet and hardship, from starvation, from the denial of even the cheapest and simplest healthcare — the suffering of the bottom half is unspeakable. It is a high crime committed at the top, and a responsibility for us all to cure and not wait another moment more!


  1. ~20 min in a very telling remark: “one share, one vote”
  2. What is unfettered capitalism’s modus operandi? To exploit. Ripping off the many for the obscene wealth of a few.
  3. The job of us working people in this corrupt system is to produce a lot more than we get, so that others get a lot more than they ever produce (many of the richest produce absolute zilch).
  4. Rosa Luxemburg: “There is either socialism or barbarism.”
  5. Richard Wolff: ‘The 62 richest people in the world together have more wealth than the bottom half of the population of this planet, roughtly 3.5 billion people.’
  6. Richard Wolff: ‘The argument that was heard when Occupy Wall Street emerged in 2011 was: “This is a tiny group of people who don’t represent anything.” All that’s gone because Mr. Sanders has said, “Well let’s see how many people are critical of the 1% vs. the 99%? How many people will support a candidate who says that every day and who even accepts the label socialist?” And the answer is millions!’
  7. “The philosophers have only interpreted the world… The point, however, is to change it.” – Karl Marx


And, btw, yesterday, The Revolution Continues came out with a fantastic mind-clearing article and very nifty memes: Why Do We Let Them Do This To Us?

Highly recommendable! (and followed by remarkable news!)


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3 thoughts on “A Fantastic Interview of Richard Wolff by Abby Martin

  1. Unfortunately most suffering people are either ignorant of the causes of their trouble, or ignorant of workable solutions, and even those who are somewhere along the way of getting it all, don’t do their part of spreading the awareness and ideas that must spread. An example, those like you and me do a lot of research and thinking and publish the results but reach hardly anybody because the ‘elites’ block us and the fellow sufferers fail to share what they may accidentally come across and fail to subscribe to outlets like ours. Instead, they rely on corporate social media like Facebook.

    Well, when I shared the link to this article on Facebook, I was promptly blocked from posting (and group joining, oddly) for a whole day! (and that despite me taking great caution to avoid the censorship algorithms) 😦


    1. Aaarrrrghhh!!! They blocked you from posting about Marx and capitalism? Abby and Dr. Wolff? I’ve been blocked for less, so I’m not surprised. Disgusted, but not surprised. We can’t allow this censorship to continue–fight back, revolutionaries of the world! You have nothing to lose by your fear of the oligarchy…


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