Let’s Fight Election Fraud


Remember hearing about a dubious election fraud in recent news? A very hard to believe tale used to justify a murderous coup? Yes, this was done to another country (Bolivia; recent weekend posts here tell a lot about it). What about our own “democracy” here in the U.S., though? Are we safe from election fraud?

What if we, yes us the people, rather than the rich establishment got to decide who gets on our ballots? What if we wrote in our desirable candidates on our ballots (in places where this permitted)? What if millions of us were NOT kicked off the voter rolls or hindered from voting by other tricks?

Well, once all those hurdles were overcome (if it’s possible at all), there would still be the issue of the vote count that Stalin told us is what really matters. Because if you control the vote count, you – not the voters – control the official results. So, are the election results we are told trustworthy? I say no. Our vote count is probably the most ridiculous in the world. I am not kidding. Keep reading. 

Our vote count is easily (and regularly) tampered with. Just reflect on a joint study by Stanford University and Tilburg University that in 2016 found that all precincts that reported Hillary victories in the primaries were without a paper trail of the votes while all precincts with a paper trail reported Bernie’s victory. So, wherever fraud could be committed without chance of being exposed through an investigation, Hillary allegedly won. Wherever investigation was possible, Bernie’s victory was reported. (You can find more reporting on the 2016 primaries fraud here.

We clearly have outright sham elections. First voters are brainwashed and/or prevented from voting with our ballots rarely listing candidates willing to represent us anyway. Then the tampered vote count provides an additional security for the oligarchy, unless it becomes too blatantly obvious. And finally the corporate media (previously having brainwashed the voters) plays along reporting the false counts as the correct results (and rewriting or even canceling its own exit polls when they reveal the fraud).

In the reduced number of places where paper ballots are still used, they are counted in secret and shipped around (obscuring their origin). This makes original counts and recounts untrustworthy. Also – oh, what a surprise – at the end of election night suddenly boxes full of “mail-in” votes show up that flip the vote (sometimes blatantly exceeding the number of registered voters). And in all the places where votes are electronically given and counted, the count (and even the recording) of all votes is done invisibly inside computers by privately owned secret code software that can easily be designed to produce a predefined outcome or, if not, simply get the counts hacked afterwards, with no trail of paper ballots to make a recount possible.

For your information, in contrast, more trustworthy vote counts in other countries are done very differently. For instance, Europe has banned electronic voting. And, for instance, in Germany the paper ballots are publicly counted right where they are handed in and not only once but twice (the second count being done by a member of an opposing party from the first vote counter, and – if the results disagree – an election official gets informed and the count is redone). Why don’t we have such public security mechanisms in our elections? Shouldn’t we insist on them?

Below is a recent conversation with Tim Canova who was blatantly cheated out of the race both times he ran against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He is finally doing what we all should have been doing long ago: trying to fight this fraud. Going through the official channels turned out to go nowhere, because every part of them is in cahoots with the election fraud. The thing to do when political parties and public institutions work together to cheat us is to take matters in our own hands. That’s what the American People did historically and now needs to learn to do again. Tim Canova and others alligning with him are making the attempt. We must gather and organize all over the country for fair elections, though. So, keep an eye on this and see what we can do in our own voting districts.

Tim Canova’s Plan To End Election Fraud ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

The attempt to fight against this fraud despite the official institutions refusing to do anything starts being discussed ~3 min in and around 4 min in it describes the action.

Basically, when legal prosecution is blocked and the media and Congress refuse to expose election fraud, we – the people – should hold and publicize our own meetings where the truths are revealed and actions discussed.


Link to the Public Forum on Election Security & Rigging on Thursday evening, December 5th in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

The Facebook event link of this forum: https://www.facebook.com/events/1292694510911881/


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