Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-02-23 (19 videos)

Major videos you shouldn’t miss, especially on these three main issues: (1) the D-Party’s developing 2020 primaries fraud and need for a people’s political revolution, (2) the healthcare profiteers’ “choice” fraud to rob you blind and oppose Medicare for All, and (3) the insanely huge and growing income and wealth inequality that turns our entire world into one gigantic fraud. Some are highly emotional. Share those you can with those who need.

Stars & Channels: Bernie, Tulsi, Legacy Zero, Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, Redacted Tonight, The Hill, RJ Eskow, LastWeekTonight, The Real News Network, The Hill, Toronto Star, Secular Talk, Kim Iversen, UBIVisuals, The Young Turks, New Economic Thinking, …


  1. Life by Human Spirit
  2. Nevada Victory – Finally the Numbers we Need
  3. The 2020 Election Fraud is Under Way
  4. Healthcare: Profiteering “Choice” Fraud vs Healthcare for All
  5. Housing: Owned by the Lords
  6. Injustice Society: Neoliberalism = Political Capitalism
  7. Candidates & Campaigns (Bernie, Tulsi, Bloomberg, Cheating…)
  8. News (Trump’s Silly Wall, Terrible GOP Budget, War for Profit…)
  9. Wealth & Income Inequality (evilly insane levels nowadays)
  10. Economic Update
  11. The Debate Theater about the Old New Deal
  12. Humor: Jimmy Dore Tour on D-Dem Flip


1. Life by Human Spirit

Charlie Chaplin’s amazing speech for humanity coupled with modern video footage, all the more touching:

You, The People | Bernie 2020 ~ Legacy Zero
(If it gets deleted, maybe try this Effbook link where it was also stored: https://www.facebook.com/patrick.lindsey.372/videos/10223095271469714/)

A reminder: In his last phase of life, Charlie Chaplin was exiled from the U.S. and had to die abroad. Our horrible masters have been taking over our country and world for generations. You can read his amazing speech (and a little about it) here: https://www.charliechaplin.com/en/synopsis/articles/29-The-Great-Dictator-s-Speech


2. Nevada Victory – Finally the Numbers we Need

Bernie Sanders with Crushing Victory in Nevada!!! ~ The Young Turks

Viva Nevada!!! 🙂 Still, as the following video will explain, an absolute majority win like this will be needed in total to maybe have a chance to overcome the D-Party rulership’s plans to cheat Bernie – and thereby the American people – like they did back in 2016 (and even most woke people only know the tip of the iceberg of that (find out more here!)):


3. The 2020 Election Fraud is Under Way

The 2020 D-Party Primaries Deceit (& need for a People’s Party)
Why We Need a Massive Political Revolution from the Bottom

Remember how Bernie won the 2016 primaries but corporatist corrupt $Hillary Clinton was nominated instead? (if you are ill informed, you may have been duped by the corporate media into believing that $Hillary won, never learning about not only massive voter suppression but the far less widely known vote count tampering). Well, the cheat for the rich and against the American people is well under way again, not only in Iowa, In this clip you can learn, if you don’t already know, where the D-Party is heading. The clip is set to start at this critical conversation (of course, you can wind back to the start for other interesting stuff skipped over):

[195] Former Bernie Staffer On What To Expect In Upcoming Primaries ~ Redacted Tonight

The Two-Party Corruption

Krystal Ball: If Dems steal the nomination from Bernie there will be hell to pay ~ The Hill

People of America, Unite! Not behind fraudsters, but together from the bottom, and change the system. Spread democracy through politics, our workplaces, and schools. End the material greed and corruption. Return the human spirit to our lives! Rally around a Good Life for All!


4. Healthcare: Profiteering “Choice” Fraud vs Healthcare for All

Healthcare: “Free Choice” Fraud & Economic Blight vs Medicare for All

Wendell Potter: The Choice Scam, Explained by 2 Health Insurance Veterans ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Comedic Addition:

Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) ~ LastWeekTonight


5. Housing: Owned by the Lords

You better can pay for the ground you stand on, or else:

How Bloomberg TRASHED Housing In New York ~ The Young Turks


6. Injustice Society: Neoliberalism = Political Capitalism

Some examples: Wall Street raiding our cities. Corporate Lobbyists taking over public institutions. The people getting squeezed dry.

