Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-11-16 (26 videos)

Highlights: An excellent (Hedges & Street) discussion over why we need a true people’s party rather than what we now have, a great video on taxing the rich, a clip about the true reason for the Trump impeachment, revealing issues on candidates (Warren, Tulsi, Yang, Bernie), and, and, and… AND much info on last weekend’s coup in Bolivia plus other world issues.

Stars & Channels: BadEmpanada, Breakfast Club, Chris Hedges (On Contact), Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Democracy Now!, goingundergroundRT, Michael Brooks, Press TV, Secular Talk, Stansberry Research, The Grayzone, Krystal Ball (The Hill), Jimmy Dore, The Rational National, and more…


  1. Why We Need a True Left Rather than the “D”-Party (Hedges & Street) ***
  2. The “Democratic” Party Against Medicare for All
  3. Taxing the Rich Properly ***
  4. The R-Like D-Party Establishment Bailing out The Banks Instead of Us
  5. SJW Hypocrisy
  6. Rich Farts Celebrating Digital Technocracy
  7. Economic Update: Stocks, Yellow Vest Revolution, Medicare for All
  8. World: Bolivia’s Fascist/Racist/Colonialist Coup
  9. World: Brazil’s Bernie, France’s Blue Vests, Britain’s Bernie…
  10. Murderous Socialism and/or Capitalism (Soviet Union, UK, & U.S. Facts)
  11. Assange: FINALLY an Australian Discussion
  12. Laws & Police to Harass People
  13. The True Reason for the Trump Impeachment
  14. Candidates: Warren (Mask Off), Andrew Yang (Interview), Tulsi (Medicare for All)
  15. Bernie Reality


1. Why We Need a True Left Rather than the “D”-Party (Hedges & Street) ***

… one that starts organizing from the ground, allying with people in need, boosting them, and growing a political movement from there rather than bickering about a twittering corrupt president in a totally corrupt upper structure that he is a natural product of.

On Contact: Resistance & the Left with Paul Street ~ RT America (On Contact)

Note: This reminds me of what is happening in West Virginia.


2. The “Democratic” Party Against Medicare for All

JFK Pushed Med4all 57 Years Ago! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


3. Taxing the Rich Properly ***

… and the toal BS whining about how to pay for Medicare for All:

Richard Wolff Proves Medicare For All Saves Money ~ Thom Hartmann Program


4. The R-Like D-Party Establishment Bailing out The Banks Instead of Us

Matt Stoller: Obama’s ‘catastrophic response’ to financial crisis ~ The Hill


5. SJW Hypocrisy

Just too bad Krystal Ball rants to fast and sometimes too muffled in her speeches. It is still a pretty good speech:

Krystal Ball exposes SJW hypocrisy on historic black election ~ The Hill


6. Rich Farts Celebrating Digital Technocracy

Warning: This video is disgusting, pretty obviously an hour-long commercial for an investment promoter — but still it reveals the sociopathic, narcissistic mindset of Wall Street predators and their ilk. It also hints at the 1984-Brave-New-World-style Terminator-movies-type takeover of humanity by tech, screwing us all on behalf of a handful of utterly unscrupulous wealth lords, sadly played along with by so many unthinking people happily accepting anti-democratic tools like payment made through smartphones, face recognition cameras everywhere… the horror that is currently charging ahead unresisted in China making the Chinese people frankly look like the dumbest ones on Earth.

New Money: The Greatest Wealth Creation Event in History (2019) – Full Documentary ~ Stansberry Research

Notes: Let me refer to a video report I shared here before on how corrupt Chinese government officials use this phone-by-phone system to subdue dissidents and free speech journalists.

