Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-01-12 (21 videos) – 2 Main Themes: (1) U.S. Homelessness, (2) Iran

It must take days to search and select these top videos for a weekend. So much time for the rest of us to save when we make use of them. This weekend’s compilation has outstanding reports on American homelessness not easily found through any other source. The Iran reports are also above the average slew out there. And there is more:

Stars & Channels: Bernie Sanders, Democracy Now!, Emir-Stein Center, Empire Files, Invisible People, Kim Iversen, Milwaukee PBS, Prchuk 911, PRIMO NUTMEG, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Rebel HQ, Richard Wolff, RT America, The Damage Report, The Hill, The Humanist Report, The Michael Brooks Show, The Political Vigilante

14 Topics:

  1. Why Bernie is the Best Candidate
  2. Economics (Richard Wolff)
  3. American Dream Replaced with Working Poverty
  4. Homelessness (rare OUTSTANDING documentaries)
  5. RNRH: Medicare for All (Perfect), Dictatorship Psychology
  6. Medicare for All: Andrew Yang Apparently Backing Out
  7. Head-Twisted Voters that America Cannot Rely Upon
  8. News: Iran
  9. Iran: Bernie on the Assassination
  10. Middle East & Iran & Us (U.S.)
  11. Iran Gov Analysis
  12. Anti-Iran-War Protests
  13. Candidates (Bernie, Warren)
  14. Billionaires in Fake Democracy


1. Why Bernie is the Best Candidate *

Bernie Is The Candidate: Here’s Why ft. Meagan Day ~ The Michael Brooks Show


2. Economics (Richard Wolff)

Creation and Distribution of Wealth

Richard Wolff: Americans denied alternatives to capitalism ~ PRIMO NUTMEG

The Next Wall Street Crash

Not dot-com, not mortgages (probably, although this scam seems to be back up, too), but a general credit-excess (including the credit-based artificial boosting of stock values):

Todays EU: The Real Reasons the Stock Market is doing so well ~ RichardDWolff


3. American Dream Replaced with Working Poverty

(report at least 3 years old although no date shown on the Youtube publication)

Poverty ~ Prchuk 911

Important element: An example of how bureaucracy-controlled conditions-dependent welfare systems tend to stab needful people in the back. Namely, a small pay increase worked for so hard often REDUCES poor people’s incomes. So, all the struggle to move forward actually pushes them further down into the poverty quagmire. That’s a big reason why I promote a citizen’s dividend (a UBI taxed away from the rich; something that dogmatic MMTers and even otherwise smart lefties often won’t grasp because they have never been stuck in this poverty trap). Likewise, healthcare coverage barred by such bureaucracies delay (or even deny) treatments. Both of these issues are presented in an example starting around 50:15 minutes in.

Quote: “I am making less than when I first started. That doesn’t seem right. … [I like to think that] my dreams will come true if I work hard enough fo them. [But] some people’s dreams get torn down.” “Real pay for male low-wage workers is less than it was 30 years ago.”


4. Homelessness (rare OUTSTANDING documentaries)

The Causes of Homelessness **

This homelessness report’s 1st half hour has nothing new (which is why I set it to skip over), but after that it gets remarkably revealing. You learn about the absolutely unforgivable cruelty of our profit-greed driven politics and economy and might end up wishing that the sociopaths who so unscrupulously maul other people’s lives (removing the roofs over their heads, the opportunities and healthcare they need, etc.) should be tied up, tossed into cesspools, and forgotten like the slimy sh*t they are. And the same we should do with this flawed cruel system we must struggle endlessly to survive in.

Homeless in the Heartland | Program | ~ Milwaukee PBS

Homelessness Has Many Ways (Even Community Building & Political Growth)

Many ways to become homeless (even when starting out rich) and many things we can do, even when we are homeless (a homeless man even running for mayor):

Long Discussion with a Homeless Tent City Leader: *

Homeless Man Lost Millions Now Lives in a Oakland Tent City ~ Invisible People

Short Report on the same Homeless Tent City (with lots of extra info): *

Oakland Tent City Homeless Encampment in VR180 ~ Invisible People


5. RNRH: Medicare for All (Perfect), Dictatorship Psychology

Single-Payer (Perfect) vs Public Option (Wasteful) & Authoritarianism explained.

Hints: 2% administrative costs instead of 12%. And a horrible loss of 350 BILLION dollars (almost half the military budget) we currently have from billing fraud in our profit-driven utterly immoral Wild West of Healthcare. Summary: Medicare for All is higher-quality and cheaper. Higher-quality and cheaper than what we currently have and higher-quality and cheaper than a Public Option or some other mix between Medicare and profit-seeking private health insurances.

The King of Everything ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour

1:05:17: Authoritarianism/tyrrany-support psychologically explained.


6. Medicare for All: Andrew Yang Apparently Backing Out

Andrew Yang Backpedals from Medicare for All ~ The Damage Report


7. Head-Twisted Voters that America Cannot Rely Upon *

Yep, a portion of the public is worthless, even dangerous, when voting because their minds are totally controlled and their preception of reality uttely warped by the Fox News, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, and similar propaganda outlets, worrying about their guns or privileged MacMansions or the whiteness of our melting pot nation if progressives take office to bring us Medicare for All and similar desperately needed changes:

Which Democrat Could Trump Supporters STOMACH? ~ Rebel HQ


8. News: Iran

Iran missiles, Congress possibly blocking Trump from declaring War on Iran… and some other stuff:

Top U.S. & World Headlines — January 9, 2020 ~ Democracy Now!

Empire Files on Iran:

The Plot to Attack Iran – Myths, Oil & Revolution ~ Empire Files


9. Iran: Bernie on the Assassination *

Bernie Sanders Remarks on Iran following Suleimani Asassination ~ Bernie Sanders


10. Middle East & Iran & Us (U.S.)

For me this sense-making commentary by Kim Iversen gets most interesting around 8:21 minutes in, but here it is to start at its start:

How Our Government Is Trying To Gaslight Us into A War With Iran ~ Kim Iversen

Human Kindness in the Middle East **

The Miracle of Kindness (Chris Hedges) ~ Emir-Stein Center


11. Iran Gov Analysis

Iran hit ‘obvious’ targets to avoid spiral of war – Chris Hedges ~ RT America


12. Anti-Iran-War Protests

Soldiers Can Resist War *

Mike Prysner Explains How To Resist Iran War — The Political Vigilante ~ Graham Elwood

Talk about Wikileaks *

The Importance Of WikiLeaks For Anti War Movement — The Political Vigilante ~ Graham Elwood


13. Candidates (Bernie, Warren)

Warren: Once Again Her Fake Progressivism

Warren Sells Out Environment By Supporting Trump’s NAFTA — The Political Vigilante

Simple Reason for Bernie Support *

Not pundit myths but common sense:

Fox News Host HORRIFIED That Teachers Love Bernie Sanders ~ The Humanist Report


14. Billionaires in Fake Democracy

Krystal Ball deconstructs our infatuation with billionaires ~ The Hill


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