The Neoliberal ‘New’ Deal: The Rich Drink for Free While the Poor Pay More ~ The Real News Network


7. Candidates & Campaigns (Bernie, Tulsi, Bloomberg, Cheating…)

Bloomberg Exemplifies the Billionaire’s Buying of Parties & Governments

Bloomberg is the ultimate hypocrisy of the Democratic party | Opinion ~ Toronto Star

Bernie vs Butti-Gig on Healthcare

Bernie Casually Dismantles Smarmy Mayor Pete ~ Secular Talk

Kim Iverson’s Op

February DNC Debate: Populism Is Here. Take Your Pick Left Or Right ~ Kim Iversen

Tulsi’s UBI Support

Tulsi Gabbard on Basic Income (Compilation) ~ UBIVisuals


8. News (Trump’s Silly Wall, Terrible GOP Budget, War for Profit…)

Trump’s Silly Wall

(silly, except making him money, of course) Is any intelligent person actually surprised at this? Didn’t you expect this?

Trump’s Border Wall vs Ladders ~ The Young Turks

Trump and GOP Gov Insight

Iran Assassination: ‘they’re not impeaching Trump over this.’ ~ RT America


9. Wealth & Income Inequality (evilly insane levels nowadays)

Evil Inequality: Jeff Bezos Again

Rather than help the homeless that he helped to create, Jeff Bezos just bought a “home” (really a palace with a private city park and private golf course in expensive Beverly Hills) for $165 million, which for him is the equivalent of a median income working person opening his wallet and slapping a mere 75 bucks on the seller’s table.

Jeff Bezos’ New House Will Make You Sick ~ The Young Turks

So, let’s do a brief calculation: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earnings of the American full-time wage and salary worker were $936 in the fourth quarter of 2019 (link to the BLS’s PDF file https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/wkyeng.pdf). Let’s assume that full-time work still means 40 hours per week (rather than lots of unpaid over-time hours). So, if for Bezos $165 million are the equivalent for the working person’s $75, then Bezos’s income is 165000000/75 times higher. That’s 2.2 million times. So, the hours a median income working person would have to work in on week to be at that level of income, would be 2.2 million times 40 hours. That’s 88 million hours per week. Do you have 88 million hours available per week to work? Actually, even if you didn’t need any time for sleep, commuting, eating, restroom moments, or – let’s not even think about that – raising kids or helping crippled old parents… you obviously don’t. One whole year only holds 8766 hours (365.25 days * 24). So… a median income worker could definitely not earn King Bezos’s $75 equivalent in a single week. To earn Bezos’ one-week income with honest median income work would require a median income working person to work 10,039 years without one moment for sleep or anything else but work. More than ten thousand years of uninterrupted work. Does anybody still think that such insane billionaire wealth and money flow is honestly earned rather than extracted from the res of us?

BTW, in all my hard-working life, I have only been lucky one single year to roughly earn up to that median $936 per week working income! And I am far older than the millennials who tend to think they are the first generation to be screwed. Our rampant old age poverty is still being kept largely undiscussed in our culture where robber billionaires are glorified and poor people shamed into keeping their suffering secret.

Related readings & videos here:


Income & Wealth Imbalance

Starting where it hits the critical issues (the income vs wealth imbalance graph, btw, comes at 15:23):

Why Should I Care? | Lecture 1 | Inequality 101 with Branko Milanovic & Arjun Jayadev ~ New Economic Thinking


10. Economic Update

Economic Update: Socialism and Left Unity in the U.S. ~ Democracy At Work


11. The Debate Theater about the Old New Deal

AskProfWolff: The New Deal ~ Democracy At Work


12. Humor: Jimmy Dore Tour on D-Dem Flip

Bernie’s Opponents Agree Elites Should Pick Nominee Not Voters! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


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