Bolivian Coup Update 2020-01-02

Bolivia may seem remote and unimportant to many Americans, but there is much to learn from its old and recent history marked by the same forces that ruin our American democracy and lives. The recent coup in Bolivia and the preceding history of the Bolivian grassroots movement and its critique of U.S. imperialism have therefore been intensely covered on this site. As mentioned before, to look up those past and all future reports, simply click this search link.

Here are the latest additions:


Bolivia: Recent Interview with Evo Morales in Mexico City

A overly lengthy soso Interview (seems to have some communication issues across English and Spanish) with Evo Morales (who also strikes me as an imperfect communicator, probably understandable from his lower class background ans an activist who rose into office through grassroots activism rather than coming from the well educated upper class). Still, the early part of the interview is somewhat interesting, especially when discussing how he managed to escape the coup violence and flee the country despite of attempts to block his aviation flight (something I had been wondering about; he tells a story that thousands of supporters essentially rescued him making it impossible for the coup operators to run the coup without openly making it recognizable as a coup internationally when they would have had to commit mass murder cutting their path through a wall of human flesh):

Watch: Glenn Greenwald’s Exclusive Interview With Evo Morales in Mexico City ~ The Intercept


Additional Bolivia Details

US fingerprints all over Bolivian coup ~ RT America


The Bolivia Coup Not as Widely Accepted as the Corporate Media Pretend

Fascist Bolivian coup leader fails in DC charm offensive ~ The Grayzone


Review of Bolivia’s Current Dictatorship

This seems the most comprehensive report of the events in Bolivia since the coup, something anybody who cares about Bolivia should listen to if you can handle the accent of this reporter. It also comes with a long list of source references on the Youtube post:

Bolivia is Descending into Dictatorship – Here’s Why | BadEmpanada ~ BadEmpanada



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