Existential Assault

The following broadcast deeply struck a chord within me even though I have not been sexually assaulted (besides a failed attempt long ago, that is). Looking at the connection, I found that my existential assaults by soulless jerks ruining my original life’s career and later every new career and job, time and time again… led to the same feelings of grief and low self-esteem and constant fear, the being shrunk and driven into shame and made afraid to exist.

And when my appeals against profession denial based on declaring my education and job qualification invalid for totally unjustified and totally absurd and paradoxical reasons (rewriting history turning my outstanding study accomplishments into trash) were contemptuously dismissed, it gave me the same humiliation of standing up for receiving justice and getting virtually slapped into the face for it, assigning to me the guilt of others who had ruined my life. It makes me think that in today’s precarious life lived by so many of us, these kinds of results are suffered from way more people than sexual assault victims. So many of us are time and again under existential assault suffering precarious lives for no fault of our own and being denied any hope or worthwhile future.

This is the heart-wrenching report on the results of a sexual assault (often considered a dismissible minor issue) that chimes so closely with the existential assaults suffered by a huge portion of humanity:

The Stanford Sexual Assault Case Made Her “Emily Doe.” In New Memoir, Chanel Miller Tells Her Story
Democracy Now!

Indeed. Such an assault has much longer, deeper, and farther reaching consequences than commonly recognized. But, not to overlook, so do the existential assaults suffered by so many of us. 

When you take into account the huge modern mass of people defined as the ‘precariat’, people like me, denied a worthy life throughout their existence, crushed and shamed time and again, commodified as disposable objects and treated constantly like trash while those in the upper echelons make profits from our rents and labor and rake in more and more wealth taken from us crushed ones,… is it then a surprise that so many people drift from despair, shame, perceived smallness, and endless sadness into wrath and hate, becoming easily manipulable and falling into the mental and emotional traps constructed by fascist organizers who use these victims as foot soldiers to boost their own wealth and power which they then use to defend the status quo that creates these victims in the first place? Victims so weakened by outrageous injustice and abuse that they become so small inside and emotionally ravaged that they become easily manipulated and turned into victimizers of others? We live in such an utterly demoralized system today, one that so many of its victims are too humiliated and disparaged to face, admit, and call out; them being more easily directed at venting upon innocent minorities.

When a corrupt system crushes people’s psychological state, it can use them to defend and prop up itself, augmenting psychological manipulation with violent reinforcement. This is fascism, born from precarious lives and the abuse of people created by a greed-driven socio-economic and political structure that dismisses human values and vital self-worth and connection to others, a system instead worshiping money like a god and glorifying reckless profit-and-power-seeking by scoundrels like holy jihads.

We obviously need to create a Good Life for All society to end these existential assaults and build a healthy moral mentality culture, both strengthening and enabling each other. This will require healthcare and education for everybody, free from monetary constraints, as well as guaranteed coverage of basic living costs by redirecting all that current unearned income of the billionaires, giving us dignity and existential security. We need cheap real estate for personal or family homes instead of gifting huge corporations and billionaires with endless stretches of land and countless buildings they can use to extract more wealth from us. We must make arrangements for the troubles of old age. These and other things are needed to create a Good Life for All which will relax us and remove the despair that leads to violence. It will enable a more just, more human, more moral mentality. And the healed mentality forming a healthy culture will in turn allow more advanced existential measures. Perhaps, one day, we might even eliminate money entirely. But for now, reducing its power is one of the first steps we may successfully take.

So, my regular proposals for cap-taxing the rich and using the recovered wealth to put it under everybody’s feet and thus reshape our stinky dungheap pyramid of society with its astronomic billionaire tower sitting on top into a broad building giving us all a good life and ending Big Money in politics, are steps toward a Good Life for All society. But our mentality plays a big role in getting there, too. Not only to achieve these first steps, but also to then be able to go further, rather than fall back into sleep as prior generations did after the New Deal. We need effective instant measures and a coming out of our existential assault closets adopting a healthy mentality, facing our horrible reality, and building a much better one.

To get an idea of how crushed self-esteem and emotional mauling can lead into the fascist trap, the following report gives some insight:

Why People Become Neo-Nazis | AJ+

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