Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-02-02 (21 videos)

The Meaning of Life & The Need for Change…

Some history of how we got into today’s mess, a lot of revelation of how the ‘D’ Party leadership became and still is corrupted, some revelation of Biden’s dishonesty, a lot of good stuff on Bernie Sanders and people uniting around him, the Joe Rogan “scandal”, the ruling “elite’s” harmful mentality, the current generational divide, and most important: what life has coming for us that our corrupted culture and system plays a big role in and is overlooked by so many of us:

Stars & Channels: Bernie, Ralph Nader, Nomiki Konst, Robert Wolff & Bob Hennelly (Democracy At Work), David Pakman, Jamarl Thomas, Jimmy Dore, Redacted Tonight, Adryenn, The Hill, FUSION, mmflint, Real Stories, and more…


  1. Prophet Aldous Huxley Foretold the Assault on Democracy
  2. Conversation of Michael Moore with Ralph Nader
  3. Public Banking, Postal Savings, New NAFTA, etc.
  4. Economy: Empire & Debt Slavery
  5. Medicare for All
  6. The Harmful Ruling Mindset
  7. Journalism vs ‘Elite’ Scuffles
  8. The Oligarchy’s Takeover of the D Party
  9. Bernie (Economic Bill of Rights | Exposing Hypocrisy | Unity & Joe Rogan Support)
  10. Biden’s Civil Rights Lie
  11. Redacted Tonight: BS-Biden, Mass Surveillance, …
  12. Republicoid 2020 “Democratic” Convention Committee
  13. “Democratic” Party Stonewalling Democracy
  14. “Democratic” Party: Big Money & Faulty Identity Politics
  15. Calling out the Corrupt 1% in the D Party
  16. U.S. Generational Divide (pitting Bernie vs Biden)
  17. Never Dying in Peace (Abandonment & Abuse when Elderly)
  18. Unity & People Power & Bernie’s Campaign


1. Prophet Aldous Huxley Foretold the Assault on Democracy

Interview set to start where it cuts to the bone (15:55 min in):

Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full) ~ someoddstuff ~ or: Newsmaker Production


2. Conversation of Michael Moore with Ralph Nader

Ep. 10: Reconsidering Ralph (feat. Ralph Nader) [“RUMBLE with Michael Moore” podcast] ~ mmflint

Link mentioned: https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/


3. Public Banking, Postal Savings, New NAFTA, etc.

Making Banking Democratic/The New NAFTA ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour

Link mentioned: http://www.tradewatch.org
which redirects to https://www.citizen.org/topic/globalization-trade/
which appears to be the described website holding good infos on trade deals, job outsourcing, immigration, etc.

Contact mentioned:

Ricardo Sandoval Palos is the new public editor of PBS. Nader quote: “I think he may want to … bring NPR and PBS back to their original inspiration, which is not to mimic the commercial stations and not to be so beholden to corporate donations.”

Info & contact links:


4. Economy: Empire & Debt Slavery

Economic Update: Military Spending and Debt ~ Democracy At Work


5. Medicare for All

Explanation by the Bernie campaign:

Bernie’s Damn Bill Pt. 3: How to Pay for It (Narrated by H. Jon Benjamin) ~ Bernie Sanders


6. The Harmful Ruling Mindset

Anand Giridharadas on ‘Winners Take All’ and the charade of elite philanthropy | VPRO Documentary ~ vpro documentary


7. Journalism vs ‘Elite’ Scuffles

Jim Acosta Destroyed Over Julian Assange At “Newseum” ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


8. The Oligarchy’s Takeover of the D Party **

Some of us awake enough have come to realize that decades ago the “Democratic” Party was gradually taken over by Big Money like the Republican Party had already been bought up earlier. But there was also a violent takeover element we seem to have forgotten about, working hand-in-hand with the financial takeover. This short report centered largely around the 1968 DNC convention in Chicago gives us a glimpse of it. The violent and rigging-style efforts by the oligarchs to prevent a people-representing presidential candidate in the D Party resulted in the first Republican president after ages (the famous Nixon). This reminds me of how we got Trump in 2016 and may get him again this year (2020), namely by depriving the electorate of a candidate that will represent the whole American people rather than only a small privileged ‘elite’ or a scapegoats-hating rabble:

The Most Violent National Convention (Yet) ~ FUSION | (if it gets deleted, one may have to search for the 1968 DNC convention in Chicago to find it or a similar report again)

So, there have been numerous steps stretched out over many decades to avoid the visibility of a fascist coup d’etat of our country (driven trough both major parties).