Also, on Youtube, this video received a lot of insightful people’s critical comments like:

  • “What about the consequence of new money? Materialist society? Pollution? Scammers?”
  • “Translation: Go cashless so the government can trace your every move & follow your exact location with the GPS tracking device you call a cell phone. Any phone with a camera & microphone can be remotely activated & used to track everything you say or do. They then use the data you give voluntarily to sell you more things. They also have your fingerprint, photo & facial recognition even your DNA (thanks to companies like 23 & me). They know everything about the way you think, the music you listen to, your political leanings…thanks to the idiots using FB who will voluntarily take “personality quizzes” and tell FB who their relatives are down to their politics and thoughts…then they manipulate you using the data YOU gave them. Alexa (another bugging device) admitted to listening in on people. Why are people so gullible? I wonder why they didn’t mention the social credit score in China…where you can be punished by not being able to access transportation or planes if your behavior is not “approved”. They will stop any protests by simply decreasing your ability to move around or purchase anything. Too. Much. CONTROL.”
  • “And if you don’t tow the line, they can eliminate you & sell your organs. Welcome to our future.”

At least these comments restored my sense of hope a little bit.


7. Economic Update: Stocks, Yellow Vest Revolution, Medicare for All

Stock buy-backs driving us into the next economic crash to make CEOs super rich. The Yellow Vests in France continue, and now even the French police goes on strike and joins the protests! (a good sign for revolutionary success) And Medicare for All would not only solve so much of our health problems but self-finances by making healthcare more efficient and less costly when the profit-seekers areremoved from their current seats f control.

Economic Update: US’s Profit Driven Medicine ~ Democracy At Work


8. World: Bolivia’s Fascist/Racist/Colonialist Coup

Summary: Bolivia actually has some leftists who are disillusioned with Evo Morales who is a leftist. Not so surprising. The left is always divided, and most or all presidents who are in office for a while have their approval rate dropping. OTOH, to blindly believe the imperialist forces in our government and mass media when they make fact-less claims that Morales tampered with his most recent election makes little sense when (A) there seems to be little to no evidence, (B) the election outcome matched the polls (and the count shifting ever more to him over time because his most supportive precincts are rural and therefore counted last is completely normal), (C) U.S. motivation to grab Bolivian resources is obvious, (D) Evo Morales shamed Trump this year and recently meddled with U.S. attempts to grab Bolivian natural gas and lithium, and since his first election as Bolivia’s first indigenous president he has been confronted with a violent racist opposition… it does look like another “Color Revolution Playbook” coup: overthrowing democracy while claiming to be fighting for democracy (when replacing an elected president with a non-elected one). Yes, Evo Morales isn’t perfect, but he has drastically reduced poverty in Bolivia and done lots of good things like apparently a kind of Medicare for All. And he agreed to re-running the election that untrustworthy claims of tampering were made against.

5 Minute Summary of the Bolivian Military Coup

The Military Coup Against Bolivia’s President, Evo Morales ~ BadEmpanada

Debunking the Veil over Bolivia’s Military Fascist Coup

Debunk: Evo Morales Coup Edition ft. Ben Burgis & Richard Wolff ~ The Michael Brooks Show

Who’s behind the Bolivia coup? (+ Haiti & Syria)

Long but very informative (+ even some more info on Max Blumenthal’s persecution) (after the intermediaries on Syria and Max Blumenthal’s politically motivated false-accusation persecution, the Bolivia coup topic is resumed at 1:32:39) (if you are too short on time, here is a smaller extraction clip of this long conversation):

LIVE: Who’s behind the Bolivia coup? With Max Blumenthal, Aaron Maté, Ben Norton ~ The Grayzone

Link to the revealing article: Bolivia coup led by Christian fascist paramilitary leader and millionaire – with foreign support: Bolivian coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho is a far-right multi-millionaire (named in the Panama Papers) who arose from fascist movements in the Santa Cruz region, where the US has encouraged anti-indigenous, land-stealing separatism linked to assassination plots against President Morales. He has courted support from [fascist leaders in] Colombia, Brazil, and the Venezuelan opposition. … And [his paramilitary organization’s] members are known to do Nazi-style “Sieg Heil” salutes (not so surprising when one knows many of them descend from criminal Nazis who fled Germany after the Nazi regime was ended there).

