Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-03-01 (21 videos)

A lot of top notch videos on the primaries, election rigging and fighting it, our people-gouging system, MSM propaganda and attack on democracy…:

Stars and channels: Bernie Sanders, Feel the Bern TV, Ralph Nader, Lewis Black, DW Documentary, Ruptly, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25, Democracy Now!, The Humanist Report, The Hill, Nomiki Konst, Vox, The Young Turks, Robert Wolff (Economic Update), Chris Hedges (On Contact), and more…


  1. Not Him. Us!
  2. Bernie Radical? Ask an Audience!
  3. Teachers Groaning for Change **
  4. Journalism on Trial
  5. Undermined Democracy and Mentality for Change (brief)
  6. Rigged “Dem” Debate Audience
  7. The False Capitalism vs Socialism Binary ***
  8. Shall we Let Only Billionaires Run for Office?
  9. Healthcare: CORONAVIRUS: What you need to know
  10. Thoughts on a Coming Brokered Convention Rigging
  11. Voter Suppression (short review)
  12. South Carolina Primary Results & What’s Next
  13. Economic Update: Building an Egalitarian Socialism
  14. TV Endlessly Playing with Voters’ Heads to Defeat Bernie
  15. Collapse of Democracy


1. Not Him. Us!

… with him, thanks to him, through him, and eventually beyond him. Let’s build a future world we need not be ashamed of.

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For – #NotMeUs ~ Feel the Bern TV


2. Bernie Radical? Ask an Audience!

Is FDR’s New Deal that gave us the famous “Golden Age” radical?

Bernie’s Ideas Aren’t Radical ~ Bernie Sanders

Or ask Ralph Nader:

Lying About Science ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour

(the rest of this episode is mostly about dark money in science and public awareness and also a little about the massive spending of public money on crap like military profiteers rather than the public good and national safety)


3. Teachers Groaning for Change

Lewis Black | 1/26/20 Des Moines IA: Your Vote Matters ~ Lewis Black


4. Journalism on Trial

(Julian Assange, Free Press, Government Crimes, War on Liberty & Democracy, Kangaroo Court…)

German Official Documentary of Julian Assange

Not perfect, but so much more honest than what U.S. corporate media have been dowsing us with for years:

WikiLeaks – public enemy Julian Assange | DW Documentary

The UK Kangaroo Court where Julian Assange sits in a Glass Box

UK: Assange extradition trial “unfair” – WikiLeaks’ Hrafnsson says ~ Ruptly

The UK Kangaroo Court Comment #2

Stored on Facebook:

Kristinn Hrafnsson (editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks): “Even accused murderers sit with their lawyers”

Varoufakis Speech & Growing Movement for Assange, Justice, and Free Press

Watch Yanis Varoufakis’ powerful speech at #FreeAssange event in London | DiEM25


5. Undermined Democracy and Mentality for Change (brief)

“Democratic politics is broken” — Yanis Varoufakis | DiEM25

Related grassroots links:


6. Rigged “Dem” Debate Audience

Krystal Ball: Did the DNC rig the debate audience? ~ The Hill


7. The False Capitalism vs Socialism Binary

We don’t need a Soviet-style apple cart tip over revolution with unforeseeable consequences to switch from a Hell on Earth to a Heaven on Earth. As I keep explaining on this site, all the tools with which to make this switch from bad to good are already in place in our system. We just need to arrange them properly. Here comes a hint to take a first step (of moving away from a ridiculous, people-splitting narrative):

“The Billionaire Election”: Anand Giridharadas on How 2020 Is a Referendum on Wealth Inequality ~ Democracy Now!

The main point made: We don’t have only a choice of switching from 100% capitalism (or market economy) to a 100% socialism because all countries (including ours) have (and have had this for many generations by now) a mix of both. Light and shade can hardly ever be separated.


8. Shall we Let Only Billionaires Run for Office?

… and a list of criminal Congress members we, the people, need to primary:

Why Any Democrat that Endorses Mike Bloomberg Must be Primaried ~ The Humanist Report


9. Healthcare: CORONAVIRUS: What you need to know

Good points, unfortunately not all of them easily realized in the Wild West of Healthcare we have in the U.S.:

CORONAVIRUS: What you need to know ~ The Hill

Staying at home in bed when getting sick in order to prevent a dangerous virus infection from overwhelming your immune system (and to reduce and slow down the spread of the virus across the population) can be difficult in our money aristocracy where every last drop of blood gets squeezed out of us from above. In European countries, for example, when you get sick, you have the right to stay home and employers must accept it and are accustomed to. And health insurances will take over your income pay if you are away from your workplace for a while as a result, thus protecting you and the employers from financial catastrophe. In our American Wild West of Healthcare, with millions uninsured, more millions under-insured, and lots of places without hospitals or community healthcare centers, and with our “rugged individualism” culture of dragging yourself to work when sick, is not at all prepared for handling pandemics well.


10. Thoughts on a Coming Brokered Convention Rigging

Robert Reich explains contested and brokered “Democratic” Party convention:

The Establishment v Bernie Sanders, Coronavirus & the Stock Market | The Common Good w/ Robert Reich

“Dem” Superdelegates Planning for another DNC Coup

… which would make all our efforts to get a people-representing candidate nominated be in vain:

Krystal and Saagar: Superdelegates admit flagrant plan to take the nomination from Bernie ~ The Hill

Nomiki Konst (a DNC insider) claims that the rigging plans this time are likely to fail…

but promoted as solid to the public and the candidates out of profit motives (in other words, the greed drive in establishment politics may divide the establishment too much to succeed this time, especially if we – the people – support Sanders and his movement for change firmly enough):

Why Warren and the Superdelegates can’t rig the election ~ Nomiki Konst


11. Voter Suppression (short review)

A short review on it. Focus: the widespread GOP’s voter suppression. Yes, the “Democratic” Party isn’t the only one engaging in it. The D Party mostly cheats this way during its primaries. The R Party has by now gotten many November victories through voter suppression and vote count tampering. (but the D Party is probably working hard on catching up on this)

Why American voter registrations are disappearing ~ Vox

(Of course, the hope for a provisional ballot to be counted is… uhm… a bit too optimistic. Another problem with them: they eliminate secret voting. provisional ballots are not anonymous, so your voting can get tracked and you can get intimidated or punished for your votes.)


12. South Carolina Primary Results & What’s Next

Cenk Uygur’s thoughts on the current Primaries state may be fairly accurate:

Cenk on South Carolina Primary Results ~ The Young Turks


13. Economic Update: Building an Egalitarian Socialism

Robert Wolff who has been doing an excellent job pointing out the flaws of our current capitalist system and the potential benefits from democratized workplaces, in this episode does a much delayed move towards a broader view. Let’s hope he manages to progress further. (for example, in a recent interview by Thom Hartmann, he pointed out the trouble coming for non-rich people from debt economies, but didn’t get to the next step of how to heal our sick economies, something Andrew Yang has famously addressed (though also imperfectly))

Economic Update: Larger Social Changes to Support Worker Co-Ops ~ Economic Update


14. TV Endlessly Playing with Voters’ Heads to Defeat Bernie

… and a people’s movement for lives worth living:

“Neutral” DNC Members Now Openly Attacking Bernie Sanders ~ The Humanist Report


15. Collapse of Democracy

Interesting comparison between the (German) Weimar Republic a hundred years ago and the U.S. today:

On Contact: Collapse of Weimar Germany with Benjamin Hett ~ RT America


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