Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-09-07 (20 videos)

Several funny but enlightening videos mixed with vital news, rare revelations, and deep insights.

Not to miss: a great conversation of Richard Wolff with Chris Hedges and a heart-wrenching speech on the Assange Case. Oh, and so much more.

Channels: thejuicemedia, ContraPoints, The Jimmy Dore Show, Democracy At Work, John Spritzler, TeleSUR English, Brave New Films, Redacted Tonight, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, RT America, Cowboy Economist, Empire Files, The Michael Brooks Show, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, redfish, The Grayzone, Rolling Stone


  1. Humor: “Honest” Government Ad
  2. Humor: Capitalism’s Badness
  3. D.C. Shutdown
  4. Paying Taxes for a Bad Government
  5. Identity Politics for the Rich
  6. Our For-Profit Wars
  7. Marketed “Mindfulness”
  8. Our Fake Meritocracy
  9. Humor: Is Socialism Alien?
  10. Socialism (Abby Martin & Richard Wolff)
  11. Not only the Top Fights the Bottom, The Upper Middle Does Too
  12. Media for the People or The Oligarchs?
  13. How do Germans See Today’s Concentration Camps in the U.S.?
  14. Nicaragua: Free Healthcare, Free Education, & a Federal Housing Program
  15. Joe Biden Gave us the Refugee Caravans
  16. Media BS: Interview with Jimmy Dore
  17. Free Press and Tyranny (The Assange Case)


1. Humor: “Honest” Government Ad | We’re F**ked

Honest Government Ad | We’re F**ked


2. Humor: Capitalism’s Badness

Part 1:

What’s Wrong with Capitalism (Part 1) | ContraPoints

Part 2:

What’s Wrong with Capitalism (Part 2) | ContraPoints

End Quote: Try not to be manipulated into waging war against other downtrodden people, and can we please not hand more power to the absolute worst dingbats our society has on offer?


3. D.C. Shutdown

Climate Activists To SHUT DOWN D.C. On Sept. 23! w/Nick Brana
The Jimmy Dore Show

Quote: Trying to address [stuff] by lobbying our government and asking nicely and working with the Democratic Party, none of that has worked. We have to get in the streets, and we have to create truly democratic corporate-free parties.


4. Paying Taxes for a Bad Government

… without due process and the army brought in to control us:

Neoliberalism/Corporatism (modern flowery words for fascism) does this, privatizing and commercializing life away from us and protecting the ruling class with army and police brutality, the Bill of Rights kicked into the ditch. The 1st half is informative, and the 2nd half – a conversation of Richard Wolff with Chris Hedges – something definitely not to miss:

Economic Update: Corporate Capitalism in Decline [FULL EPISODE]
Democracy At Work

Quote: “What we have is political paralysis. The inability of the state or the government to respond to the most minimal rights and needs of the citizenry and the diversion of all resources to the further enrichment of a global oligarchic criminal class means that, because these people only know one word and that’s more, eventually there’s blowback [from below]. But given the fact that the left has been so decimated in the United States ([leaving us with little else but] groups like Black Bloc and Antifa which I find immature or juvenile) and catharsis is not how we carry out a revolution: throwing a rock through a window. We have to be extremely tactical and well-thought-out and disciplined.”


5. Identity Politics for the Rich

But How Will We PAY for That? Here’s How.
John Spritzler


6. Our For-Profit Wars

A Retired Army Officer Revealing Interminable For-Profit Wars (at that time in 2015, but also since)

The Empire Files: ‘This Ship is Sinking’ Says Former Bush Official
TeleSUR English

Documentary: The Greed-Driven Private Market Running Our Wars

Brave New Films


  • “If you are a U.S. soldier and you hurt an Iraqi civilian, and that becomes known, you will be court-martialed. But if you are a U.S. contractor and you kill an Iraqi civilian, and that becomes known, you will be sent home. Then you can come back the following week and work for a different contractor.”
  • “Cost Plus encourages you to run up the costs of a program because you are gonna get a percentage of the end result. You got brand new trucks over there, and there’s not even oil filters. So when the motor blows, what do you do? Buy a new truck and bill the government. A $75,000 dollar truck. They wouldn’t have a spare tire to fit it, and we had to blow it up. And Halliburton didn’t care, because the government’s paying for it. We knew that everyday that a vehicle broke down, we would have to destroy it.”
  • “The allegations come from 12 truckers complaining that the company was wasting government money by running empty trucks on the convoys and billing the government for them. It seems senseless to travel up and down the road and taking the chance of losing your life when there was no purpose in it. When you went up empty and you came back empty.”
  • “If I had the heads of CACI, of Titan, of KBR, I’d say: ‘What would Thomas Jefferson have to say if he saw the level of profit that had been included in a war fighting? What would Benjamin Franklin say? The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is really of, by and for the companies that are getting the contracts, and that is not the American people.’”
  • “I am a patriot. I love our country and I want our country to survive. And the survival of our country depends on us taking it back.”


