Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-11-30 (20 videos)

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. This week’s wakeful video collection starts with impressive songs dedicated to Bernie (revealing a grassroots movement) and ends with a song joining the white and brown people otherwise pitted against each other by the ruling top. In between there are amazing system analyzing and tactics exposing videos (covering both the U.S. and Latin America) such as one that exposes the deadly alliance between the oligarchs and religiously mind-warped people at the bottom, these top and bottom groups joined together to exalt themselves at an awfully utter expense to nations’ peoples humanity’s future. Also new insights on recent events and presidential candidates. And, of course, some stuff to read, too.

Stars and channels: musicians, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin (Empire Files), Krystal Ball (The Hill), The Grayzone, Michael Brooks, Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), Jamarl Thomas (revealing why many elderly Blacks support Biden), Democracy Now!, The Real News Network, Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK, Inti Illimani and Quilapayun…


  1. Bernie Songs ***
  2. The Deadly Alliance ***
  3. Hedge Funds Betting on the Coming Recession, Undermined Unions vs Strikes, … **
  4. Why Some of the Establishment Opposes its Own Member (Trump)
  5. Corruptician Crookery
  6. Candidates (Fake Progressive Warren, Tulsi vs Harris, Biden, Trump)
  7. Murderous Presidents in Power
  8. Mindset **
  9. Bolivian Coup: Visiting Bolivia to Find Out
  10. Brazil Update
  11. When White & Brown Join


1. Bernie Songs ***

When self-motivated musicians (unlike paid high-sales ones bought by propaganda funds) perform on behalf of a movement leader and even compose on his behalf, you see a movement rising (wonderful!):


BERNIE SANDERS ANTHEM – Why I Feel the Bern – Mostly Commons ~ Mostly Commons

Here is another (with much less easy to capture lyrics – I wish they would add them as subtitles – but at least Bernie can be heard well in his inserted speech clips):

HAPPYTOWN ~ “Hey Bernie Sanders” ~ homemadechickn

And here is an older, traditional song dedicated to the people’s movements, sung in Bernie’s honor, connecting today’s growing movement with those of the past:

This Land Is Your Land: A Tribute To Bernie Sanders ~ Signal Kitchen

Last, if you are one of those weird youths who have let themselves be sold rythmic recitals as alleged “music”, here is one of those: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzgBkpY-6mE (Yes, I understand that some of the texts in these kinds of R or H recordings can be heart-warming (although usually on the basis of cultivated hostility like “gangsta”-cult driving youngsters into an unhealthy mental trap), but as a former professional musician I loathe this music-replacement that is falsely packaged as melody-free “music” (like calorie-free “food”); that’s why I share this rap or hippi-pippi-hoppy thingy only as a link. And, no, since I can’t stand this hammering noise, I didn’t listen to it and don’t know if the lyrics at least bear out.)


2. The Deadly Alliance ***

Death to humanity gets driven by an alliance of oligarchic psychopaths at the top with violent “Christian”-ized fascists as their primary people-power base, going beyond their otherwise merely monetary and structural power base.

  • Oligarchic Psychopaths = greedy criminals ruling us for generations.
  • “Christian”-ized Fascists = violence-happy authoritarians whose muddled brains consider our world their “god’s” “kingdom” and therefore glorify dictatorial governments when they wrap themselves in fake Christian clothing. They then support and commit violence, oppression, murder, torture, etc. — all sanctified as a merge of nationalism with the “kingdom of God”, the idea that our dark side inside is their benevolent god rather than the literal definition of Satan.

Both groups come together to exalt themselves, which they happily do at the dire expense of everybody else whom they don’t even regard as fellow humans.

This conversation with former war correspondent Chris Hedges explains this from experience:

Chris Hedges & Abby Martin: No Way Out Through Elections ~ Empire Files


3. Hedge Funds Betting on the Coming Recession, Undermined Unions vs Strikes, … **

Recession ahead: Hedge fund billionaires sound alarm (Full show) ~ RT America


4. Why Some of the Establishment Opposes its Own Member (Trump)

You know that all our private and public bosses and all our media lords are part of the privileged establishment, taking all the resources away from us to swim in oceans of wealth while we are left to fight over crumbs and struggle to make ends meet even barely. So, why do a significant number of them go after Trump – and apparently not merely to play the traditional “good cop/bad cop” routine of the twin party tyranny that blocks democracy – but with some real-seeming (if abysmally weak) attempts to not just smear but possibly replace him? It’s because he fails to play along in the standard fashion the establishment operates (which oddly makes Trump supporters think he is actually serving them when of course he doesn’t):

Journalist Chris Hedges: Why the deep state is trying to take Trump out ~ The Hill


5. Corruptician Crookery

Corruptician Crookery & Corporate Media in Cahoots

Krystal Ball: Just imagine if Bernie Sanders had faked black endorsements ~ The Hill

Corruptician Crookery & Corporate Kingship

How a grassroots Seattle movement delivered Amazon a major loss ~ The Grayzone


6. Candidates (Fake Progressive Warren, Tulsi vs Harris, Biden, Trump)

Liz Warren Objectively Criticized by Former Supporters

Personally, I trust her less than these people do. But it is interesting to see that even people who consider Warren genuinely progressive (rather than a fake-progressive neoliberal corporatist (who celebrates capitalism)) don’t see her as a warrior for oppressed, suffering working class people, but rather as a career-focused professional politician who happens to worry about Wall Street excesses going a little too far:

Ryan Grim responds: Can Elizabeth Warren be trusted? ~ The Hill

Warren’s Lack of Authenticity Has her Drop

Saagar Enjeti: Warren loses HALF her support after bungled M4A rollout ~ The Hill

Neoliberal Imperialist Warren

Warren Is Wrong On Bolivia And Wrong On Venezuela (TMBS 115) ~ The Michael Brooks Show

Tulsi vs Harris: Round 2

Tulsi And Kamala Go At It Again! | Round 2 ~ Secular Talk

Why elderly Blacks support Biden

The problem with elderly is that many of them get stuck in the past losing touch with current reality. And elderly Blacks are stuck in a KKK past associated with the GOP. They vote for the “lesser evil”, the “Democratic” Party that (in the past) kept the murderous monsters in the R-Party at bay for them (to some extent). Hear from a smart black man who has the familial ties that give him insight into this mental trap:

The Reason African American Voters Support Joe Biden. It’s Not Love, It’s Terror. ~ Jamarl Thomas

Trump, a Symptom of Our Moral Decline

The President is a Domestic Enemy of the Constitution: Ellsberg Slams Trump For Pardoning War Crimes ~ Democracy Now!


7. Murderous Presidents in Power

… and how they stay in power: example Netanyahu

Netanyahu Kills Palestinians to Keep Opposition From Forming Government ~ The Real News Network


8. Mindset **

In the end it is our mindset that lets us make change or not, stand up for good or play along with evil. On February 15th 2018, Chris Hedges held a 54 min speech before an enthusiastic audience applauding strident points that can give us hope that we will overcome the evil in our world. I find it invigorating every once in a while to listen to one of his speeches that expose so much wrongness in our world and remind us of our inner selves and what we must do. It clears the vision fogged by the daily shambles.

Chris Hedges (Feb 15, 2018) – Best Speech ~ Felix Eastham

Quote: “Despotic government, as Thomas Paine wrote, is a fungus that grows out of a corrupt civil society.”


9. Bolivian Coup: Visiting Bolivia to Find Out

Spirit of those running the coup: the only good Indian is a dead Indian. (and the only good non-rich is either a good servant or dead)

And the oppressed, hit with threats, kidnapping, and assassination: standing up and carrying their dead on their shoulders in their demonstrations.

Bolivian Coup: Hearing from on the Ground

WTF Is Going on in Latin America (11/20): Live From Bolivia ~ CODEPINK


  • Comment on the resignation forced by violence comes at 12:21
  • And another proof that evangelicals are evil by design even if not internally by nature. Are there actually any evangelicals anywhere who don’t support fascist violence and limitless inequality (created by unfettered and celebrated capitalism)?
  • Link: a recent November 22 report article from Medea Benjamin from on the ground in Bolivia: “They’re Killing Us Like Dogs” – A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help — Many important infos, for example: »Jeanine Añez, who was the third highest ranking member of the Bolivian Senate, swore herself in as president after Morales’ resignation, despite not having a necessary quorum in the legislature to approve her as president. The people in front of her in the line of succession—all of whom belong to Morales’ MAS party—resigned under duress. One of those is Victor Borda, president of the lower house of congress, who stepped down after his home was set on fire and his brother was taken hostage.« and »Upon taking power, Áñez’s government threatened to arrest MAS legislators, accusing them of “subversion and sedition,” despite the fact that this party holds a majority in both chambers of congress. The de facto government then received international condemnation after issuing a decree granting immunity to the military in its efforts to reestablish order and stability. This decree has been described as a “license to kill” and “carte blanche” to repress, and it has been strongly criticized by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The result of this decree has been death, repression and massive violations of human rights. In the week and a half since the coup, 32 people have died in protests, with more than 700 wounded.«

Anti-Coup Protest

(the kind the corporate media keep secret from us)

Bolivia: Massive indigenous-led rally against the coup ~ CODEPINK


10. Brazil Update

Michael Brooks breaks down global implications of Lula’s release ~ The Hill


11. When White & Brown Join

Inti Illimani y Quilapayun ~ 2012 (Movimiento intercultural de musica e instrumentos musicales Andinos y Europeos)

Whites and browns singing together with instruments and music forms created from Native American, European/Arabic, and Black African cultures melted together. The 1st song is in a language of the European conquerors of the Americas (Spanish). The second is in the largest surviving Native American language (Quechua). It’s browns and whites singing together. Both descendants from the colonial age in the Americas and later class war fights for freedom and lives worth living (and both bands performing together in 2012 having spent most of their working years in exile from Chile ruled and tortured by the U.S.-oligarchy-installed mass murderer Pinochet). Chile, colonized twice. First by selfish terrorists from feudal Spain. Later by by selfish capitalist globalist terrorists from the U.S. Victor Jara’s song “El Aparecido” (second to last) feels like fitting to be sung in Bolivia these days.

And with all that ‘elite’-run splitting up of the non-‘elite’ people with racism, religious cults, xenophobia, etc., etc., we can all come together, enrich each other with the treasures of many cultures, and stand strong together to fight the evil sitting and scheming so cruelly at the top. There is a great deal we North Americans can learn from our southern brothers and sisters including the currently so persecuted Hispanic immigrants and refugees.

Oh, and when you know a little Spanish (or get my translation), you may notice instances like this and realize, this union is not just about musical joy. (the chant: “El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!” = “The people united will never be defeated!”)


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