Another reason for the U.S.-backed Bolivian Coup

With so much going on, it is sometimes hard to remember something like the powerful speech Evo Morales gave some time ago criticizing Trump in his face (shared here before):

Bolivian President Evo Morales Forced Out In Coup ~ The Rational National

Comment: Is it just me, or are we gaining an awareness of the global connectedness of our cruel lords?

Comparing with Similar Coups:

Greg Palast on Bolivia Coup Against Evo Morales: US is Unhappy With Democracy in Latin America! ~ goingundergroundRT


9. World: Brazil’s Bernie, France’s Blue Vests, Britain’s Bernie…

Lula = Brazil’s Bernie

The Edge of Democracy: Lula is Freed in Brazil In Victory for Movement to Resist Bolsonaro ~ Democracy Now!

French Cops Strike over Pensions and Police Brutality (“Blue Vests”)

French cops strike over pensions and police brutality ~ Press TV

Britain’s Bernie

Jeremy Corbyn’s Fight For People :

30 years of Jeremy Corbyn’s Fight For People ~ The Rational National

BTW, here you can gain some insight in the long-term colonialist meddling in the Middle East: Why Lebanon’s Protests Are Bigger Than WhatsApp | AJ+ — Question: How would we feel and act if we were in this shoes? (as far as sectarianism (engineered division of the people) is concerned, we actually are. With today’s globalism of the rich ruling class, we may even see ourselves reflected in this to some extent (minus the constant war on our own territory).)


10. Murderous Socialism and/or Capitalism (Soviet Union, UK, & U.S. Facts)

Socialism is often equated with the Soviet Union and its totalitarian regime whose abuses and killings of people are then equated with socialism, skipping over the reality of capitalism doing the same and many of these violent events actually being the outcome of war between socialism and capitalism (incl. slavery). Blaming one side in a war started by the other side is a bit weird, isn’t it? And the smearing of the USSR as an economic failure also flies in the face of reality. Set to start where it cuts to the chase:

What Was The Soviet Union? ft. Richard Wolff (TMBS 114) ~ The Michael Brooks Show


11. Assange: FINALLY an Australian Discussion

… sadly, of course, including scum of the Earth eager to justify political persecution:

Julian Assange and the Australian Media | Q&A ~ abcqanda


12. Laws & Police to Harass People

Authoritarian police state arresting people for eating:

Cop Threatens Arrest For “Illegally Eating” ~ Secular Talk


13. The True Reason for the Trump Impeachment

… (besides the usual distraction form real issues) to pull Bernie out of the primaries during the most critical phase (a suspicion I already shared here on November 7):

Saagar Enjeti: Pelosi’s impeachment strategy could doom Bernie, Warren ~ The Hill


14. Candidates: Warren (Mask Off), Andrew Yang (Interview), Tulsi (Medicare for All)

Warren’s Mask Off

Krystal Ball: New Elizabeth Warren comments reveal her greatest weakness ~ The Hill

Tulsi’s Medicare for All

… single payer (NOT merely public option as she has been accused of), so still vital if not quite as good as Bernie’s (because of the two-tier outcome of having private insurance on top of it which unties wealthy people from the rest of us, which always leads to the rest of us being shoved aside as the rich take over more and more of the country):

Tulsi Clarifies Her Stance On Med4all ~ #TheJimmyDoreShow

Andrew Yang Interview

Andrew Yang On Solving America’s Problems, December Debates, Trump Zingers + More ~ Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


15. Bernie Reality

Bernie’s Surge (Lots of Data)

Bernie Sanders Surges In Polls. Tops Every Policy Category. ~ The Rational National

Chomsky’s Bernie Endorsement

THROWBACK: Chomsky On Bernie Sanders ~ Secular Talk

Billionaires Crying over Bernie

Krystal Ball: Billionaires meltdown over Bernie surge ~ The Hill

Why in a Non-Tampered Actual Democracy Bernie Would Win in a Landslide

AOC’s Powerful Response To “Why Bernie?” ~ The Rational National

… only we must worry about a 2016-like 2020 election fraud by the “Democratic” Party rulership, the one-and-only major factor (besides decades of suffering and the 2008 crash riling up the people against professional corrupticians) that gave us Trump.


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