Iowagate (Feb. 2020)

A weekend review of what happened in the Iowa Caucus this week and how our “democracy” gets commonly rigged these days and a little on what to do about it:

Side note: Since I am not making a living by these postings (despite an option to donate or ‘tip’), I can rarely find time to post during the week. Hence this segment covering what I would have liked to post about earlier this week was going to become part of the Wakeful Video Weekend compilation. However, this would make the number of videos in that posting overly super-yuuuuge. So, today I am posting twice.


I. The Iowa Caucus (a.k.a. Circus)

Awesome Rally in Iowa

THIS IS HOW WE WIN: SIOUX CITY RALLY WITH AOC ~ Bernie Sanders (Jan 27, 2020)


  • Nice point by Moore: We gave so much to our country (and the D Party). But what did we get back?
  • AOC’s point on fighting for the weakest as a the way to fight for us all (very good stand!) reminded me of Jesus’ “many who are first will be last, and the last first”. (I regard Jesus as one of history’s first recorded leading grassroots activists for socio-economic-political justice, later re-painted as some superstition-preacher (religionist) by selfish preachers and aristocrats creating status-quo-supporting religions to boost their own standing) — Our movement: All for one and one for all.


Bernie Cool Respond to Trump’S State of The Union



Oh… and did we get results from the first election process in the primaries this year, the Iowa Caucus where Bernie was so clearly leading? Well, you may have heard a little about some reporting “difficulties” although the corporate media are mostly ignoring that the Iowa Caucus ever happened:

D-Party’s Collapsing of the Iowa Caucus

BREAKING: Iowa Fix Is In – Proof of Manufactured Chaos (Web Exclusive) ~ Redacted Tonight

Note: Caitlin Johnstone also revealed and commented on this bugging of the very first electoral contest of the race this year: DNC Completely Loses Public Trust In Its Primary Process On Very First Day


Comment on the Cheating

The Iowa Caucus Sh*t Show, Explained ~ The Humanist Report


Bernie Comment on Iowa-Cheat in a NH Rally

Slick (though more kind and peaceful than I would be about another cheating attempt) comment at the start of a NH rally:

CAMPAIGN 2020: BERNIE SANDERS talks Iowa Caucus in first rally in New Hampshire after IA ~ The Hill


Analysis of Iowa

Basically a nearly all-white state (therefore not a top stte for Bernie who is most stronly allied with working poor people where non-whites have much higher percentages)… supporters of losing corporate candidates regrouping i a caucus (where regrouping is possible) behind corporate Pete Butt-Gig (who nationwide has hardly any chance of electoral success)…

Krystal Ball: Why Bernie is the real winner out of Iowa ~ The Hill


More Analysis of Iowa and Moving On

Michael Brooks: The path forward for Bernie ~ The Hill


More Analysis of Iowa and Super Tuesday Prediction

Nate Silver predicts Bernie Super Tuesday dominance ~ The Hill


The D-Party Once Again Making a Joke out of Democracy

Krystal Ball: Pete’s fake victory erases working class voters ~ The Hill


Bernie Press Conference on Iowa (2/6/2020)

CAMPAIGN 2020: BERNIE SANDERS declares victory over PETE BUTTIGIEG in Iowa Caucus ~ The Hill


More News on the Shady “Dem” Party Actions in Iowa

Chaos Continues in Iowa as Democrats Mistakenly Award Delegates for Bernie Sanders to Deval Patrick ~ Democracy Now!


II. Iowagate

Glitches or rigging? You decide:


Effects of harming democratic processes:

Saagar Enjeti: Iowa screw-up is worse than Russiagate ever was ~ The Hill


Behind the scenes of Iowagate

Deep State Rigs Iowa Caucus For Mayor Pete — The Political Vigilante ~ Graham Elwood


And one more cheat (to keep boosting Buttigig by delaying the debunking of his false victory claim):

DNC Head’s Last Ditch Effort To Deny Bernie His Victory Lap ~ Secular Talk

If curious enough, you can also listen to some follow-the-money dig-up on associated jerks: Iowa debacle fueled by anti-Bernie billionaires, Russiagate hucksters, failed DNC elites ~ The Grayzone


III. How to Deal with Planned Cheating

One thing to do: create a landslide with which to outrun the planned cheats:

Bernie Now MASSIVE Favorite To Be Democratic Nominee ~ Secular Talk


IV. Iowa (how it works) and Whole U.S. Democracy Screwup

Your Democracy Sucks! Caucuses and Conflicts of Interest ~ NonCompete

One important point: Conflict of interest must be treated like bribery-financed-fraud (because it leads to it). Conflict of interest in politics must be barred and punished when it isn’t.

And now on to the Wakeful Video Weekend


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4 thoughts on “Iowagate (Feb. 2020)

    1. Just like back in 2016, the “Democratic” Party is working hard again, at all levels and together with mass media corporations, to prevent Bernie from the nomination, even if it may ensure another loss to Trump. The “leadership” corrupticians in both parties don’t care nearly as much about the presidency (or the health of our country and planet) as they do about remaining in their parasitic millionaire minion positions serving the robber billionaires and thus gaining millions of wealth plus status and a warped weird self-esteem when playing so evil a role.

      Therefore they will continue to do all they can to prevent progressive change that betters the lives of the “unwashed masses” that we, the people, are in their eyes.


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