7. Marketed “Mindfulness”

Shortish (~13 min): Mindfulness for Solidarity rather than Neoliberal Wool over the Eyes (the 1st half of the video)

[170] How “Mindfulness” Became A Capitalist Playground
Redacted Tonight

So, essentially: Minions of the oligarchy try to warp the minds of those not already warped by right-wing evangelism, in other words upside-down Christianity, with an upside-down version of Buddhism. If only critical thinking had not been stumped out of our school systems.

Longer and more detailed (~32 min): Fake Mindfulness to Justify Social Evil

Put blinders on and breathe away your conscience to keep profiting from the rigged system you support:

Ronald Purser on McMindfulness: Capitalist Tool
The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow


More on the sarcastic joke of promoting individualist solutions for systemic problems:


8. Our Fake Meritocracy

On Contact: Legitimizing American meritocracy – Danny Haiphong
RT America


9. Humor: Is Socialism Alien?

… you know, from Russiahhh? Well, no:

#01: How to tell if someone is a socialist!
Cowboy Economist


10. Socialism (Abby Martin & Richard Wolff)

The follow-up of the video I shared and discussed earlier this week in an article for the sharinf of which I was promptly blocked on Facebook*:

Abby Martin & Richard Wolff Discuss Socialism in 2019
Empire Files

* Note: Yes, that’s right. Post about Marxism, capitalism, or socialism, and the censorship algorithms of Facebook will block you from posting even in groups you are an admin or even the creator of. This is why people who want change must learn to step away from social media and join non-corporate places like Beanstock’s World or The Revolution Continues (you may recommend others in the comments section below).


11. Not only the Top Fights the Bottom, The Upper Middle Does Too

The ‘elites’ want to maintain the status quo, not rock the boat too much even for moral reasons like helping the oppressed poor, and why both selfish groups support Elizabeth Warren (good insights from Krystal Ball and Michael Brooks):

Why The Establishment Is Lining Up Behind Elizabeth Warren ft. Krystal Ball (TMBS 104)
The Michael Brooks Show

Note: BTW, this is not a new thing. Obama played the same fraudulent game of making promises he never meant to keep. And Elizabeth Warren has been built up as a fake progressive corporatist by the pro-status-quo anti-people portion of “Democrats” for quite some time. I recall when Bernie Sanders ran in 2015 and 2016, and the huge (Big-Money-financed-for sure) D-Party blog Daily Kos kept relentlessly flooding me with emails trying to get people to admire Elizabeth Warren and get her into the race. Or was it some other institution that, back in the Bush-Cheney Regime era had seemed like a good one that kept doing this? Not sure any more. (I do clearly recall, though, how I kept getting vilified and trolled when during the primaries I posted some pro-Bernie posts on Daily Kos (whose community was cheerleading HRC back then)). Anyway, the pushing of pretend-good candidates by the D and R parties has a long legacy. Basically, whenever one of these parties and major mass media outlets promote a candidate, this is irrefutable evidence that this candidat is bad for the people and good for the establishment.


12. Media for the People or The Oligarchs?

Thoughts about the free media needed for democracy. Also recommendation of purely plant-based food for people whose digestive systems can handle that (yeah, that’s right, not everybody can… something always left out, including in this episode):

Media Consolidation/Plant-Based Diets
Ralph Nader Radio Hour


13. How do Germans See Today’s Concentration Camps in the U.S.?

A Germany-based newscast on our camps where migrants and asylum seekers are caged and treated like animals:

Close The Camps: Fighting The U.S. Detention Industry


14. Nicaragua: Free Healthcare, Free Education, & a Federal Housing Program

… in a third-world country mauled by U.S. oligarchy-based dictatorships and state coups. A country whose revolutionary movement has constntly been smeared and vilified in U.S. media. A country with masses of people pushing for human rights and against tyrannical regimes like we need to do in our own country where we keep getting told we cannot afford these necessary rightful things. Amazing:

Max Blumenthal: Nicaragua beat US regime change, but sanctions and sabotage continue
The Grayzone


15. Joe Biden Gave us the Refugee Caravans

… not alone, of course; but he was the main salesman for a U.S.-led cruel coup in Honduras:

Max Blumenthal on US legacy in Honduras: migrant crisis, political murders, narco-President
The Grayzone


16. Media BS: Interview with Jimmy Dore

Hehehe. Quote: “We’re fighting a bunch of classholes.”

Jimmy Dore and Why Everyone Hates the Media | Useful Idiots
Rolling Stone


17. Free Press and Tyranny (The Assange Case)

A must-hear speech from journalist and documentary film maker John Pilger:

All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange


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