Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-12-22 (25 videos)

Many issues: how to build deep change and regain democracy, anti-corruption efforts, the crumbling mass media, capitalist fundamentalism, corrupticians, awakening evangelicals (imagine that!!!), a presidential candidate promoting human values over profits, T-impeachment BS and weirdness, #M4A, asking if billionaires should exist, what war profiteering does to us, and three funny videos, as well. The biggest topic this time (6 videos) is the kind of living in our times at different levels of our dungheap society.

Stars & Channels: David Hoffman, Democracy At Work, InsideOut TV, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Secular Talk, The Grayzone, The Hill, Jimmy Dore, Michael Brooks, RJ Eskow, and several more…


  1. Movements: How to Build Deep Change and Regain Democracy **
  2. Corruption: Cenk Uygur’s Anti-Corruption Run for Congress
  3. Media (Shrinking MSM, The Press Killing Itself)
  4. Capitalism (Capitalist Fundamentalism, Capitalism Pros & Cons & Libertarians)
  5. Fascism: Irrationalized Loyalists Promising Violence
  6. Candidates (Gaslight-Corrupticians, Yang for Human Values, Awakening Evangelicals)
  7. Trump Impeachment (Establishment Tools, Impeachment Weirdness)
  8. Medicare for All: Making Sense
  9. Human Purpose: Should Billionaires Exist?
  10. Empire: Talking to a Vet
  11. Living in our Times (Rich or Struggling)
  12. Humor (US Retirement & Bernie, Our Con Congress, Cartoonish Villains in Politics)


1. Movements: How to Build Deep Change and Regain Democracy **

Discussing the experience of starting with a mere 7 people but ending up changing the governance of Maui, Hawaii, overcoming the ruling Big Money interests who held it in chains for 125 years. Much to learn from such historic fights. (part 2 switches to discussing Medicare for All and regulations)

Reclaiming Democracy! ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour


2. Corruption: Cenk Uygur’s Anti-Corruption Run for Congress

If he wins, let’s hope he works as the blowtorch against political corruption as he promises to. He has long struck me as not sufficiently far along on his journey from the right wing he was born into to the left/progressive wing he discovered to be much better for the common good, but this would be a valuable contribution. I am more skeptic of the chance to take over the “Democratic” Party from the bottom and make it a more or less for-the-people party as it was done to it once before during the Great Depression, but we absolutely do need activists fighting the unbridled corruption in the political class.

Michael Brooks & Cenk Uygur: Why The Corporate Class Is Terrified Of His Congressional Run ~ The Michael Brooks Show


3. Media (Shrinking MSM, The Press Killing Itself)

Shrinking Measly “Mainstream” Media

CNN Ratings Hit Record Low ~ Secular Talk

The Press (4th Estate) Killing Itself

Democracy needs a free press to ensure an informed public. Yet, by now, we all distrust the big media for absolutely correct reasons. This suicide of credible information sources is part of the designed dismemberment of democracy by the robber billionaires and their evil corporations and dumb professional collaborators.

Michael Brooks: NYT smears Cenk Uygur ~ The Hill


4. Capitalism (Capitalist Fundamentalism, Capitalism Pros & Cons & Libertarians)

Capitalist Fundamentalism: Social Capture by Capitalism

The ownership class playing with our minds to support their status of power and decisions, and in their selfish greed tearing our whole country down:

Prof. Wolff on the Most Under-reported Econ Stories of 2019 ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

A certain appeal for certain folks to believe that everything is and should be about private enterprises and (“free”) markets, not human needs and values and passions; compassion, caring, friendship, and love; dignity, honor, liberty, safety, and self-actualization; mortality, our so very short life spans, and degenerative aging loaded with crippled aching bodies and harrowing dementia turning the last portion of life into torture if not all the life was, thanks to these insane people’s horrible human system of economics, political maneuvering, and ludicrous mental gymnastics. No, none of these real life things matter. Only the total freedom of private enterprises and their control of markets to do whatever they want bullying all of humanity and destroying the planet for short term profits. Those at the top think only “my” profits, “me”, “me”, “me”, right now… no glance into the future of horrid demise, just a private gold plated jumbo jet to add to the fleet of mega luxury yachts, and having bootlickers glorify me as a job creator, a god of technological progress (invented by others but captured by me, ha ha), the son of Zeus… And certain folks not at the top likewise falling into the mental trap of this brainwashing market cult associated with faux-Christian right-wing evangelical cults run by cult drivers motivated by their own lust to join the upper class of the callous rich.

Capitalism (Pros & Cons), Government, Democracy, & Libertarians

Economic Update: Libertarianism Capitalism & Socialism ~ Democracy At Work


5. Fascism: Irrationalized Loyalists Promising Violence

People’s rationality overwhelmed by the rage brewed in them by our crumbling system:

Trump Supporters Threaten Violence If He’s Impeached ~ The Young Turks

To remember: Such people are often not natively violent, but when endless stress, frustration, despair, and fury takes over our human minds we tend to lose our ability to think rationally.