9. Bernie (Economic Bill of Rights | Exposing Hypocrisy | Unity & Joe Rogan Support)

Bernie’s Campaign on Economic Bill of Rights

Jamie Dimon Is Fine with Corporate Socialism ~ Bernie Sanders

Bernie Exposing Hypocrisy

Ouch! Bernie burns ‘socialist’ Jamie Dimon’s hypocrisy ~ RT America

Bernie Smeared for the Unity He Creates

Imagine that! Winning over independent or traditionally right-leaning voters, the very thing necessary to win the coming election. And Bernie gets attacked for accomplishing exactly that:

Joe Rogan Bernie Drama Exposes the Worst of the Left ~ David Pakman Show


10. Biden’s Civil Rights Lie

Joe Biden Gets Busted Lying To Black People About Participating In Civil Rights Movement ~ Jamarl Thomas


11. Redacted Tonight: BS-Biden, Mass Surveillance, …

[192] The Future of Mass Surveillance Is Horrifying (w/ Ramesh Srinivasan) ~ Redacted Tonight


12. Republicoid 2020 “Democratic” Convention Committee

DNC Stacks Convention Committees w/ Corporate Bernie Haters ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

The privilege-indulging ‘elites’ don’t want people to be able to vote for progressive candidates. That’s why many of them don’t run in the Republican party corrupted many generations ago, but occupy the candidacy seats in the “Democratic” Party that for a few decades was somewhat progressive giving us the New Deal that gave us America’s famous ‘Golden Age’ that the MAGA people would like to have resurrected. Unfortunately, the MAGA people have been hoodwinked by Trump and the GOP no less than the D Party loyalists keep getting hoodwinked. That’s why we need to seriously consider creating a new party, one based on a grassroots movement rather than corrupt Big Money, especially when both major parties are solidly stonewalled against democracy within.


Here is more leading to such consideration:

13. “Democratic” Party Stonewalling Democracy

Remember the dictatorial 2016 Nevada convention of its “Democratic” Party? Here is a tale from people who were there, including events never brought up in the media. “D” nowadays stands for voters Disenfranchised:

High Points:

  • 08:21: Votes simply denied
  • 40:10: Millenial Bernie Supporters excluded
  • 41:16: Bernie-shirt-wearing Delegates filtered out
  • 45:54: The premature convention closure (denying people’s vote) was planned ahead: Start of talking about the closure | The evidence that it had been planned ahead (esp. the schedule of the hired buses): 49:03
  • 56:33: Trump vs Superdelegates
  • 01:06:52: The Corporate Media vs Democracy (appeal with a summary on the convention closure)

Link: Having heard this deep-insight report on what happened at that infamously rigged Nevada D-Party convention, you may be interested in streamed footage and/or additional informations. You can go for it via the updated back-then Nevada Convention report here on Beanstock’s World.

Link: Adryenn Ashley’s link to her playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuYcU6c-np7iNXKritsyW_Ud5nbWwmdwN


14. “Democratic” Party: Big Money & Faulty Identity Politics

Will the DNC rig the election against Bernie, again? Jim Zogby explains the Democratic party. ~ Nomiki Konst


15. Calling out the Corrupt 1% in the D Party

CAMPAIGN 2020: Michael Moore trashes DNC, Bloomberg while stumping for Bernie Sanders ~ The Hill


16. U.S. Generational Divide (pitting Bernie vs Biden)

Krystal Ball: Bernie vs Biden’s closing pitch before Iowa ~ The Hill


17. Never Dying in Peace (Abandonment & Abuse when Elderly) ***

Doc from the UK. But you can count on it being hardly different in the States (and then our media and corruptician parties keep bombarding us with Russiahhhgate BS, fake impeachments of presidents, blaming everything on immigrants, horse race political campaigns, and glorifying a capitalist system that makes everybody focus on moneymaking and shove the human spirit completely aside… which ultimately leads to such evils of people abusing and mistreating people rather than assisting each other as our ancestors did – which is why we even came to exist):

Old (Elderly Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories

Plea: End the cruel rule of money that takes away the human soul!

Side comment: Oddly, this politically/socially meaningful documentary seems not to have been demonetized by YouTube. Being plagued with ads it’s so ironic (and pathetic and revealing of the wrongfulness of today’s world) how often – when viewing this video – we get slammed with ads greedily trying to sell us some crap with happy voicing.

The first 4 lines of the ending song:
Let me not see old age: let me not hear
The proffered help, the mumbled sympathy,
The well-meant tactful sophistries that mock
Pathetic husks who once were strong and free,…

And Bernie’s campaign and the people’s movement ideally building around it, are related to this horridness of our society that we must fix:

Fighting For Bernie With Every Last Breath ~ Bernie Sanders


18. Unity & People Power & Bernie’s Campaign

(a Bernie-less Bernie rally in Iowa while Bernie is locked up in the fake impeachment trial of Trump)

Not split into whites and blacks and browns, old and young, descendents of immigrants or new immigrants, but unite for a Good Life for All! A Bernie rally with a surprising music show going in the exact opposite direction of a certain Nazi-style president who gain his power from dividing us, the people, on behalf of his money aristocracy (scapegoating fellow workers, exploited like all of us, for the troubles caused not by them but those at the top):


The video’s chat has a little bit of MAGA trolling (mostly I saw responses to it). Regarding trolls: I hope on their behalf that they can regenerate magically (like in role playing games) to heal their wounds and illnesses if they keep blocking Medicare for All, or they may keep suffering like the rest of us.


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