Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-12-15 (18 videos)

Much on the global rich ‘elite’ ruining our country (the U.S.) and other countries, currently outright mauling Latin America again; its war on justice & free press; and Saudi Arabia’s terror regime. Also one of capitalism’s built-in flaws. Also Bernie’s chances in the general election and a really interesting conversation with Andrew Yang on the almighty dollar. Also the R&D dog and pony show in Congress.

Stars & Channels: Democracy At Work, DMRegister, Kim Iversen, PBS NewsHour, redfish, Secular Talk, The Grayzone, The Hill, Jimmy Dore, thejuicemedia (“Honest Government Ad”), The Real News Network, RJ Eskow, and more…


  1. Satire: Nice Neoliberal Christmas Vacation Spot
  2. Our War Criminals (and their war on justice & free press)
  3. Our “Great” Sh*t Economy (with 44% earning ~$18,00)
  4. Monopoly & Disasters built into Capitalism
  5. The Evil Global Elite Playing with our Heads & Lives
  6. Police-Mafia (police state for profit)
  7. Candidates: Bernie’s Chances & Andrew Yang on the Almighty Dollar
  8. The Dog and Pony Show in Congress
  9. World: Insights on Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia


X. Satire: Nice Neoliberal Christmas Vacation Spot

Honest Government Ad | Visit Australia! (2019) ~ thejuicemedia


X. Our War Criminals (and their war on justice & free press)

Pelosi Confronted Over Stunning Impeachment Hypocrisy ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


X. Our “Great” Sh*t Economy (with 44% earning ~$18,00)

Great Employment Numbers: 44% of Fully Employed Make $18,000 a Year or Less ~ The Real News Network


More: Chasing the American Dream (Manufactured Homes)

A little old (2016). Any improvements since then? I rather assume the opposite:

Bad bargain? Mobile homeowners feel financial strain ~ PBS NewsHour


X. Monopoly & Disasters built into Capitalism

Capitalism’s built-in competition leads to monopolies because capitalism’s goal is all about accumulating wealth (in other words, the world’s resources) in the smallest numbers of hands. Yes, capitalism’s creative element of financing new production or the growth of existing production did offer itself historically as a better alternative to more rigid feudalism; but the built-in destructiveness and corruption based on the highest goal of wealth concentration in the fewest hands ultimately leads to disaster like crashes of the world economy, foreclosures on millions of homes, and the growth of fascims to safeguard the capitalist elites from a people’s uprising. An interesting further issue described here are the Barriers of Entry:

Economic Update: Competition & Monopoly In Capitalism ~ Democracy At Work


X. The Evil Global Elite Playing with our Heads & Lives

Public Brainswash

Jeremy Corbyn faces Russiagate smear campaign before UK vote ~ The Grayzone

And the corruption continues:

US drops false charge against journalist Max Blumenthal ~ The Grayzone

More Insights on the Regime Change Crimes in Latin-America:

Did you, for example, know about the Ecuadorian Coup? (the current president there is likely a 100% psychopath who lied himself into office not meaning any of his promises he probably spilled out for many years)

Latin America says ‘No to neoliberalism!’: Ecuador’s ex-foreign minister talks uprisings and Assange ~ The Grayzone

The ‘Elites’ Playing with our Lives (Afghanistan War)

Saagar Enjeti: Investigate Obama, Bush for Afghan lies ~ The Hill


X. Police-Mafia (police state for profit)

When poor people are suppressed by police officers who make $130,000 a year (and break the law regularly), what does that tell us?

The Inside Story of an Elite Law Enforcement Unit Which Ran a Criminal Gang Inside a US Jail ~ The Real News Network


X. Candidates: Bernie’s Chances & Andrew Yang on the Almighty Dollar

Bernie’s General Election Chances

IF the “Democratic” Party ‘elite’ somehow fails to cheat him (and thus the American People) out of the primaries again:

Noam Chomsky On Bernie’s Chances Of Winning ~ Secular Talk

Andrew Yang on the Almighty Dollar

Some pretty good insights on the harmful rule of money from presidential candidate Andrew Yang who is mostly known only for his offer of a UBI (“Freedom Dividend”):

Full interview: Andrew Yang meets with the Register’s editorial board (12.10.19) ~ DMRegister

The one thing missing, as always, because practically nobody but me ever seems to recognize this as a main issue – or have the courage to admit that it is the biggest issue – is the ceiling, rather than merely the floor, of our wealth and income distribution system. A building needs both a floor (and walls) and ceiling. Everything else we organize we equip with reasonable limits (traffic speed limits, sport field borders, safe medication dose limits, and so forth). So, why the heck have we never imposed wealth-and-income limits to keep them at a safe: high enough for affluence, but too low for bribing politicians, judges, bureaucracies, political parties, and entire governments and the global economic and political system into the pockets of a few narcissistic, sociopathic robber billionaires? Sure, the attempt to impose such safety limits will meet resistance from ultra-rich monsters and their immoral corporations and corrupted governments. We still must do what must be done to repair our broken human world.


X. The Dog and Pony Show in Congress

The R-Party reps simply unitedly block anything that would be good for the people while pushing for things that benefit the rich at the expense of the people (like the tax cuts for the rich) and also push for public spending cuts (cutting the spending of our tax dollars on us). Meanwhile, the D-Party reps pretend to fight for the public, briefly proposing less harsh bills, but then conveniently rolling completely over permitting exactly what the R-Party reps demanded on behalf of the sociopathic robber billionaires with whom both party top members are affiliated with to get rich themselves through graft and bribery:

Democrats CAVE To Trump On Defense Budget ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Gee, money in politics ruining our lives and killing our planet is real fun, isn’t it?


X. World: Insights on Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia

World: More Details on Recent Bolivian History incl. MAS & Evo Morales

In recent weeks much has been shared here about the fascist racist coup in Bolivia and the preceding history. Certain details were typically glossed over, though (say, for example, what MAS stands for or specific details of what Morales did and did not do in his political career). Many of them do get revealed in this report (which, in turn, glosses over the violent coup aspects of the recent regime change that previous reports here have been dealing with):

How A Farm Boy Became Bolivia’s President – And Lost It All | AJ+

World: More Details on Bolivia

Video set to start where the conversation switches from the political persecution of Max Blumenthal to the Bolivia topic:

Max Blumenthal on The War On Democracy in Bolivia the UK and DC ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

World: Chile (past neoliberal dictatorship & present huge protests)

Chile Awakens: The End Of The Neoliberal “Miracle” ~ redfish

World: Terrible El Salvador – What the U.S. Could Become

Violence in Central America with Oscar Martinez ~ RT America

World: Wahabist Terror State Saudi Arabia

Our Saudi Arabia Problem (Part 1) ~ Kim Iversen



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