6. Candidates (Gaslight-Corrupticians, Yang for Human Values, Awakening Evangelicals)


Saagar Enjeti: Cory Booker’s whining reveals Dem’s blackout of Yang, Tulsi’s diversity ~ The Hill

A bit more on corruptician’s corruption and lack of ethics:

Jimmy Dore: Dems pursuing impeachment because they stand for nothing ~ The Hill

Yang: Let’s Stop Confusing Economic & Human Value

Krystal Ball: Andrew Yang is the truth teller we need at the debate ~ The Hill

Some Evangelicals Rediscovering Morality

… rather than turning fascist (which is so common and yet sooo contradictory to Jesus’ teachings, but happens because the easily brainwashed victims of the power-grabbing efforts of televangelists and fascist demagogues harvesting their foot soldiers come from the same pool of people, people at the bottom, suffering, harassed, confused, barred from good lives and self-actualization, abandoned, disconnected, disrespected, and desperately looking for some kind of connection and acceptance and especially an easy venting outlet for the huge rage that is burning them on the inside):

Evangelicals Call For Trump’s Removal ~ The Young Turks


7. Trump Impeachment (Establishment Tools, Impeachment Weirdness)

Impeachment Fans = Tools of the Establishment

… and the R&D dog and pony show designed to keep us in corporatist fascism with Trump as the figurehead.

Impeachment Helps Trump & Dems Don’t Care ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Short Salient Glimpse at Trump’s Weird Impeachment

… and the impeachment of others.

Germans angry at US for Nord Stream ‘meddling’ (Full show) ~ RT America

Gist: There is so much more for which Trump could, and actually should (once you become aware of it), be impeached. And the same goes for his predecessors. Trump’s impeachment is a dog and pony show with no serious intent to remove him. It could rather be considered an attempt by the establishment to BOOST him by handing him a ridiculous impeachment he can then ridicule to boost his voter support. And that he is already doing. (another issue not mentioned, is that moving this fake impeachment process into the Senate would lock senator Sanders up in the Senate to keep him off his successful primary race rallies; plus of course the fact that the “Democratic” Party, ever since it became a Republican light version of the other corporate tyranny party, always needs to pretend to be fighting for change without actually doing so in order to maintain its own voter base (both corrupt mainstream parties – who were not always so corrupt but are very corrupt by now – sadly have a loyal voter base that doesn’t bother to take a look under the varnish and call their representatives to account))


8. Medicare for All: Making Sense

Bernie Dismantles Mayor Pete’s Scam Healthcare Plan ~ Secular Talk


9. Human Purpose: Should Billionaires Exist?

Anand Giridharadas: Should Billionaires Exist? ~ The Agenda with Steve Paikin


10. Empire: Talking to a Vet

… in this case a Vietnam vet back in 1990 when he was ~41 years old. It reveals how pointless and harmful our nation’s profits-for-the-rich wars are to the non-rich people everywhere, both there and here:

Magnificent Storyteller Soldier Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam ~ David Hoffman


11. Living in our Times (Rich or Struggling)

Billionaire Living (long video)

LONG … too lengthy for me to watch completely. It’s just so disgusting how our lords float through life sucking us dry.

Inside The World’s Multi-Million Dollar Homes ~ Nest Seekers

Billionaire Living (short video)

10 Most Expensive Houses In The World ~ Top 5 Best

Or our President’s Living (14 minute video)

10 Most Expensive Things Owned By Donald Trump ~ Top Trending

New Middle Class Palaces (of young well-employed luckies)

(since the banks and Wall Street working for the billionaires have made traditional family homes unaffordable for many – now don’t think that a tiny house like this would be affordable for poverty-trapped dead-end-life people; these folks mention a price of about 45,000 U.S. dollars, as usual not saying if this includes the costs of the terrain it is placed on, an important issue commonly not brought up for reasons impossible to imagine for a precarious poorish person like me…)

Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything! ~ Living Big In A Tiny House

The Crumbling Middle Class

Suburb in Wealthy Illinois County Sees Unexpected Rise in Poverty ~ PBS NewsHour

The Eroding Lives of Working People (A 2013 Report)

… and the BS of an oh so deserving middle and oh so undeserving lower class when there is really only a working class on whose neck stands a ruling (own-our-world) class:

50M Americans live In Food Insecure Homes-Why Is The Middle Class Diminishing? ~ InsideOut TV


12. Humor (US Retirement & Bernie, Our Con Congress, Cartoonish Villains in Politics)

US Retirement & Bernie

Why We Can’t Retire | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix ~ Patriot Act

Our Con Congress

Faran Balanced: What else can Congress do besides impeachment? ~ RT America

Humor: Cartoonish Villains in Politics

Why Elliott Abrams is Smurf villain Gargamel ~ The Grayzone


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